Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Barn in Mini-ologie!

Well, I'm back home now in my real world...that was a trip to remember!
When I got to Kim's house the Fall issue of Mini-ologie was waiting for me.
 A few months ago Kim asked me if I'd like to be part of the Autumn issue of Mini-ologie.
A magazine dedicated to beautiful miniatures created by Kim and two of her like-minded friends.
Of course I jumped at the chance to be part of this beautiful publication.
Thank you Kim, Maritza and Cynthia for inviting me to be part of your wonderful magazine.
I'm not sure why but 2013 seems to have turned out to be the Year of the Publication for me!
More pics from my trip coming soon...I've been swamped with children's parties since I got home!

And of course the Nylon's went to America too...their story coming soon!


  1. Loved the Fall issue of Miniologie. Your section in it was fabulous. Looking forward to more pics. & insight about your recent trip to America. Also the tale of the Nylons adventure. They probably had even more fun than you did!

  2. muchas felicidades por esa colaboracion



  3. I love the Miniologie magazines and the spread on your barn was fabulous. A great publication to be part of.

  4. Hi Mercedes! Welcome home to you and how absolutely Marvelous to have your barn featured is such a Beautiful Publication! I am looking forward to seeing more about your trip to California and your visit with Kim. Friendship is not determined by distance but by the closeness to your heart!


  5. That's awesome! What a beautiful magazine!!!

  6. Congratulations - Your work is so Beautiful, and its well displayed in Miniologie. Definitely looking forward to the story of the Nylons adventures in America ~ TiGGy

  7. Congrats to the publicity! I bought the fall issue yesterday and now I wait for it to come in my mailbox!


  8. Congratulations! It all looks great :) (I imagine the Nylons were a bit overwhelmed with cutlure shock! Looking forward to reading their story.)

  9. Congratulations! Your projects are really magazine worthy and so fun to look at.

  10. Congratulations for your beautiful barn in Miniologie!
    I like your work very much!

  11. Welcome Home Mecedes!!!
    Oh how do I get my hands on that great magazine "Miniologie"looks so interesting!
    Looking forward to seeing all the bits and pieces you came home with !

  12. I enjoyed seeing your work in Miniologie.

  13. I loved reading the article about you and seeing the barn featured! You are so talented! I know you're family were eager to have you home!

  14. I has been a long time, sinds I visited your blog, and it still looks so pretty.
    I see a lot of 1/12 scale things on pinterest lately, and I would love to pick up on that hobby again, just a little,I loved it so much and it was all new for me at the time.
    Now everybody seems so good at it :)
    It has been a long time ago for me, teddy bears have completely taken over I guess;
    and i love making them to,
    I wanted to ask you, where did you buy that pretty magazine that you show on your blog. Bye And will visit more in the next weeks

  15. Ooh, now I read you are in the magazine, congratulations !! X


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