Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mr Nylon in Holland!

Mr Nylon is relaxing in The Netherlands.
 As you can see he has found some very comfortable accomodation.

Who's that going into the most fabulous antique shop?
Yes! Can you believe it, Bri Nylon let his wife come along on this trip with him.

Mrs Nylon isn't the sort of person who sits around relaxing when she's on holiday.
She rarely has time without the kids around so she has to make the most of it.

When there are new shops to explore nothing is going to stop her!
She can hear Bri groaning and moaning but she's decided to just ignore him and enjoy herself.

'I do wish he'd just wander off and entertain himself for a change,' she thinks.

Well, Bri did wander off but he took Silky with him.

Bri found the most enchanting little atelier and thought he might take up painting...nudes of course.
But he couldn't convince Silky to disrobe for him...she was too busy looking at the view and wondering if there might be a suitable place to live around these parts.

Soon enough Silky found the perfect property... 

'Hmmm,' thinks Silky, 'it's a little grubby here to say the least.'
However, she's a hard working woman and she can see the place has huge potential.

Feeling rather worn out after trudging around the streets of Amsterdam Silky finds a cool spot to sit and rest her weary feet while she wonders where Bri has disappeared to.

If she'd only been able to turn her head (she's had a lifelong problem with her neck).

There he is, just lying around again!
'What's a guy got to do to get some entertainment around here?' thinks Bri.

Once he realised no one was going to turn up to entertain him Bri moved on.
He found an abandoned attic with more alcohol lying around than one man should drink in an afternoon. 
He's looking pretty pleased with himself once again...could have something to do with the bottle of vino.

'This could be a cosy place to live,' he thinks (remember he's had a lot to drink)...'with a little cleaning, hmmm, where is that wife of mine?'

On his way to find his wife Bri stumbles (remember ALL that alcohol) into a disused factory...'things sure are in a sorry state around here,' he thinks.

Finally, Bri shows up at the place his wife has chosen as her favourite place to live (although she is considering something a little cleaner).
I'm not so sure Bri is looking too good after all that alcohol!

Yes, we're all having fun in the Netherlands!
Sylvia (chief photographer), Rosanna (photographer's assistant) and I (model management) had much fun with the Nylon's today.

Early tomorrow morning my trip of a lifetime continues as Sylvia, Sabiha and I head to PARIS!!!!!


  1. I hope Bri sobers up in time for the trip! And he'd better keep Silky away from any places taht are for sale, I don't think his budget run to a little pension :)

    Congrats to the Netherlands 'production team', a most entertaining little adventure - and of course the locations are to die for!!

  2. Welcome to Holland Mr Nylon!
    I see you are having fun!!
    Greetings from Finland,

  3. Mr Nylon has got a future. Will he be the new Gary Grant ? since he is not a youngster I suppose he might appreciate the comparison ;o)
    Dear Mercedes, it's been a great luck for me to be able to meet you, a real pleasure. A good hug to you and best wishes tour lovely family , Rosanna.

  4. Unbelievably how precisely you do all the work ... really really wonderful! Greetings from a rainy place in Germany which almost feels like Holland today ... ♥

  5. A delightful story! Silky is a lucky gal to visit such amazing properties.

    It's such a joy to be able to witness this beautiful experience with you lovely ladies! =)

  6. Hola sigo tu viaje a taves del blog de Silvia,me encanta ver vuestras fotos, y tambien no me digas que
    Mr. Nylon ha viajado contigo jajaja
    fantastico, feliz viaje a Paris!!!!

  7. OHHHHH this post put a smile on my face early in the morning! i luvs it :) looks like a fun family vacation for the Nylon family ^ ^

    i enjoyed coming along too ;), thank you for this beautiful post :)

  8. What a wonderful story and great photos of the Nylon's visit! It is so much fun to see all of these places again! Your little family really brings them all to life!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.
    Can't wait to see Paris!
    Hugs to all,
    Wish I was there! :D

  9. LOL.....I LOVE it and am so impressed that Bri decided to bring along the wife! Great photo's and such a fun and delightful story!! It was so great seeing them in all of Sylvia's wonderful creations!!!! It sounds like all of you are having so much fun! I am thrilled that we all get to enjoy your trip with you. Have a great time in Paris! I look forward to updates and photo's!

