Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We've had lovely Easter Sunday here.
The torrential rain the forecasters predicted stayed away so the Easter bunny was able to hide his eggs in the garden.

Imagine Liberty's surprise to see the Easter bunny had delivered lots of bunny things in her playhouse!

We have been looking after the bunny rabbit for some friends while they are on holiday.
Liberty will miss him when he goes home!

On Good Friday we baked our Easter cupcakes.

Very yummy!

Our egg tree with all the beautiful eggs Sylvia made for us.

I found this delightful book about the Easter Bunny at an Op shop.

It has the most gorgeous illustrations.

These two wonderful chooks came from Sylvia.
One for the real house and a mini one!

Easter came to the mini garden too!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on Easter at the barn.
I hope your Easter weekend is going as well as ours has!


  1. Looks like you've had a great deal of Easter fun - in both your big and little worlds :) I'm sure those cupcakes were absolutely delicious, Liberty must be a seasoned cupcake maker by now.

    Sylvia's roosters are just wonderful, and great op shopping, the book is really charming.

  2. I just can't get over how many wonderful Easter things you have! It's all so beautiful! Was wondering where you had got the bunny! He looks so happy visiting you all!

    ...You believe I didn't buy one single egg this year?! The kids are with their Dad's this weekend... First year in 15 years that I haven't decorated. So I'm enjoying seeing all your eye candy!!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Fantastic easter display!!!! :D

    Hugs from Madrid


  4. Hello Mercedes! Another great post! Whenever your blog appears in my update list, I get excited and I can't wait to check your blog. Your posts never failed to make me happy.

    I love the miniature playhouse will all those Easter decor. Every piece is love! Happy Easter and I am looking forward for more posts.:)

  5. Hi Mercedes!!

    Happy Easter for you and yours!!

    I love your picture,i like somuch your mini garden.

    The cupcakes looks delicious!!

    Liberty was very preaty and the bunny is adorable.

    Mini hugs


  6. No decorations here apart from a bunch of pink roses and W and M's huge choco eggs. easter bunny doesn't come in Italy :o(. The weather is gray while the last week was gorgeous and we are relaxing after a HUGE meal. I worked till last ight and I prepared a ful eal for us,Dad and his partner.Tiring but hily satisfactory :o)) Your Easter has been much prettier though. A big hug to you all, Rosanna

  7. OMG how many mistakes!!! I must be more tired than I supposed to be. Hopefully you'll understand all the same.

  8. That is Liberty's playhouse? WOW! Did mummy build it too? Everything you did is as usual, wonderfully Mercedes:), big or small, food or decor. You are a dream wife and a fabulous mother! :)

  9. What wonderful Easter pictures.

    Gosh Liberty is growning like a weed. :-) It has been such fun watching her do that. Still... Don't you wish she would slow down a bit and stay a little girl for a while longer. :-)

  10. Great photos, both real size and mini ones.
    I love the photo of Liberty baking, she is a perfect chef.

  11. Every thing is so nicely decorated as always, love all the bunnies. Happy Easter

  12. Happy Easter! I love your spring decorations~ both real size and mini!

  13. Lindo !!! Lindo !!! Demais tudo, cada detalhe, bem pensado,maravilhososo!
    Feliz Páscoa!
    Bjos Carinhosos

  14. Mercedes, you Easter decorations are beautiful, both mini and real life!!! Your blog is always such a happy place to visit! =)

  15. OOOHHH Mercdes, such wonderful pictures and beautiful weather.
    The cupcakes looks delicious and everything looks so lovely!
    And most important, the rabbit is still alive (LOL)

    Love Sylvia

  16. Thank goodness you helped me out with letting us know what was mini and what was 1:1. Your work is so amazing it is almost impossible to tell!
    Lovely photographs.
    Thank you for sharing.

  17. So much fun...for adults and kids alike! I just looove the mini garden for Easter. Have a wonderful break! Jacqueline xx

  18. Happy Easter! I agree with Janice. It is very hard to tell what is real life size and what is miniature! Your home garden is beautiful and so is the little one.
    I think Mercedes looks very happy with the bunny. Perhaps she will get one of her own? :D

  19. Beautiful, Mercedes.... just BEAUTIFUL! And Liberty is more beautiful than ever! It looks like you had a fantastic day for Easter out in the Garden.... it is too cold and wet up here in the North.... but we had Easter more quietly now that the boys are grown.... I LOVE the Country Bunny Story.... and I LOVE all your decorations, large and small! You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photographs, I love all your artistic decorations, it is so pretty and cheerful. I love the chooks too, Sylvia made me chicken things last year for my Home to Roost which is still a work in progress, I MUST finish it to show them off.
    I think Liberty will be wanting her own pet rabbit :-)

  21. Happy Easter Mercedes and Liberty. Looks like you had some fun! I had that book as a child and it is still an absolute favourite! Glad you love it too.

  22. You guys really know how to celebrate Easter!!!

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful easter photos. Your little girl's playhouse is sooooo cute and so is she.

    I love the way you decorated your miniature garden for Easter also. You do beautiful work. Love fr ILLinois - Kathy C

  24. les décors de Pâques en réel ou en miniature sont tous deux très réussis.
    Le Lapin,le vrai est mignon !

  25. Thank you wonderfull photos of Easter. You make allways so beautifull decorations. I love them. I have much to learn.

    Heve a nice week.! Kati

  26. Dear Mercedes,

    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful easter photos! You have such a beautiful decorated 1:1 house and mini garden :)
    I love your egg tree with Sylvia's eggs and also the roosters, they are sooo cute!! :)
    The most amazing photos for me is the one with Liberty baking the cupcakes and with the bunny, she is having sooo much fun!!

    Hugs Jollie

  27. Hi, Just wanted to say that I love your blog, and you have inspired me to start my own....
    Have a great weekend, kerry

  28. Always an absolute pleasure to read your blogs and look at your gorgeous gorgeous pics! a true joy

  29. Your shabby cottage and Country Bunny book are precious! :-)

  30. Parabens esta muito lindo!!!


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