Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That was Easter! 2012

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by!
I would have blogged these pics at Easter but it has taken me forever to figure out the new camera software.
 I really hate reading instructions...I did read them in the end and it didn't help!
However, not giving up paid off and I worked out.
So here, finally, is Easter at my house.
I've become addicted to hanging decorations above the dining table.
Hubby was getting a little tired of crashing into the Christmas pompoms...
so I took them down a week before Easter and then put these up.

Sabiha sent me these incredibly gorgeous Easter egg shaped lanterns.

 I put a little egg wreath together for the front door.

All of the eggs on our little tree were made by Sylvia.

 On Good Friday all the Grandparents, most of the Aunties and the cousins came over for afternoon tea.
I finished the 'Bonnes Pâques' sign about half an hour before everyone arrived.
It means 'Happy Easter' in French because I didn't have the right letters to spell it in English!

 I made the button flowers for a party I did recently.
They were the perfect colours for Easter.

The cute little egg shaped bowls came from an Op shop.

 I made these cupcakes for a friend's daughters to give to their classmates.

 Here they are all 'Bunny' bagged.

Liberty on her Easter egg hunt.
She was running so fast around the garden it was very difficult to get any photos.

 She loved the way the Easter Bunny placed all the little chick eggs in this plant.

 Sabiha also sent me this fabulous cardboard cake stand.

 Once again the Easter Bunny left lots of Easter ornaments in the playhouse.
This vintage eggcup was my favourite.

I had five wonderful friends over for a leisurely lunch the week before Easter.

  I made these cute little chick cookies for them to take home.

Chick cookies for Liberty to give to her friends.
We had a very busy, fun Easter filled with family and friends!

I hope you all had a happy one too!


  1. Mercedes your House looked beautiful, decorated for Easter. I can't believe how grown up Liberty looks now. xxx

  2. Que bonita que está tu casa para esta Pascua!! te felicito!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  3. Me parecen unas imagenes muy bonitas,no faltan detalles.Te felicito.Bss apretaos!!!

  4. You are SO creative! Party planning is good for you! I love your chick cookies and cupcakes.
    Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Easter!

  5. I'm delighted. The sweets and cupcakes look delicious and the decor is the cutest.

  6. What gorgeous decorations! I bet the children had a wonderful time! I adore the chick cookies too, all stunning as usual! X

  7. I really like your Easter decorations.

  8. You are so amazingly creative and super talented!! Your house looks like a springtime paradise! And the cupcakes and cookies! It's only 7:00 am where I am and I want those sugary treats for breakfast! :D


  9. Mercedes, you are incredible !!! incredibly talented and creative and of perfect taste ! I heart everyhing you did !
    No surprise that you have no time for minis
    Big hugs Rosanna
    PS I bought the same egg lanterns in Holland

  10. My 2 year old son really loved the chick cookies and quite loudly proclaimed "bock bock" (chicken sounds) I have to agree they're very cute :) Beautifully decorated as always!

  11. je suis ravie de vous retrouver Mercedes !
    Les gâteaux ne sont pas seulement beaux, mais ils semblent très savoureux !
    La déco est superbe, des idées originales,telles les fleurs- boutons

  12. Your Easter decorations look very nice and your cookies and cupcakes looks so beautiful, almost to beautiful to eat. The nice packaging make it look even more special.
    Liberty is so big now, i love the dress she is wearing.

  13. It is gorgeous Mercedes and so creative every time... by the way Miss lIberty did not receive a package from me??? I have sent it on time but....some others ones were lost and arrived after or not at all, please let me know...Doei, claude

  14. Hey you :):):). Not sure if you knew that Rosanna and I were in Amsterdam and was Sylvia's guest for a day and of course, it was as if you were still there :) everytime we see something of cupcakes or napkins :):)

    You have done a great job decorating for Easter!

  15. Incredible! So pretty and fun, PLEASE can you tell us where to get those lovely paper egg shaped lanterns...I must have some for next year...I love finding things that are so different! You went to a huge amount of trouble and it ended up making a very very special holiday! Can I come live with you??? ( Just kidding) lol Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

  16. I totally look forward to your blog posts!!

  17. Beautiful Easter Mercedes. Hey viber buddy where you been? We need to talk soon. Hugs~ Kim

  18. Hi Mercedes! I was waiting for your post and I must say it was worth the wait. I love every picture you posted here. Everything is full of happiness, beauty and love.

    I particularly love those unique button flowers. The chick cookies are very inviting even for grown ups like me and the decorations are something to really adore and love.

  19. Wow,a wonderful Easter decoration,you are really very creative!!! Jeannette

  20. You are so good at decorating your house. Everything is so beautiful and you have great ideas.

  21. Hi Mercedes! Your photos are perfect. Lucky for us that you finished reading the instructions. I'm relieved to read that I'm not the only one who detests reading software instructions. Liberty is growing up so fast, it's unbelievable! Her dress is so pretty! All your decorations are just perfect as always. I'm just wondering if you're still building miniatures or have you put that aside for the moment? I miss your mini creations very much.

  22. Hi Sandy!
    The Easter lanterns came from Holland. The label on the package says, 'Papier ei voor decoratie'.

  23. All so fabulous, I love all your ideas. Gill x

  24. Witaj,pięknie tu u Ciebie ,ale macie wspaniałe wielkanocne tradycje:)..Jestem pod wrażeniem wszystko takie kolorowe,ślicznie :). Pozdrawiam MILI_POLAND


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