Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lighting the Farmhouse Lounge

 I decided that I might as well finish all the lighting on the ground floor so I don't have to keep taking everything out of the Farmhouse every time I add a light.

I've made three little lights and hung them together in the lounge. 

Lights are very hard to photograph when they're lit up!

There's a matching single light in the front entry way through the French doors there.

The lights look silver when they're off. 

And (hopefully) mercury glass-ish when they're on.

'Poor man's silver'!

There's a chandelier in the formal dining room which I made when I did the Valentine's Day scene. 
I was doing everything I could to avoid making a chandelier - because they're very fiddly things to make. 
But the dining room was just screaming out for one!

Now I'm looking for inspiration for lights in the rest of the Farmhouse!

Thank you for all your comments on the Kitchen Lights post, so glad you like them!


  1. I love the atmosphere,the lights, the colors, the furnitures... all, all!!! Fantastic work, Mercedes!!!

  2. Maravilloso lugar!! La luz, los muebles... Todo me gusta.

  3. Las luces son maravillosas!!! Encajan tan bien en ese ambiente encantador que estás recreando! Me encantan!

  4. Absolutely good ! the light is soft but they are so pretty when they are off ! did you make them out with parchment paper? they are so translucent
    Have a good day :o) Rosanna

  5. Esas preciosas luces le dan a la habitación una atmósfera muy cálida y hogareña,me encantan!!!!

  6. C'est vrai qu'il est difficile de faire de belles photos avec les lumières allumées mais vos photos sont réussies, elles donnent une très belle ambiance. Les pièces sont magnifiquement meublées et décorées, je serai curieux de voir en plus en détails la petite maison de poupée posée sur une table, à droite.

  7. Perfect! Love those lights. It's an amazing transformation from the former house!

  8. Your Parlor lights do indeed look like mercury glass, and your dining room chandelier is lovely!

  9. I have never seen such an original miniature lights. Fantastic! Very stylish and cool.

  10. It looks great Mercedes! So much atmosphere in this cosy abode.

  11. I love your lights and they look perfect in your farmhouse.

  12. Oh but they really look like mercury glass! I understand they are not actual mercury glass but you have achieved the effect so well. The three of them together as lights works beautifully. Ads even more warmth to an already lovely atmospheric room.

  13. Hi Mercedes I havent been along for awhile to see what you are making and I see those lights which are very pretty. you are quite clever in your makings.
    the farmhouse is coming along beautifully, where did you find that cute little dollshouse is really beautiful!


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