Monday, September 1, 2014

Progress in the kitchen!

I thought you might like a peek at how the country house renovations are going.
I've built a pantry in the corner of the kitchen.
As you can see I'm taking the house in a whole new direction.

 The pantry has given the room a more interesting shape and created a nice little nook, perhaps for a dining table.

 Lots of shelves to fill in the pantry!
Nothing's fixed in place plans are prone to change.

And I made a new floor - it took time and patience (I don't have much patience)!
Getting the colour right was the hardest part.
They didn't have the colour stain I wanted at the hardware shop so I bought a different one...and the floor turned orange.
I had to sand it and re-stain it with the colour I originally wanted but those little floorboards didn't want to let go of the orange. Rather than buying another stain I just rubbed black paint over it...
by some miracle it turned out ok!
 I may not have patience but I don't give up easily!


  1. Is this real or miniature? Love the look of the pantry. Very nice.

  2. An awesome start!!! I love iit.

  3. Great job on the floor and good solution using black paint and saving money! Love when this happens.

  4. Very nice, very french, the floor is coming out great !!!

  5. I stumbled on to your blog for the first time today, and what a treat! You are very talented!

  6. I like how the floor turned out, icant wait to see the table and chair set u will b using


  7. At least you had the nerve to attempt the floor and it came out beautiful!

  8. Wow, very dofferent and very lovely! Beautiful work Mercedes!

  9. Unos avances que prometen un resultado precioso y perfecto!!!!

  10. I love the new kitchen, great job with the floor, it looks so realistic and wonderful!

  11. Kitchen is looking good. And the floor turned out lovely, probably much better than it would with the original stain!

  12. Esa despensa es una belleza y el suelo te ha quedado precioso y con caracter.
    Me gusta mucho
    Un abrazo

  13. Hi Mercedes,
    Your floor looks really lovely, and I agree that the pantry gives the room a wonderfully interesting shape.
    All the best

  14. I love the changes Mercedes! The floor looks Fabulous and the color variations make it really interesting. The pantry couldn't be better. The window above the screen door is such a clever bit of magic as it gives a continental flair to the room. The wall paper is very pretty too. I give these changes- Two thumbs way up! :))


  15. It's looking great so far - including the 'accidental' floor, the colour has turned out just great!

  16. I love that look, the floor turned out well in the end. Really like the little cupboard, it does add interest.


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