Thursday, November 27, 2008

The little crafter

My daughter never ceases to amaze me with her creativity, I guess it's in her genes. The other night she was larking about being a pirate when she suddenly ran inside and asked for the sticky tape and scissors. She grabbed some paper and all on her own started making pirate accessories. First she rolled a piece of paper into a telescope, then she cut out an eye patch and got her dad to attach a piece of string to it. Then I saw her trying to stick something on her shoulder only to find she'd drawn herself a parrot! Obviously the ultimate fashion accessory for any self respecting pirate.
Love, love , love the parrot!
Ah, yes...the (creative) force is strong in this one.

We almost had a crisis when she asked me to fold her a newspaper pirate hat. I couldn't find any newspaper. Luckily 'tis the season for mega tonnes of junk mail and I found a brochure with big enough pages for a hat. She didn't believe it would work because it wasn't real newspaper but was pretty happy with the result and we heard plenty of, "arrrr, me hearty's" until bedtime.
Oh and by the way, the only reason she's into pirates is because her brother watched nothing but 'Pirates of the Carribean' dvd's for months. She was completely fascinated and is always asking about Davy Jones heart!

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