Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Thrifty Apron for Liberty

Liberty LOVES to bake!
So I thought I should make her a pretty apron.

It really all started with this funny little chair I found at an Op shop for just $2.
You may be wondering how buying that chair led me to making an apron...

Well, you see, this super sweet fabric was covering the cushion on the chair when I bought it.
I didn't want the chair at all, just this piece of fabric!
I was surprised to find the chair cushion still had the original fabric on it.
I've had the fabric lying around for about 18 months...I finally decided it was time to get sewing.
A friend gave me the pretty striped fabric and the buttons came off Liberty's old clothes.

No pattern...I just made it up as I went!
I've said it before but sometimes I really surprise myself with what I can do.

I bought those super gorgeous measuring cups and spoons and the cupcake cookie cutters and rolling pin for Liberty for her 6th birthday.
The spatula we bought later, I took her to a kitchen shop and let her choose it, she had a great time!
The sweet little jigsaw puzzle came from Sabiha.

My happy little baker - dancing with delight!

And that little $2 chair...
after washing and repairing the original cushion I sold it on an auction website for $34. LOL!!
So that's got to be the thriftiest apron ever!



  1. What a great story! LOVE Liberty's new apron! It's perfect!

  2. Me encantan las fotos y Liberty está muy guapa !!!

  3. What a clever businesswoman you are :-)
    I love Liberty's apron, the story and the cute baking set you bought for her!

  4. Brava, woman, brava. I was just going to tell you that he chair looks great and that I hope you've kept it but you have gone and done better by selling it at a 1500 times profit!

    Liberty, her apron and her baking corner all look perfect!! Clever devil you :)

  5. Mercedes you are evilish, in a good way! and Liberty is such a cutie!! love your baking corner, I shall never have one :o(((( love to you all, Rosanna

  6. Un cielo de niña. Se ve muy feliz con el delantal que le has hecho y todas sus coritas para cocinar.
    Besos Clara

  7. Mercedes tienes una niña encantadora y con que gracia posa para las fotos, que simpatía. Precioso el delantal y que rapidez en hacerlo te felicito no sabes como me engancha tu blog.


  8. Mercedes, I loved your story and the apron for Liberty is so darling! What a great profit you made on the chair!! I love the fabric that you took from it for the apron too! It was perfect.

  9. Liberty's apron is very beautiful, and so is Liberty♥
    Mercedes, you are good businesswoman:DDDD

  10. siempre me gusta ver la cara de felicidad de liberty, y con ese delantal esta encantadora, seguro que lo puso todo perdido en la cocina jajaja.
    un abrazo.

    I always like to see the happy face of liberty, and that apron is lovely, sure I got all lost in the kitchen lol.
    a hug.

  11. Liberty looks adorable in her sweet apron. Mercedes, you're so inventive! =)

  12. lovely Photos!!

    Liberty was so preatty!!


  13. Good deal Mercedes!! And the apron is beautiful!! She looks most happy with it:)

  14. I can see why you had to have that fabric. It's so pretty! Liberty looks so happy and cute in her new apron.

  15. Esta guapa y feliz con su delantal nuevo.


  16. I wish I could have made that sort of profit on things I have bought and sold! Liberty's apron is so beautiful, love the frill and she looks like she loves it too. You could sell them online too!

  17. How clever of you Mercedes!!!!
    The apron you made is as cute as Liberty herself!!!

    With the amazing profit you made, you can buy some more vintage furniture to surprise Jonno with,haha!

    X sab

  18. Mercedes, you can turn your hand to anything. Love Liberty's Apron and by the smiles in the picture, so does she. xxx

  19. Die Schürze ist bezaubernd und man sieht, das sie Ihr gefällt. Dann sind wir mal auf den Kuchen gespannt.... lach!!!

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  20. What a lucky little girl Liberty is! And what a lucky mommy you are to have such an adorable daughter!




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