Sunday, January 30, 2011

A summer tea party...

   Last week Liberty had a little summer tea party in our backyard with her friends.
She got the idea from a magazine and had been planning her party for months!
                                 The party had to be in summer so she could have it outside.
We had to postpone it twice because of the torrential rain we've had in the last couple of weeks.
We made all the food (apart from the strawberry sticks) ourselves...

cream filled pastries with raspberry icing...

tiny meringues...

Eiffel tower cookies...

butterfly cakes...

strawberry sticks...

tiny champagne glasses filled with pineapple juice...

sweet cupcakes...

and pretty tea cups filled with strawberry jelly...

The tea cups filled with jelly were Liberty's favourite part!

Liberty wanted her friends to do crafts with her, so she came up with the idea to make fairy wands.
She found all the supplies herself and showed everyone just what to do!

The girls all got Eiffel tower cookies to take home.

The party was in the morning at 11am.
We had the most beautiful weather! It turned out to be a very hot day.

I asked Liberty if the party was just like she had wanted it and she said, " was much better!"
She was very sad when it was all over...I think there will be a lot more tea parties in her future!

Liberty's spectacular dress is made by LIFEbaby  and is from their Bohemia range.
It was a gift from our dear friend Sans who lives in Singapore.
Liberty just loves that dress!

Thank you for all the holiday wishes. We had a wonderful time at the lake and caught up with old friends while we were away - that's always fun!
The school holidays finally finish this week...then I might be able to get back to blogging (I have many things to show you!) - as you can see Liberty has been keeping me rather busy!



  1. Mercedes, I was about writing to you to know how holidays were proceeding. I see you ha lot o fun. The tea party must have been a tremendous success. I wis I were so good to organize one as fabolous as Liberty's one. Enjo your last bit of holidays. Hugs to you all, Rosanna
    PS I woke up this morning and there was a layer of snow !! your pics have warmed me a bit

  2. Felicidades,para tu niña que fiesta,
    tan chula que habeís preparado,ya tienes una seguidora más,me encanta tu blog,que lo enlazo a mi blog,te invito a visitarme.Besos.

  3. Ohh Mercedes, I am very hungry after the pictures!!!
    It looks so wonderful and I am sure that the lady's had a great time.
    Enjoy the last days of the holiday and I am very curious about all the things you made.
    Love Sylvia

  4. What a lovely party, they look all so happy!!!!! it makes me remember my chilhood...sweet times. Liberty is a sweet little girl.
    Love from Lisbon

  5. Mercedes, what a fabulous Tea Party Liberty and her friends had. Can't believe, you've got such beautiful weather, and we are all still wrapped up in jumpers. Could do with a bit of that lovely Sunshine over here. Enjoy the rest of your

  6. Me encanta la idea y las niñas se ven tan felices.
    estas cosas son las que cuando libertad sea mayor recordara con cariño con toda seguridad
    un abrazo y un beso para liberty

    I love the idea and the girls are so happy.
    these are things that when freedom is most fondly remembered safely
    a hug and a kiss for liberty

  7. So cute! Wow. How I would love to have a summer tea party like that... At this very moment, it is 0 degrees here, in the Netherlands. The sky is grey and we're here in the middle of the winter..
    I miss the summer... Great post!

  8. Hi Mercedes!

    What a beautiful beautiful party! I did something very similar for my daughters 5th Birthday and looking back on the pictures warms my heart so much! Your daughter will always treasure that day I'm sure!

    You all did a gorgeous job on everything! Those raspberry topped pastries are stunning! I might have to try them in Mini :)

    It's so nice to meet you and your blog is simply fabulous, as are your Miniatures too!!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on mine and I hope your having a wonderful weekend! Sure wish it was warm here, it looks beautiful where you are! But not here yet :) Hopefully soon!

    Hugs, Cynthia xo

  9. Ohhhh que delicias preparasteis, dan ganas de relamer la pantalla del ordenador...
    Liberty preciosa y disfrutando a tope con sus amigas, Mercedes, si algún día vuelvo a nacer quiero una madre como tu!!!!
    Muchos besos y feliz llegada al cole para la nena.

  10. What a lovely photos and party, Mercedes!!!
    Liberty and their friens are so happy!
    Summer????? At this moment, it is 4 degrees in Oporto, Portugal, the sun is here but it is affraid to appear...

  11. Oh Mercedes, what a wonderful party! It is exactly the sort of party I would like to go to. All your sweet treats and I just love the bunting. Liberty looks quite at home as the hostess. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the sunshine and happiness. Best wishes, Carol :)

  12. Sweet!!!! I am lusting after all that pink food. Gorgeous! Liberty is a beautiful little girl and so lucky to have you for a mum.

  13. When I heard about the tea party I thought it was an amazing idea! And now that I see all these lovely photos I wish I had been there.Am thinking that even Alice's tea party is not so exquisite and delicate! The pink, the cream, the meringues...big sigh!!! I really really wish I could have joined in!

  14. What a beautiful day Liberty had for her wonderful tea party! She looks very happy :)
    The sweets you've made look delicious... hmmm!
    I am glad that you had a good holiday, but I also can't wait to see what you want to show us lol! ;)

    Warm hugs, Jollie

  15. What a wonderful idea to have a teaparty, and how beautiful everything looks! I wouldn't mind being invited to such a party, Liberty looks like a fabulous hostess.

