Friday, May 28, 2010

Downstairs in the Shabby house

          Firstly let me thank you all for taking the time to leave such lovely comments on the shabby bedroom post.
Today the tour takes you around the ground floor which contains the kitchen, lounge and dining areas.
         Shabby couch made by me.
Footstool embroidered by Rosanna.

Mail made by Katie.
Chocolates made by Sabiha.

Chocolate box made by Sabiha.
Petit point slippers embroidered by Sandi Quance.

Rose picture a gift from Carolyn.

My favourite shelf!

Lamp shade made by my friend Anne many years ago.
Anne helped me turn it into a standard lamp.

Table made by me.
I modified some kitset chairs.

           Picture from Linda.
Shelf from Sylvia.
Eiffel tower I painted was a gift from Sans.

                           Petit point embroidered tea cosy from Sandi Quance.
Cupcakes made by Christel Jensen.
Cookies and doughnuts made by Kim Saulter.
Jug and flowers made by me.

                          Eiffel tower picture from Sylvia.

The kitchen corner.
Tin on floor made by Sylvia.

                         Cupcake sign and plate and jam made by Carolyn.
Blue jug made by Sylvia.
Teeny, tiny whisk made by Sabiha.
I made the rest!

Notice board made by me.

Hutch I remodelled was a gift from Kim Saulter.

Eggcups and candlestick from Sylvia.
Rose picture from Linda.
Suitcase made by me.

Plates from Hanna and Kim.

Roses tin from Carolyn.

The junk drawer, every home has one!

Here's what's in the boxes in the bottom of the hutch.
Christmas decoration shoes made by Sabiha.

Box of Christmas baubles made by Lissu.

                   Coffee table and vase of roses made by me.

Macaroons made by Stephanie Kilgast.

Tiny basket of knitting made by Sabiha.
All of Rachel Ashwell's books can be found in this house!

Oh, you'd like a better look at the Paris case?!

  You knew there'd be something inside didn't you?

Just a few mementos of Paris.

                         I hope you've enjoyed the tour, it's been fun showing you around!
Once again I owe a huge thank you to all the wonderful friends who have sent me so many beautiful things.
The final part of the tour will be coming soon!


Linda Carswell said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!! How beautiful is all of this!? So much detail, so many wonderful things to!
I adore the roses on the table...(please don't tell me they are those silly little bits of paper I sent you?)
Congratulations is all soooo BEAUTIFUL!!

Linda x

Liberty Biberty said...

Yes Linda!
I forgot to say they were the 'not so silly' bits of paper you sent me!

Wishful Home said...

Gorgeous! I love the furniture you made, and all the amazing little knick-knacks that fill the whole house.

Makes me want to start doing miniatures again!

Nina said...

A very nice and cosy room.
I like the colours very much.
Thank you for sharing.


rosanna said...

Mercedes you have outdone yourselves!!! up to now..., I already know you'll come out with something even more incredible. What I truly love is the wealth of details you always put in your rooms. It's wonderful !!!I bow to you Madame. Hugs Rosanna

Mirja said...

Oh, how charming.It's absolutely perfect!! Thank you for sharing those VERY inspiring pictures!! :))

Bözse said...

Oh, this is so wonderful! It has a cosy feeling. And I love the colors, the vivid lights. Congratulations!

madge1967 said...

Mercedes! Awesome job girlfriend!!!
When I finally get to "Stone Mountain" this supper I will send you and your faimly a pick from the Mountain in my back yard!
Melissa from GA USA

miniacollection said...

What a treat to see all these gorgeous pictures. So many things to see, all the details are perfect. Your choice of fabrics and wallpaper is very good.
Lovely atmosphere.You can be very proud of your shabby house.

Iris said...

Fantastic! Lovely colors. So many beautiful things and the whole room looks great.

Natascha said...

It's very beautiful, and all the items and gift from friends, it's very nice to see them in your shabby.

Greetings Natascha

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! I am in awe. This is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe the detail. When can I move in? It is that real! Absolutely fantastic! Great work by everyone. Totally, totally, totally fabulous. Best wishes, Tammy

Lissu said...