  10. Just recently I met Mr. Nylon, besides being very handsome I love his story. Have fun Mr. Nylon, eagerly expect your next adventure!

  11. I enjoyed Mr. Nylon's story Mercedes. Enough to brighten up my morning. :) Enjoy the city of lights!

  12. Mercedes I hope you are having the best time. I love love love these new pictures from the trip. Mr. Nylon is so cute. Have a awesome time in Paris, I look forward to our phone conversation soon. I want to hear every detail of this trip. Mini hugs~ Kim

  13. Une façon très originale de nous faire visiter la Hollande !
    Et de retrouver vos personnages dans les miniatures de "lotjesdollshouse".

  14. What a great story! I enjoyed it a lot. The three of you did something absolutely fantastic. Thank you to Mr Nylon and his wife for the tour of Sylvia's houses.
    Have a great time in Paris! I'm looking forward to seeing photos.

  15. I just read all about your wonderful holiday on Sylvia's blog, I am happy to see that your all having such a great time together!! :-)
    Have fun in Paris!!

    Hugs Jollie

  16. A lovely visit Bri, Silky and you getting to visit Holland and having a wonderful time together with Silvia and Rosanna.

    Great Photos too.


  17. Seguro que Mr. Nylon lo está pasando tan bien como vosotras. Y ahora además se va a París con tres chicas guapas, ¿qué más puede pedir? Espero seguir viendo fotos de su viaje.
    Un beso y que os divirtáis :-)

  18. What fabulous fun to read the story, I felt like I was there. What will Mr Nylon make of Paris and where will he want to visit??

  19. Always love it when you put the Nylons on ! :) Mercedes, great post!

    This is indeed a trip of a lifetime. For a moment i thought you were home already because I knew Rosanna is back in Genoa.

  20. What a great story and great photos!

  21. Wonderful pictures, great story.
    Glad you had a great time!

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  23. How nice to see Sylvias great work in combination with the fabulous mr Nylon and mrs Nylon!!!!
    This must have been a fantastic trip for all of you :)))

  24. This is super fun! I love seeing the Nylon family (BTW, I have one too!) in Sylvia's settings! Great, great fun!

  25. Oh What a LUCKY couple to get to visit in such FAMOUS places! This is SUCH a treat to see them inhabiting these amazing rooms! Thank you for sharing this.... I have smiled and smiled!

  26. What a great story you've told! I really enjoyed your post!

  27. Adorable!

    I just love your stories of Mr Nylon, nothing better than having a little LOL whilst reading a blog. You are very clever Mercedes.

    I'm so glad to see he and Silky are having such a lovely time, and what an exceptional tour of Sylvia's house...........Wonderful.

  28. What a fun story - clearly Bri and Silky are having a ball while you enjoy your trip of a lifetime. I wonder what they will get up to in Paris - you better keep your eye (and camera on their antics)!

  29. You take such beautiful photos, Mercedes. They are such a pleasure to look at. So happy to see you had a wonderful trip. It must have been wonderful to be able to spend time with all your mini friends.

  30. Thats wonderful having a trip over to see the girls
    I love that you took mr and mrs Nylon!
    Wonderful photos!!!!!

  31. I just love Holland, I spent nearly three years there. We lived in a small village between Venlo and Nijmegan(sp?). New Zealand immigrants is the perfect land of opportunity with its growing economy and a sought after lifestyle. Our landlord had a beautiful garden and we picked fresh asparagus from the field behind us which was on the banks of the river Maas. If I hadn't come to Canada I would have gone back there. Thank you for the pics, bought back some happy memories for me.


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