  16. This post is so sweet! It is hard to understand sometimes that it is summer somewhere else in the world! The food was incredible! I so wish I could have been there, I am a little bigger size wise than most of her guests but my heart is still a little girl's.....
    What a wonderful Mom you are!!!!!! :):) Sandy

  17. What a lovely party the girls had, I almost envy them...
    The sunny weather looks fantastic, I'm looking forward to have a little more sunshine here in Denmark. :O)

  18. HI LIberty and Mercedes, such pretty party with so many delightful things to my god!!! Happy that'finally happened specially for all these nice girls! Thaks to share the pictures with us... ideas for our minis maybe...Doei, Claude

  19. Awwww, how sweet! This is all I could manage to say with every pic. =) The mouth watering food and the fabulous display of it. The girls sitting for tea time. Liberty's cute dress. The perfect weather. This party was obviously a complete success. Such pure joy and innocence! Thank you Mercedes for sharing! Liberty most certainly has inherited the creative mind of her mother. =)

  20. Muchas felicidades para tu hija.
    La fiesta te ha quedado preciosa y la decoración exquisita.

    Los dulces tenian que estar riquisimos.
    Hace un tiempo que soy seguidora tuya y me encanta tu blog.

    Feliz semana
    Este es mi blog por si te apetece darte una vueltecilla

  21. What a lovely party, all looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your sunny holideys, here in Spain it is raining and!
    Best wishes. Alba

  22. I've always wanted to do an outdoor tea party for my looks like it was a lot of fun. The goodies all look yummy too.

  23. Lovely tea party Mercedes, I like one for my next birthday. Congratulations for the girls.

  24. Thank you for sharing the tea party. I love all your treats and craft project. Looks like all the girls were enjoying themselves.

    Grandma Kathy C fr ILLinois

  25. Mercedes,
    You guys looked like you had a blast! I wish it was spring or summer for me;) We are having way too much of winter here in USA GA
    Have a wonderfl 'PINK' day!

  26. How precious! Liberty looks radiant and so happy! You have made some wonderful memories for her and her guests!
    Can't wait to see what other little things you've been working on.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer. I can't wait until it comes around here!

  27. How prefect is this little party...I adore all the sweets and the banner is so adorable.

    Your blog is lovely. Happy new week to you.

  28. What a simply wonderful looking "event". The food looked gorgeous, and the photos show everything so nicely :). I am a mum of Mr 6, so I can't see me planning a sweet tea time like this anytime soon :) :)

  29. Tea parties are not common in my country, especially for kids. What we usually have here are parties with games, kiddie prizes and a lot of food. But your own tea party made me realize that having a small party is very posh, feminine and so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing the tea party!

  30. What beautiful photos! This a dream party, Lucky girls! The table with all the goodies would made a perfect scene in miniature.

  31. Oh, how lovely summer party. We have very snowy winter here in Finland so it's so nice to watch these summery and happy pictures.:))

  32. So so lovely Mercedes. I wanted to write sooner but things have been crazy. I'm so inspired by Liberty"s tea party I'm making her one in miniature. So fun. Should have some pictures soon. I hope you are having a lovely day probably evening now. Big hugs!
    Love ~ Kim

  33. I LOVE your tea party pictures!! Everything looks so delicious and inviting!! Mercedes, Your Liberty is such a pretty girl and already so talented! She will be a great artist someday with her imagination!!

  34. O wow, thanks for the plug! Tee hee! But I must say Liberty looked absolutely sweet and summery in that dress :). Please tell her she has grown to such a pretty young lady! Prettier by the day:). Tea parties can be addictive and o , to be playing elegant and dainty , pink and pretty all at once. No wonder Liberty was sad when it was over. Mercedes, you have done a fabulous job. Maybe you should be a kiddie party planner .

    I too was about to email you about the NZ cyclone until I saw your comment on my blog and know all is well with you :).

  35. Your Liberty is so clever and sweet to plan her own party and craftidea! You made it look delicious and fun!

    groetjes Evelien

  36. What a sweet little party. I'm sure Liberty will remember it always .

  37. what a lovely party, Liberty is so very creative, just like her Mom..looks like a fun and happy time for all...the goodies have my mouth watering at their

  38. Fantástica fiesta para unas niñas preciosas, creo que todas hubieramos querido tener un tea party como éste. ¡Y que envidia de tiempo! ¡En Barcelona hace mucho frío! xxx Laura

  39. What fun! You are so lucky to have a little girl who likes tea parties. Everything tiny detail looks luscious!

    We had two feet of snow and a blizzard in Chicago last night--just finished digging out. So your talk of beaches and holidays makes me envious.


  40. Congrats! I love the pictures of the tea party, they warmed me up a little it's very cold here(in Holland) and i am longing for spring.
    I am looking forward to see what you made.

  41. Mercedes parece un fiesta deliciosa y Liberty está preciosa. Espero que el huracan no le haya afectado. Saludos

  42. How very precious! I think I'll have to throw one of those for myself!


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