Lovely house <3 It would be nice to live there...

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

It is lovely, Mercedes, with all those little details!!
I adore watching so many good pictures, and specially the ones you took with the sun coming in the room... This dollhouse HAS LIFE!!
Congrats, once again, for your great work!!

Rachel said...

Absolutely fabulous everything looks so amazing i cant wait to see more

Flora said...

The living room is beautiful and rich in detail but, in my opinion, the bedroom remains unbeaten!
Allover case it is a jewel of patience, friendship and good taste :-)

Anthoula said...

It's stunning to the last detail!

Susan said...

It's a gem Mercedes, worthy of being in a museum! Each tiny contribution from around the world is also a work of art. What a wonderful 'tour', I've enjoyed it so much.

Heleni said...

What is this a wonderful house Mercedes.
You made so many lovely things.
Congratulations Mercedes.
The colors are amazing. I love your style.


Debbie said...

Mercedes your little Shabby House is beautiful. How lovely that so many blogging friends work is in there as well. Every time you look at it, it will remind you of the wonderful friends you have made in the Blogosphere..xxxx

Mirel said...

What wonderful gifts you have in here!Very shabby chic indeed!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Its just adorable The details are amazing, so many in one little house! A wonderful and pretty project Mercedes full of lovely friends work which I love! Kate xxx

Kathi said...

Wouldn't it be loverly if Rachel Ashwell saw this?! I'm hoping she does! She would be very impressed, as am I.
I keep seeing more pretty things every time I look.
Congratulations on a job well done!

Caro said...

Mercedes it is just so lovely! I love it that you have managed to make a kitchen, dining room and living room area all in one small room - you really have a gift for making these spaces!! The details are just lovely and you are an inspiration! It is just gorgeous!

Meli said...

Mercedes!!!! It's more than lovely and all the details for so many great miniaturists (including you) are outstanding!!!!
Just perfect, excellente and cann't add more adjetives to describe what I've just seen!!!
Muy most sincere congratulations.

Tabitha Corsica said...

My goodness Mercedes, I don't think I have ever seen a miniature room so full of wonderful "stuff"...and so much from friends around the world. It is a wonder you remembered to mention then all. Very, very nice!


Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Very Beautiful!!!! Congratulations on a wonderful result!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Beautiful, Mercedes! Every detail is wonderful. I hope I can do justice to Joanna's house when I finally get it finished. I've got to sand the ceilings and put wallpaper liner in there to cover my tape wiring. I am no electrician! It's all beautiful. I am almost ready for our swap---my job keeps getting the way of my mini life! LOL!


Chris V. said...

I love your house, so much to look at! I really like that coffee table idea so, if you don't mind, I may borrow it for the shabby house I plan to do in half inch scale, with my own touches of course! Funny that you have no stove - my dogcatcher has a hot plate too! (He'd rather go out to eat!) ha! Great job!

Piikko said...

Mercedes, Thank you for the tour around your kitchen! It'is amazing!:)
I love every little thing you've made, but junk drawer with picture of yours is adorable!
and YES, I really did
enjoy the tour:D
Greetings, piikko

Susanne said...

I am really impressed with all the details, and you have a wonderful collection of mini knick-knacks with a history which makes the place very alive.
Love, Susanne

Vane said...

Amazing Mercedes, just amazing!
I wish I will be tiny to live there!. Congrats.

Maria Jose said...

Wonderful,No It lacks any detail,you never ceases to amaze !

Mimmi said...

Wow, it`s beautiful! Such lovely pictures, I really enjoyed looking at them. What a wonderful collection of miniatures!

Claudia said...

Mercedes, you inspire me! The room is so gorgeous, with so much wonderful detail. I am drooling.

I love everything, but the coffee table... makes me swoon!


MiniLover said...

What a wonderful room! All the little details are so perfect. And how nice to have so many talented friends sending you gifts!!!!

I love the coffee table.

Bravo, Mercedes. You should be very proud of your efforts.


