Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farmhouse bedroom - done!

I can finally show you the finished farmhouse bedroom.
It was going to be the master bedroom but I'm not so sure now.
It's a very pretty room!

Here's the room before - although I'd already done the ceiling before I remembered to take a 'before' pic.

There's a special glassed in area for the bed.

I love to add little references to favourite movies and books in my dollhouses. Sometimes the references are hidden, not this time though!
I fell in love with the colours and cinematography of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. 
It's a wonderful quirky movie!

I saw the beautiful wallpaper in a dollhouse on the internet and I tracked it down.
The currency exchange rate with the NZ dollar is not so good these days so it cost a small fortune!
But it was worth every cent.
I bought two sheets of wallpaper this time! Nearly used all of it. I thought it might be a bit overpowering to have the wallpaper covering every wall in the room so I made panels of it for this space.

Now like I said at the start - it was supposed to be the master bedroom.
It's possibly too pretty for a master bedroom...and I had a single bed sitting on my work table so I tried it out in there and just looked like it belonged. So this might have to be a child's room or nursery perhaps.

I really wanted a fireplace in this room.
I found a real life fireplace I liked and did my best to create something similar in miniature.

Finding something to make that ridged backplate with was a challenge!

Another challenge was getting the floor the colour I wanted.
At last count there had been nine layers of paint and stain applied and removed from the floorboards. I'm finally happy with how they look! 

The wardrobe uses the space at the end of the stairwell in the hallway.

The window in the door lets you see through to the hallway.

The 'Crossed Keys' in the transom window are another reference to 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

This is now my favourite room in the house.
I am thrilled with out it's turned out...and I'm in love with that wallpaper!

So now the last part of the dollhouse to renovate is the attic - which will become the Master Retreat - as they would say in a fancy decorating show.
Work has begun...but as usual just when I get started life starts throwing all sorts of 'real life things to do' at me!

More to come...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Farmhouse hallway all done!

I hadn't really thought about what I was going to do with the other side of the hallway when I built the linen cupboard and wallpapered the area behind the bathroom.
So when I started on this area things were a little reason being that I had very little of the chair wallpaper left. 

Here is the room next to the bathroom. 
The stairs from the lower level will come up just between the windows so there will be a hallway in the back right corner.

The rest of the room will be a bedroom. 

I used almost every last scrap I had of the one sheet of wallpaper I bought when I visited Kim.
The door on the left is where the stairs come up from the entry hall below. There wasn't going to be a door there until I realised you could see into the stairwell through the window. There's not really going to be any stairs in there so I built a door.

Thank goodness for wall panelling! That was one way to make the wallpaper go further.
There wasn't really enough wallpaper to do the two strips down either side of the window however I had wallpapered the end of the stairwell behind the bathroom - where it was never gong to be seen - so I carefully pulled the wallpaper off. I had to join a couple of small pieces.

This is looking through from the linen cupboard hallway.

This is all the wallpaper I have left! 

I was asked how I layered the linens in the cupboard... 
Here's how the linens started out. Mostly folded pieces of fabrics ironed as flat as I could get them. I quite liked the look of them all lying there nice and tidy but I went to look in my own linen cupboard for a little inspiration...and let's just say it's not that in the interests of realism I pulled the linens out of the cupboard (the dollhouse one not the real one - haven't got time to fix that when there's miniatures to be made!)

I used tweezers to pull pieces of fabric out from the stack as I held it with my fingers then I glued the fabrics together using a toothpick to push glue between the linens. I clamped the piles together when necessary so they would stay as flat as possible. 
Really the best piece of advice I can give is to look at real linens and see how they fall.

One or two things aren't glued like the pink and white crochet blanket, it's lovely and soft and just stays there on it's own. 
And the edge of the blue blanket above needs sticking into place. I didn't see it had popped out until I'd taken the photos - very, very annoying!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The other side of the bathroom door...the hidden hallway

Here's the hallway I've created at the other end of the old bathroom.
I bought the wallpaper with tiny chairs on it when I went to visit Kim in America.

(Yes, I know the window trim is falling off in some of the pics. But if I stop to take new pics this will never get posted!) 
You only get a little glimpse of the linen cupboard through the bathroom door.

 I've always wanted to build a linen cupboard and the hallway seemed the perfect space to create one.
The doorway beside the cupboard is the entrance to the stairs up to the third level.

 The linen cupboard won't really be able to be seen unless you look through the window from the outside...and even then you need to pull the window out to see it properly - which is why the window trim keeps falling off!

Still room to add a few more things in there!
I just have a 'thing' for pictures on glass at the moment. 
When I found the chair picture on the Graphics Fairy site I couldn't resist adding it to the glass to go with the wallpaper.

Sabiha made the window cleaning supplies and I made the tin basket to put them in. 
Sylvia made the wooden box.

Maybe it's still a bit too tidy...yes, definitely room for more in there!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Vintage Lavabo for the Farmhouse Bathroom!

What do you do when you see something (in real life) that you have no hope of ever owning...
well, if you're make it in miniature!
And that's why I had to make an antique lavabo for the farmhouse bathroom.

Oh, how I'd love a real one! But I've never seen one here in NZ.

And here's a little peek through into the hallway behind the bathroom...there's more to see around the corner!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who took time to leave such lovely comments on the bathroom post. I'm thrilled that so many of you like it!