Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farmhouse bedroom - done!

I can finally show you the finished farmhouse bedroom.
It was going to be the master bedroom but I'm not so sure now.
It's a very pretty room!

Here's the room before - although I'd already done the ceiling before I remembered to take a 'before' pic.

There's a special glassed in area for the bed.

I love to add little references to favourite movies and books in my dollhouses. Sometimes the references are hidden, not this time though!
I fell in love with the colours and cinematography of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. 
It's a wonderful quirky movie!

I saw the beautiful wallpaper in a dollhouse on the internet and I tracked it down.
The currency exchange rate with the NZ dollar is not so good these days so it cost a small fortune!
But it was worth every cent.
I bought two sheets of wallpaper this time! Nearly used all of it. I thought it might be a bit overpowering to have the wallpaper covering every wall in the room so I made panels of it for this space.

Now like I said at the start - it was supposed to be the master bedroom.
It's possibly too pretty for a master bedroom...and I had a single bed sitting on my work table so I tried it out in there and just looked like it belonged. So this might have to be a child's room or nursery perhaps.

I really wanted a fireplace in this room.
I found a real life fireplace I liked and did my best to create something similar in miniature.

Finding something to make that ridged backplate with was a challenge!

Another challenge was getting the floor the colour I wanted.
At last count there had been nine layers of paint and stain applied and removed from the floorboards. I'm finally happy with how they look! 

The wardrobe uses the space at the end of the stairwell in the hallway.

The window in the door lets you see through to the hallway.

The 'Crossed Keys' in the transom window are another reference to 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

This is now my favourite room in the house.
I am thrilled with out it's turned out...and I'm in love with that wallpaper!

So now the last part of the dollhouse to renovate is the attic - which will become the Master Retreat - as they would say in a fancy decorating show.
Work has begun...but as usual just when I get started life starts throwing all sorts of 'real life things to do' at me!

More to come...


  1. Wow, what a fantastic room!!! I would love to sleep in this bedroom :-). Great job!

  2. it's a beautiful bedroom ~ I too love the wallpaper you chose!

  3. I'm thinking you saw that wallpaper in my dollhouse kitchen...I love it, too. The room is gorgeous, Mercedes! Beautiful work and I love the reference to the movie...

  4. This is beautiful! Greetings from Budapest! :)

  5. What a wonderful and amazing work ! The walls, the floor, the doors all those details, the colors, the style... I LOVE IT ! Chapeau and Bravo !!! ❤️

  6. Hi! Pat here. I'm entering a contest with my QS Petite Properties dollhouse. I have decided the furniture should be shabby chic blue, like your walls. Would it upset you if I did my furniture that way? I also wanted to put the panels on the living room wall. My color scheme is cream and blue. I don't want to copy but I have them cut out. If you don't mind, I would like to put them in my dollhouse. Let me know. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful work, a labour of love! All the sweat and tears were worth it in the end. Absolutely stunning. The glass area makes even more special.

  8. Hi Mercedes,
    Your room is just gorgeous. So pretty, and with such a lot of 'shape' and detail. It's marvellous!
    All the best

  9. Great work. Your room is wonderful.

  10. Ohhh, Mercedes, what a stunning work!! I love this ambience which you have created!

  11. Hi Mercedes! I believe you're right in that this would make the PERFECT child's bedroom as it has both a sleeping area and a play area which would be just right for the tea parties and dress-up play for you and Liberty! :D Love the floor and the fact that this room has a built in closet. The glass wall is a unique and practical divider that adds to the over-all charm of this room. "Divide and Conquer" should be your motto because conquer you most certainly have done; it is All Delightful!!! :D


  12. Es una habitación adorable,me encanta el color,el papel de las paredes,esa preciosa chimenea tan auténtica y la referencia a la película hotel Budapest.....todo el conjunto hace de ella una habitación muy especial!!!!!

  13. This is sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Le film The Grand Budapest Hôtel'.est en effet un superbe film (que j'ai aussi adoré) et vous avez bien rendu son atmosphère. Votre chambre est très belle.

  15. Hi Mercedes! I congratulate you the way you have divided former deep room to interesting smaller areas. This makes room so realistic and lived in. Here is something to learn for all of us. What a beauty! Greetings from Helsinki, Finland! Riitta

  16. I really love what you did with the room. I like everything the wallpapers, the fireplace, the closet and the way you divided the room and the way you did it. I loved this film too.

  17. You are unbelievably talented.

  18. Gorgeous Mercedes! Soooo much character! I love that wallpaper in situ, having seen it online - it can be hard to imagine a wallpaper in situ so nice to see how other people use them. This will be a seriously gorgeous room when furnished.

  19. espectacular ese aire vintage !

  20. OMG! I absolutely love it, everything is just fabulous from the wallpaper that looks worth every penny to the paint, the floor (hearing you on the layer after layer business!), the original layout, the transfers on the glass, the fireplace, JUST EVERYTHING!!

  21. Everything you create is absolutely fabulous!
    {Thank you for sharing -- so we all can enjoy your talents!}

  22. Это просто восхитительно! Потрясающе чудесные работы! Как красиво, как стильно и изысканно! Я влюблена в румбоксы и интерьеры!

  23. What a fabulous result with your floorboards! Love the room! Love the distressed lived-in look you are giving it. Please post more updates. Dying to see what you do. I just found your site.

  24. Love this bedroom Mercedes, and the references to the movie which I enjoyed also. You have used the space so creatively, just like an old cottage would be with lots of nooks and crannies.

  25. ¡Que bonita habitación! me encanta ese toque que le has dado .Feliz semana:-)

  26. Love every little detail about your room! Thanks for sharing. Sandra

  27. I found your blog on Pinterest. I dream of building a doll house one day, and I want it as perfect as this one. It's just beautiful!

  28. I am speechless with awe at your dollhouse! I have been working on my first one off and on for several years and can't even fathom how you have done all of the things in this house! Or where you find all of your tiny detailed things! I never see any of those sorts of accessories when I begin looking for stuff!


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