Garden of Miniatures said...

Everything is made with so much love and decorated so beautiful. Can't look enough at the pictures.Great,great,great!!! Jeannette

kimsminiatures said...

Such a sweet little place. I could visit over and over. Love everything about it Mercedes. Hugs~ Kim

Patty said...

Mercedes, I am in love with this little house! The downstairs is just as lovely as the upstairs bedroom. There is so much to see which adds so much to why this cottage is so cozy! I have been back to your blog so many times in the last week to look one more time....LOL...I looked at your old posts and saw your little shabby building when you first built it which makes this finished house even more outstanding!!! THANK YOU for sharing. I need to do something shabby now too!!

Heather said...

This house is lovely! Truly inspirational!

fuzziekit said...

I am thinking more and more that I want to live in this Shabby house... now where is that drink me bottle, I know it is around here somewhere.

Arantxa said...


It's so beautiful!!!

Sandy said...

How fantastic..great inspiration :-) well done!

I did laugh when i looked in the 'junk drawer'... I work at Auckland Museum ;-)

Roberta said...

After the bedroom, this is another piece of paradise!
I love all the details...really lovely.

RACHELLE said...


i wanna live in there! are you taking applications for renters?

:) hee hee.

you are my idol!


sylvia said...

Beautiful, all those details!
Great job!

Love Sylvia

Sans said...

As if it is possible, I love your ground floor even more :):). That suitcase to Paris? One day, I will see a life size one for you to visit your dream destination! :)

Susanna said...

Sooooo pretty Mercedes!
I could spend some happy time in there :)

Magoo said...

your shabby house is AMAZING!!!! a friend and myself are doing a doll-house-along together and i just have to let you know what an inspiration you are to us. i can just sit here and look at your pix over and over and find something new every time! thanks for haveing such an awesome blog and for sharing your talent with us (and your friends too!)

Eva said...

OMG! How many details, what a post!!!! Every thing looks so tiny and pretty and beuatiful and...Congrats dear Mercedes, great atmosphere!!

Lene said...

Oh, Mercedes, everything looks just wonderful! I love all the little details, they make the shabby house look so real. Hugs Lene

Corners of My Life said...

I think this is probably the cutest thing in the "whole wide world"! I can only imagine the hours you have spent making it so perfect . . .

contar said...

Es todo tan bonito cada detalle merece la pena verlo durante un rato.
estaría días mirando.
un abrazo

It is quite so nice every detail does worth see it during awhile.
It would be days looking.
An embrace

maria said...

I love the whole house so much,i keep coming back to look at it all the time.
What a nice style do you have!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh! This is absolutely perfect in every way! Unbelievable! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Twyla

Norma said...

Mercedes it's absolutely, totally, incredibly awesome!! So many interesting and wonderful little details. I haven't had a chance to look at the bedroom yet so I'm off there now :)

dale said...

Oh, I love this even more than the upstairs! :)

So many, many details and I love them all. I particularly like the pictures on the walls and that settee is just grand. :)

nadine said...

It's marvellous !

Ruth said...

This is gorgeous... so inspirational! Just wondering, did you make the house or was it a kit or premade or...? I'm dying to make a shabby house but haven't found any nice houses in NZ, that don't cost a fortune, to start with.

synnøve said...

Fantastic and unbelievable detail filled!!!!!
The little house is a masterpiece :)))
Synnøve :)

Kim said...

It is all so beautiful Mercedes! Everytime I look at your houses I realize how much more detail my houses need- you have such a gift with displaying it all so that it looks like a cozy and well loved and lived in ♥

Irene said...

Just catching up here - the shabby house is just marvellous. I really do like that style.

Gonda's miniature said...

Wonderful rooms so much to see, just great!

Carmen L said...

Amazing, it's all so beautiful it's a real pleasure to watch your work. Congratulations, I love your work

lulukachu said...

So beautiful and inspiring! I love all of the knickknacks (= they really make the space. And your roses are gorgeous! You made them out of paper? Very lovely (=

Daydreamer said...

