Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Outside the Shabby House

Thank you once again for all the lovely comments on the shabby cottage downstairs, you really make my day!
Here we have the outside of the house.

Fabulous orange made by Susanna.
Jug of tulips made by me.

Weather vane made by me!!

Tub of flowers made by Hanna.
Orchid a gift from Kim.

Topiary trees in pots which I 'shabbied' were a gift from Sophia.
Shutter made by Sylvia.

Flowers and rusty things made by me.

Tin pitcher made by Sylvia.

Perfectly shabby package made by Eva.

I made the coal box on the side of the house to hide the plug where all the electrical wires meet.

Through the kitchen window.

Through the dining window.


Thanks for taking the time to look around, I hope you've all enjoyed the tour!
And once again a huge thank you to all the friends who have sent me so many wonderful things to make this little house a home.
I'm sure we'll be back visiting the shabby cottage from time to time, no home (big or small!) is really ever finished!



sylvia said...

Wonderful Mercedes, beautiful pictures also!!!
It is so nice yo see it finished and I love evry detail!!
Love Sylvia

dale said...

Oh, my goodness, I never expected an outside tour!


You are so lucky to have recieved so many gifts and have placed them all beautifully with all of the things you have made as well. :)

I only can hope that my someday house will be near what you have accomplished. :)

Fabulous, all of the viewings, upstairs, downstairs and now outside, thank you for sharing this with all of us. :)

Margriet said...

The most beautiful house I've ever seen!!! You dod a marvellous job!!!! Thank you for the tour, I've enjoyed it very much!!!

Caro said...

That is just gorgeous Mercedes. I love the little upstairs balcony - what a nice reading spot....and that rug on the chair is just beautiful. But oh, no! Now we might not see any more of your little shabby house and I will miss it!!!

Norma said...

YIPEE!! I see a cottage for rent sign on the door - book me in please!!

Everything is wonderful but especially impressed with the weathervane, and the clever of idea of hiding the electrical stuff in the coal bin!

Your outside shots always make me homesick Mercedes, all the weatherboards and the front deck with gaps just like at our real NZ cottage *sigh* - but I'll ameliorate that longing by reminding myself just how cold it is there at this time of year!!!

Patty said...

Mercedes, Your "grand" tour has been the BEST!!! I have loved every detail and am pleased to hear you say we will see it again in the future!! Thanks for all of the inspiration your little cottage has stirred up! I will need a shabby house someday too!!

The Old Maid said...

Absolutely beautiful building! Congrats!

Carolina said...

wow I reaaaally love the result!!! Can't wait to see your next project :)

Susan said...

Thanks so much for a perfect tour of your property! So many details and such a warm atmosphere, a loving hand has worked magic.

Debbie said...

Totally Beautiful Mercedes. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your Shabby

Flora said...

Mercedes, this cottage is beautiful! I join the chorus, even if I am unoriginal. Strikes me most of all, the love with which you have organized every detail...

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

WOW, Mercedes, what can I say?!!, your great work always amaze me.
It is a lovely, cozy, adorable, warm house..., and your pictures are SO GOOD that it is a pleasure for me watching them over and over. I love the one through the kitchen window :))
I really DID ENJOY the tour!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Heleni said...

Magnificent Mercedes, what a beautiful house. You can startet with another project...?
Thank you for sharing.


Maria Narbon said...

Una casa preciosa!!!
Me gusta mucho el balcón con todos sus detalles.

rosanna said...

Me want to come and spend a couple of days there!!! Mercedes, I shall not say anything more that you already know: it's wonderful !!! I so much love the mood you give to your little houses. I enjoied every single pic of the tour.Fabolous!

Garden of Miniatures said...

It looks so lovely Mercedes,everything is harmonical .And how great it looks when the light is switched on,like to live there !!!So congratulation,you did a perfect job.Jeannette

Meli said...

Mercedes!!!!!! Excellent, excellent!!! It's so lovely and with all the details seen in the photos, I can say that your Shabby House is a materpiece!!!
My congratulations,

hana said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!Thank you for sharing

synnøve said...

I loved the outside tour too!!!!
Wonderful cottage, I wanna shrink and rent it!!!!
Synnøve :)

Nina said...

This house is wonderful, inside and outside.
It is great and it is fun to look and look and ....

Thank you, Nina

Deb said...

Mercedes, your shabby house is gorgeous! You are a real artist.

Irene said...

It's lovely - especially the washed wood and all the little rusted details. Certainly something you should be very proud of.

Arantxa said...

