Monday, September 24, 2018

A better bed for the attic room

You may remember from my earlier post about this room (or you may have forgotten because after all it was quite some time ago!) I was never happy with the bed I originally had in here.

 I realised this room was crying out for an iron bed.
 So I played with some wire and beads and exercised some great patience to make a new, old looking bed.

A red velvet chair like this was in a big bag of dollhouse furniture I was lucky enough to find at an op shop!
The style was right but the red velvet and mahogany had to go...

    The chair was transformed with a little paint and fabric.

Finding something tiny enough to use as upholstery nails was a challenge...but you know I enjoy a challenge!

It was my good fortune to find the cutest box of vintage 'Lilliputian' pins at an op shop.

 The bed cover is an exquisite vintage handkerchief. 
I've purposely made the bed look a little lumpy and lived's supposed to be an old bed after all.

Luckily the handkerchief was the perfect size for the bed.
I don't like it when I have to cut vintage handkerchiefs up!

 There's some old paper above the bed.

Time to fill the shelves in this room...

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Princess and the Pea!

One of my favourite books that Father Christmas gave my daughter when she was little is 
The Princess and the Pea - the Lauren Child version.

I had always known that one day I would make a Princess and the Pea bed. 
Last December I thought I would make it in miniature for a wonderful friend of mine.

The bed was fun to make. 
Hardest part was deciding what fabrics to use for the usual I just used what I could find at home - that's a challenge I like to set myself when making things!

There are twelve mattresses just like in the book.

I'm no doll maker...this little Princess was a huge challenge to make. 
I wanted to give up several times but you know I'm not a quitter!!
I made her dress from a vintage handkerchief (Oh how I love vintage hankies!)
I searched the shops for a couple of weeks trying to find something suitable and affordable to make her hair from and then found the 'hairy wool' in a cupboard at home.

Liberty needle felted the perfect pea.

I found a tiny Lauren Child version of the book to give to my friend with her!!!
Too cute!!

The Princess went to her new home on Christmas day... 
(she was definitely hard to part with in the end)

My friend was thrilled!

If you haven't read the Lauren Child version you should go look for it. 
It's a mesmerising re-telling of the story that makes it a pleasure to read for
 adults and children alike. 
And as for the's all dollhouse miniatures and cardboard cut out perfection!
You're never too old for a good children's book!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Adding to the Farmhouse Bathroom

It's been a while since I made any progress on the bathroom
Sometimes it can take a long time for inspiration to hit!
I knew I wanted to create a shower over the bathtub but I had no idea what it was going to look like until I saw a picture in an old magazine...

It was a challenge to make but I like a challenge!

My next trick was to make a shabby toilet.
There' a fine line between 'shabby' and 'gross' when it comes to toilets!

I bought the cupboard years ago on my trip to The Netherlands. I just gave it the shabby treatment.

The toilet roll holder was fun to make!

There are still plenty more details to be added.

Well, since I started this post I've added other things...seems like I never get time to finish anything these days.
I made a vintage style laundry was a real pain in the neck to make!
It's wonky...won't stand up straight...I filled it with laundry to hide some of it's faults.

Couldn't resist making a tiny onesie to throw in the laundry hamper. 
I might have a go at making a tinier onesie when I find the right fabric...and I'm in the right mood!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flowers in the Farmhouse!

One of my followers on Instagram (where I post more often) asked me for another blog here I am!

I've been making a lot of roses lately. 
Not a favourite thing to do (time consuming and very fiddly) but well worth the effort!

And I made a little iron table to go in the Farmhouse lounge. 
The trim on the edge of the table is a metal piece that came off a trinket box I bought years ago. 
I had to turn my craft studio upside down to find it...which led to me having a huge clean out...I can now say there is no need for the crew from 'Hoarders' to visit me any more!

I've been using the rose making tutorial from Lea Frisoni's book. 

Love these colours together!

Paeonies for the dining room.

Roses for the master bedroom.

Woodland themed bouquet!