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! And all in such a tiny wee space! You have planned it all so well and all the pieces go just perfectly together! Very Beautiful!

dolly said...

WOW did I say WOW ! I hope you have submitted photos to some magazines your house SHOULD BE FEATURED! IT'S GORGEOUS !! CAN I PUT PUCTURES ON MY FLICKER?? MY CONTACTS ARE GOING TO FALL OVER .

Jill said...

I don't even know where to begin. It's all so wonderful! I love every little detail-- especially that teensy-tiny photo of you and Liberty placed in the drawer!

Elyse said...


guess what? i have the yard long (or in your case "inch long"?) in the same kind of frame!!!

love every tiny detail!


Whimcees said...


The downstairs is amazing in its detail and loveliness! You are truly an artist at work! Simply amazing what you have done here!

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Barbara Diane

Rapunzel said...

Hi, this is the most wonderful Shabby house I´ve ever seen.
Great. So many details. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I adore your beautiful cottage! Best wishes from Finland.


Bajah said...

Blog jumping and wound up here, and wonderful, wonderful place to wind up! It made me sit back, forty something that I am, and daydream about being there, and being a child with fantasies about my "grown-up" life. So sweetly beautiful. Thank you!

Mari@ said...

Really I havent words... Simply wonderful...

minisdecris said...

All is perfect¡¡¡¡I love so much your work

Yvonne said...

How sweet !!
verry nice.
i Folow jou now

gr Yvonne

pussman said...

Your miniatures are reaching PERFECTION!

Saucy said...

I loved this post, Mercedes. It mad me realize how much work my own little cottage needs!

El mundo de PADI said...

Me emociono cada vez que veo esta pieza, es maravillosa!!! con todos su detalles, realmente eres una artista, ojala algun dia yo logre hacer algo así. Besitos

Daisy Cottage said...


so love every single thing so so so much! I've been catching up with you this morning - and really enjoying my time. Mercedes you are such a talent - so inspiring!! Thank you! LOVE it all!


Anonymous said...

I love your Shabby Chic house. Your work is wonderful! I am in the process of making a Victorian into a Shabby Chic house. I would love to know where you get the LA FRANCE labels for your jugs. Thank you,

kat said...

bravo pour votre travail, c'est magnifiquement beau !

chinamommy said...

my mouth is hanging open... i am AMAZED!!! i just found you and am your newest follower- i can't wait to go back through all your old posts!!!

carolienbooms said...


I'am new here..and I really like yr dollhouse..Brocante dollhouse. I just started with collecting and also for a brocante victorian dollhouse..I'am inspirated by you..thnxxx..

regards from France en Holland


carolienbooms said...


I'am new here..and I really like yr dollhouse..Brocante dollhouse. I just started with collecting and also for a brocante victorian dollhouse..I'am inspirated by you..thnxxx..

regards from France en Holland


...Y Colorin Colorado... said...

Que casa más mona¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡me encantaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡enhorabuena,
un saludo de Isabel

Retika Gien Syaputri said...

What a great dollhouse! I love it so much! You are so creative

Sue said...

I have an EMPTY dollhouse in the garage that my husband bought for me years ago when my children were little. Now they're all grown up and's time to get it out of the garage! Your dollhouse is a DREAM!

Rosângela Oliveira said...

Lindo... lindo... lindo...

Anonymous said...

that may be the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I want to move in. I don't usually comment on things, but couldn't help but stop in a tell you I am in awe.

Pearl Maple said...

what a magical creation, everything is so beautifully crafted

thank you for sharing

Essências do Mundo said...

Very beautiful!!!

Michelle said...

Oh My God, this is probably one of the most beautiful gorgeous adorable loveliest thing I've seen in a LONG time !!! I'm so going to link back to you from my blog - is that ok if I post some pics and link back to you? I'm going back to see the rest of the cottage - wow - adorable !!!!!

teacupsandpoodles said...

Absolutely fabulous!!!

Tanja said...