WOWWW Mercedes!!
Your pictures are amazing and the shabby house is so beautiful!!

I like so much


Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Ohhhh Mercedes... das Häuschen ist so wunderschön geworden.... innen wie aussen.... ich würde da gerne sofort einziehen.

Und der kleine Rundgang in Bildern macht uns allen sehr viel Freude.

Liebe Grüße aus Germany

Anna said... is absolutely wonderful, it is perfect!!!

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

I love I love I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the photos are phenomenal !!!!
Thanks so much for sharing !!! A great work !!!
Fabulous !!..may I rent it for my autumn vacation ? LOL

Mondodifavola said...

Dear Mercedes, your shabby cottage is a treat for the eyes! It gave me such joy that I read again even the old post: you did a great job, congratulations!

Kisses, Elena

Sanschichis said...

Absolutely beautiful! It's so lovely!
J'adore l'ambiance de cette superbe petite maison avec tous ses détails!

Tabitha Corsica said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said?? I have followed your project and enjoyed seeing you put this together from beginning to end. Prettiest little thing I have seen in a long time with such attention to detail. You must love it to death!


Kathi said...

What a precious little house! Inside and out! Love the way you have photographed it too.
Your attention to detail is wonderful!

miniacollection said...

Mercedes it is stunning. The outside is as beautiful as the inside. You really achieved something great. All the details are wonderful. And I love the photos of the inside through the windows.

contar said...

Me gusta tanto el interior como el exterior,usted sera la culpable de que yo tenga problemas con mi esposa, por estar tanto tiempo mirando sus imágenes, jajajajaja.
un abrazo

I like so much the interior as the exterior, you sera the culprit of that I have problems with my wife, for so much time is looking at his images, photos jajajajaja.
An embrace

KC-Design said...

What a wonderful wonderful cottage!! I love all the beautiful detail!!!
Oh, I would love to live there !!!!!!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love it i cant believe what my eyes are seeing you truly have a talent for making things look amazing well done

Lene said...

Whau Mercedes, I really adore your shabby cottage, and I'd like to be the one who rents it.
The pictures where you can see the light inside makes everything look so real. Fabulous job!!
Would like to know how you make those rusty things? Is it paint or some liquid?
Hugs from Lene

Piikko said...

your house is absolutely beautiful, it is more than perfect! It is art!!!
Thank you for the tour,
I've loved every little piece of it!

RACHELLE said...

you take incredibly amazing pictures for such tiny items. the detail in your crafting shows up just wonderfully in your photos!

it is just darling. i love the porch light.
and the weather vein!!!


Lena said...

As always your work is amazing! There is so many great details to see and you give so much inspiration! I love it, Thanks!


Susanne said...

What can I say? Its a fantastic house!!

Heather said...

Simply lovely!

shale said...

Beautiful inside and out!! I love all the tiny details. The cottage looks so comfortable and inviting i just want to move in and settle down with a good book. Congratulations!


Claudia said...



Ingrid said...

Your house is magnificent, congratulations :-))
groetjes Ingrid

Gonda's miniature said...

A wonderful special house and styl.
Lot's of nice and great things so see, wath you make and the nice gifts you get, just amazing so real.

Flor said...

Es una casa maravillosa y acogedora!
Cada detalle en su justo lugar ( =
Como bien dices es un hogar y la hace aun mas valiosa cada regalo de tus amigas ¡Felicidades!!

LifeAdorned said...

wow, it's fantastic!

you have such a great eye for taking wonderfully detailed photos of minis.

Anneke said...

such a dreamy little house it is, I could just stare at your pictures for hours, so pretty!!

Dr. Myri said...

Mercedes, I have just by chance come across your blog and I must say, I am absolutely flabbergasted. What a beautiful miniature! I feel really inspired now.
with the best regards from Zurich, Switzerland

Linda Carswell said...

Oh Gosh!!! What can I say....divine, wonderful, beautiful, perfect....brilliant!!!

For such a little house you have so many amazing things to see!

Linda x

(less than 4 weeks and counting!!)

fuzziekit said...

It is very wonderful. I love the fact that it lights up. The coal box was great to hide the plugs. Well done.

Kayjay said...

This house is so beautiful and I will come back again and again to look at your lovely photos, thanks so much for blogging about it.

ps when can I move in?!!

Margaret said...


Jill said...

Oh, Mercedes-- I just want to hang out on that porch and snoop through the window! It's fabulous!

Elyse said...

please tell me you are going to publish this in some capacity. this is truly wonderful and amazing. i'm just fascinated and tickled every time i visit your blog.


