Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That was Christmas 2013!

Christmas at the shabby cottage.
Another Christmas has flown by!
Liberty didn't finish school until December 19th and then we went camping (hubby's idea!!) for three nights before Christmas...
after that there was no time for anything!

We made a little advent calendar on a tray in the lounge.
Each day of December we added one more tiny thing to the scene.
My three cheeky vintage elves!
I love these little guys, I bought them with Kim.

I spent a lot of time baking in December!

I was lucky enough to find some packets of vintage paper doilies at an op shop.
They make very pretty, quick and simple bunting!

Liberty joking with her Grandad.

Remember how Kim and I made minis so we could buy a doll for Liberty for Christmas...
well here she is!
She's an exquisite Ann Estelle doll by Mary Englebreit.
Liberty and I have always loved Mary Englebreit's illustrations and when she was opening the present and saw the box she kept saying, 'Oh my gosh'!! It was the perfect reaction!

 Happy New Year
from my family to yours!



  1. What gorgeous photos Mercedes. I particularly love the Shabby Cottage scene and the little pixies and I think the advent on a tray is a lovely idea. Liberty's doll is lovely. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2014.

  2. A very Happy New Year Mercedes.....hope its a good one....NO, hope its a GREAT one!!!!!!

    Linda x

  3. Happy New Year! How did you manage to keep the inside of your tent so tidy - we never manage to be tidy in our caravan!
    Love Liberty's reaction to her Christmas doll and your Advent calendar is a lovely idea.

  4. Happy New Year, Mercedes. Your little Liberty is growing up fast! xo Diana ps. LOVE the Estelle doll

  5. Oh Mercedes, everything is absolutely magical and beautiful. I love your blog and your Christmas was so enchanting. I hardly know how to respond to this post as there is so much to respond to. I loved your Advent tray and adding something each day as you went along, and the beauty of your celebrating and oh so much. I just started working in miniatures this past five months... so new to it but loving it. Your miniatures are very inspirational and beautiful and I love the shabby chic. Brightest blessings for a beautiful 2014, Bird

  6. Happy New Year. I send my best wishes to you and your family x

  7. Happy New year to you too and your family!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

  8. Happy New Year,Mercedes,to you and your family, too! Thank you for these beautiful photos!

  9. Hello and Happy New Year Mercedes! I love your photos and the time out camping in the tent which looks like fun! Your bunting from paper doilies is just so YOU! :D Seeing Liberty opening up the package and discovering the lovely doll inside makes me think of how both of my children responded when they received their Perfect gifts! ahhhh, it is Such a wonderfully satisfying feeling when you get it Right, isn't it? :))
    I wish you and your sweet family a very Happy 2014!

    My how the time flies!


  10. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, Mercedes! The Estelle doll is so pretty! I had no idea they even existed! My goodness, how Liberty is growing up fast. I love your Christmas tree. That is a very nice picture of you and Liberty and her grandfather!

  11. A happy new year to you all Mercedes, looks like it was a wonderful family Christmas, hope it's followed by the BEST year ever.

    (I'm almost certainly visiting Tauranga for a few days in mid March - I'll try to organise flights into and out of Auckland that'll give me a bit of time to catch up with you.)

  12. Happy New Year, Mercedes! The little trailer is so cute! and I find your Advent calendar a great idea.
    Estelle doll is adorable!

  13. Happy New Year! thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.


  14. De bien belles photos. Bravo pour l'atmosphère et les mises en scènes de votre blog. Tous mes vouex de bonheur pour 2014.

  15. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I love your advent tray idea and your mini scene :) The doll is delightful.

  16. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Mercedes xxx

  17. Love the pics….So nice to "meet" your family! May you have a New Year filled with love, happiness, and peace!

  18. The advent calendar idea is so cute and clever! I think I'll have to try it this year. :)


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