Monday, February 23, 2009

A little paint

Last summer I decided I had had enough of looking at my old dining suite (actually I really hated it!). I bought it about 18 years ago when I was single and had money and back then it was just the most beautiful thing! Here's a picture of Liberty standing beside it when she was a baby (a friend's grandma made her the funny hat and poncho).

I had been telling my husband for ages that it would look better painted white, I'm not sure he believed me. So while he was away on a business trip I painted it with undercoat. When he came back home he was very surprised at how much better it looked already and a couple of weeks later he finished painting it for me. I can't tell you how much happier I am with that old dining suite now, actually I love it!

That was a year ago and several friends asked me at the time if I was going to 'distress' the table. I never did distress it but of course the ravages of time, crafts and children are working their magic on it and it is slowly becoming 'aged' in a meaningful way!

Last year I bought a second hand dresser to go in the dining area. Here's how it looked, you may notice it has no handles, we took them off the moment we got it home because they were sooooo hideously ugly.

Of course my husband knew straight away it would have to be painted so...just after Christmas before we went on our summer holiday...out came the white paint again and three days later it was back in place completely transformed. Even I can't believe how good this turned out! And I don't think my husband will ever doubt me again when he hears me say,"Maybe WE should paint this"!



  1. oh, Merce, tell your husband I think he should always listen to you when it comes to decor, you are supposed to be even better than Father Christmas, according to your niece. I love the "new" dining set and dresser. For a moment, I thought it was a set for your dollhouse. Bravo!

  2. Hi San, Thanks! I always get confused when people switch from miniatures to real life too! Liberty saw a picture of a real house in a magazine and she said, "that's a very big dollhouse" - so it happens to us all.
    My husband is most men...slowly!

  3. A little paint goes a long way and I can see that you have the "eye'.

    I found you via Jenny Holiday and since your profile says you like dollhouse minis and scrapbooking, I've decided that we should be friends, okay? Okay.

    See you tomorrow then, friend.

  4. Saucy, I would love to be your friend! I have read about you on Amy's blog and your Club Little House ipod was the most amazing thing! I'll pop over to your blog now for a visit.

  5. Mercedes what a great transformation. Looks wonderful..
    Mini Hugs

  6. I just love your diningroom! I think white furniture is so nice.
    I also love Your pastel china!

    Have a nice evening, Lena!

  7. wow ... I like it when you repaint your existing furniture. I am also thinking to do as you have done. thank you for giving me great inspiration. really like your blog!!!

    Sabah, Malaysia


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