Elyse said...


why no pic of noah on the blog? bet he's a cutie, too.


Maria Jose said...

someday I'd get to do things as wonderful as you!

Merry Jingle said...

It just amazingly beutiful! I love your weather vane and the rusty things on the porch - fabulous :)


Marion said...

Mercedes, when I am looking at your shabby cottage, there's only one regret: that it isn't any bigger!!!! I just can't get enough of watching all those pictures. I simply love to see all the details, and of that there's plenty and so lovely to. The weathervan is magnificent. Well, I stop here, can't think of anymore adjectives............ ;-)

maria said...

I keep coming back all the time too look at your wonderfull pictures!!!
I love the outsite as much as the inside.
It is a real dreamhome!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Absolutely beautiful Mercedes, I really loved the tour of the house! And the pictures where you get to peek through the windows are wonderful. :)

lulukachu said...

So beautiful!! I love all of the amazing touches! I love the little package at the front door! So cute!
May I make a suggestion? If you don't mind. I noticed how you have a back that you can place on the house (you had it up for some of the pictures you took through the front window). I noticed it want really decorated besides the wallpaper so it looked kind of plain compared to everything else. Could I suggest placing a few things on the wall (even if it's just a photo with a frame)? It just stood out, and your house is so lovely, I would hate for something so small to detract from all of your great work!

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Lulukachu,
It's not really a wall it's just a piece of wallpaper I hurriedly tacked on the back when I was taking the photos.
It hadn't escaped my attention that it looked rather bare!
Don't worry, if I get around to making a proper back for it, it will be decorated.

Anonymous said...

Rosamunde Pilcher's Coming Home on the balcony? What a perfect choice, I just want to get that book back from my sister now and read it again outside in the sun. Pilcher fits so well with your whole aesthetic. Wonderful work!

Mike said...

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Liesl Kleu said...

It's beautiful, Mercedes, I adore every little corner. Absolutely exquisite work. I'm also glad to see you have a copy of my favourite Rosamunde Pilcher book waiting to be enjoyed!!

Whimcees said...


I want to live in this house! You have created a masterpiece! Truly!

Thank you for sharing this awesome creation! I will return many times to look at the photos! I am also going to post a link on my blog so others can find you!

Wishing you a good day!

Barbara Diane

Reiko said...

Wow it is absolutely wonderful. I guess that Liberty greatest wish is to play with it. :-). I love your weather vane. How did you do that ? Please, please, please make a how to for this one. Well have to stop I have some pictures of the shabby house to look at again and again and again. :-)

madge1967 said...

You have just have to start selling your minis on ETSY! OMG! I want everything that you made, and then some!!

Keli said...


Eva said...

Mercedes, your shabby cottage is an invitation to dream. What a fabolous house!! Congratulations :)

all kinds of everything said...

O wow It is so wonderful,
and that is my fav. book from rosamunde Pilcher!
The outside is just as wonderful as inside.
I will always come back to look at it again.Such beauty!!!!

Chel ~ said...

Love. Love. Love! I featured this dollhouse on my blog - hope that is ok. SO delightful!

- CHel

Tayebug said...

It is absolutely breathtaking. I love it. I couldn't tell that it was a miniature when I first found your site. I was just entranced by it's beauty. What skill you have!!!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Absolutely lovely and inspiring--I will be ready for our long-awaited (at least by me) swap next week, Mercedes! I am slow, old and disorganized! LOL! I have finally gotten my blog giveaway posted tonight.


cockerina said...

hello Mercedes!
on my blog, I am organizing an international swap:
"Holiday swap"
you want to join?
kisses, Caterina

Papillon Bleu said...

Mercedes! It is just like in a fairytale! Oh! how I love the house with the lights! Huuuuuuuuuuge sigh of admiration for you mini world.
Aliénore is a bit late for her Thank You cards but she is going to write soon.

elis said...

Your outside house is wonderful.

Natascha said...

It so wonderful, i love you shabby house. i can't say more.

greetings Natascha

Sans! said...

I am sorry to be so late , Mercedes! Now I know what your life must be like, running from 1 thing to another.

I am glad I took this tour. It's like the time when I first saw your porches and fell in love with them :).

debi said...

Oh, I just discovered your blog. And what a wonderful discovery it is!!!
I LOVE your shabby house!

I recently pulled out a doll house I had put together years ago, but never finished, declaring that I am going to finish it now.

After seeing all the amazing detail you have put into your doll house, I can't WAIT to get started on mine!

Mary Ellen said...

I am absolutely enraptured by your blog! Your little home is so amazing! I could sit for hours and soak in all the finely tuned details you have made through out this captivating home!!