I have never seen so a tiny kitchen before...
Its so lovely and so detailed...i love the shabby-style too and if i had such a kitchen a were glad


lamaisonrouge said...

sorry but I don't speak english ! just : your little house is wonderful !!! ...bravo ! I love

design gal said...

I am new to your blog and I am in absolute awe! I have never seen anything like this! What scale is everything in? This is amazing!

Anna Dell said...

I am speechless! Honey! That is saying a whole lot!

donasdata said...

Such inspiration for my Houses! So happy to have found you! LOVE every INCH! Where do you find the beautiful miniature Shabby FABRICS??? I'd love to know. Thank you for sharing, Donna from LI NY

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Design Gal!
My dollhouses are 1:12 scale.

The fabrics are mostly from quitling shops.

Kleine Vingers said...

What a lovely and sweet house. It is so cosy i would like to enter for a cup of tea. I love all the details you put in!


May said...

verdaderamente maravilloso, es increible, me encanta!!!

1 Oak Arts said...


I am a new miniaturist and have added your blog to my list; you are most welcome to become a follower of my brand-new blog.

I just want to say I LOVE the Shabby House, the upstairs is beautiful, but my favorite is the downstairs . . . so many lovely elements and you did a FABULOUS job of arranging everything.

Charming in every way ~


Ladawan said...

Oh my gosh!!! what a wonderful creation! you're such a sweetie and talented! would you mind me posting some of those pics on my blog? i really love it! i'm following you now, goodluck! kisses!

mevrouw Duck said...

Via via kwam ik hiet terecht. En ik keek mijn ogen uit. Geweldig wat een mooi poppenhuis. Mijn complementen

Marie-Noëlle said...

I have only just discovered your blog and Imust say I simply adore this wonderful house !!!! My husband started building a house for our daughter when she was born, but she has just turned eleven and the bulding is not even finished ! I can't atart on the decorating part !!!! When he has finsihed his bit, your house will be an inspiration for me. I have never done this sort of project but have always intended to once in my life ! If I can contribute in anyway to your project by trying and making you a little something, just tell me. I would gladly try to do so ! My name is Marie-Noëlle and I live in France. Have a nice day !

Teresa del Rio said...

It´s really beautiful!
I love the gas cooker, where did you get it??

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Teresa,
I made the little cooker myself.

Sandy said...

I love this darling little cottage, did you use a kit or did you create it from scratch? I'd love to do something similar, just two rooms.
Sandy Riggins from California

Susan said...

BRAVO, BRAVISIMO!!!!! Is Spectacular...
Susana from Spain.

Stella said...

I am giddy! I have just discovered the little world of miniatures and I absolutely love this. How does one get started doing this. I think I could already be addicted!!!So beautiful!

Lalka said...

piękne, wspaniałe, magiczne
pozdrowienia z Polski:*

Cecilia Vinueza said...


Candy said...

Hi, Mercedes.
Wow your shabby cottage is so cute!!!! But I have a question:Where do you get that beautiful cups?? I answer you this because I´m doing a shabby scene and when I saw this cups I fell in love with them jajaja!!!
Congratulations for your work!!!:)Please follow my blog, I´m new at miniature world and I would lovew to follow me. jajajaja!!!
Candy xxx

Anna said...

fantastic!!!!!!! You are great!!!!! Ciao Anna

maria l. said...

Me he quedado sin palabras
Cada detalle es una preciosidad.
Todo me gusta.
Es lo que yo quisiera hacer y no puedo.
Te felicito de todo corazón y me encantaría disfrutarla como tú.
Es fantástica.
Gracias por mostrarla y así recrear la vista
I have no words is so beautiful
I love your work. It´s fantastic

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am blown away! You have done shabby chic to perfection! Thank you and bouquets of roses for all of your successful efforts!

Hoang Oanh said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! I looked at each enlarged photo and I kept forgetting that I was looking at a miniature room - I was just focusing on all the decor possibilities for my own kitchen! Beautiful, beautiful job. Even the worn off-distressed paint on the cabinet is perfectly proportioned. Amazing and gorgeous!