I so agree with Elyse (which is how I found your blog) that this really should be published- it is truly enchanting!

bee blessed

Linda said...

realy nice i loved the whole tour in your shabby house

greets linda

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Es que es realmente precioso.

Leo Furtado said...

Olá Mercedes!

Que maravilha de trabalho!!!!!

Parabéns pelo belo resultado e principalmente pelo seu talento em conseguir todas estas cores, texturas e perfeita posição de cada peça.

grande abraço

Vivian said...

Impresionante!!! Ha sido como estar viéndola a tmaño real, me ha encantado! una obra de arte!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Preciosa casa!!

Petrina Case Studio said...

I thought these were photos of where you live. Beautiful works & now I know they are all miniatures.

Keep up the great work.
Cannot wait to see more,

Marta said...

Hola Mercedes,
no puedo expresar lo maravillada que me ha dejado tu casita shabby, para quien nos gusta este estilo, es la inspiración perfecta, no falta detalle, es acogedora y encantadora, con tu permiso pienso pasearme muy a menudo por aqui. Felicidades ¡¡¡¡¡ Marta.

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi Mercedes, I've just been introduced to this amazing miniature world via Daisy Pink Cupcake. This cottage is so utterly beautiful, I just can't take my eyes off it! Do you mind if I blog about it on my Australian blog - I'm also keen to learn more about how you make these wondrous objects so I'll be pouring over your blog! Rachaelxx

Trauma F Newell said...

I love this Shabby House. Amazing, how you created the details of everything in miniature size.What a Wonderful talent you have. I love the style of Shabby chic.

maria said...

hi, Mercedes, you have a very, very nice web,your cotage is very pretty.wonderful!

Shabby Soul said...

That house is ADORABLE!! I absolutely love it! You need one of my tiny birdhouses to go there (except it is gold & pearls - not really "real" looking).

Melissa's miniaturen said...

What an adorable house this is.
Really beautyfull.
Thank you for sharing.
greetings Melissa

Banaghaisge said...

That is fabulous!!! I found you on Pinterest via a French blog so had to do a bit of chasing to find you are almost a neighbour!
Here is the Pinterest link:
Lovely blog, too.
Hugs, Jasmine in Oz

Jorgelina said...

Mercedes..te admiro profundamente!! tu blog es uno de mis puedo dejar de pasar siempre y admirar tus miniaturas!!
besos desde Argentina!!!!

iam2nd_bg said...

What a beautiful shabby chic house. Can I ask, did you build the house and how big it is. I love Shabby Chic and I cant find a house I like. Yours is beautiful. Can you tell me anymore about the house? The decor is absolutely breath taking. Thank you so much. Becky

Sandra from Sydney said...

So lovely - I've enjoyed looking once again at your beautiful shabby cottage. All the little touches such as the rusty items, the package at the door etc, are just gorgeous.
Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)

Candy said...

Oh my godness!!!! Is very,very, very beautiful!!!!!
I love shabby chic style and your house is perfect=)I love it.

Marva said...

Oh this is so awesome!!! Love it! What an amazing two rooms! The detail just boggles the mind! Love it!

Ruthellen said...

INCREDIBLE...I must admit I've visited your little house again and again and again.I've enjoyed exploring the hidden details.Waiting for your next project Ruthellen

Carolina said...

Your house iss lovely in every detail. I would love to live in a house like this :)
Is the basic house a kit and what make ?
Can't wait to see more of your work

Palmira Juárez said...

Me ha encantado tu casita y todos los detalles tan preciosos. No paro de visitarla y disfrutar de los detalles. Gracias por despertar en mi sentimientos tan agradables con tu arte.

Daniela - L' Atelier di Daniela said...

I love your Shabby Cottage...and all your blog!!! I'll follow it...

Kerstin said...

Bis jetzt wusste ich nicht, dass es so wunderschöne Dinge wie dein Häuschen wirklich gibt!
Since now I could never imagine, that such beautiful things as your little house do really exist!
(Please excuse my bad english)
Kind regards

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Mercedes, I think you little cottage is Just right; "Practically Perfect in Every Way"

KELLY LEAF said...

Cutest thing I have ever seen! Want to shrink myself and move in. Thanks for sharing.

Babzie Hance - Saltzberg said...

Thank you for posting all of your beautiful treasures and sharing the 'how to' items. Can you tell me where to find the vintage paper for the canisters made of dowels and buttons (SO innovative!)

Donna Erickson said...

I love this little cottage. Is it a kit?