Thursday, January 15, 2009


I did a course in mosaics at the end of last year and this cupcake picture is the first thing I made. It's about 40cm x 27cm (16ins x 10.5ins)It was going to go outside on the playhouse but it turned out way better than I expected and is the perfect colour for the kitchen so that's where it's found a home. There's not much wall space in the kitchen but I found a perfect little spot behind the glass door.

I don't know what it is about cupcakes that makes them so universally appealing! My friend Katrina gave me this gorgeous tea towel (way too nice to be used as a tea towel) for my birthday.

The little lovlies I found at Kmart they came in a three pack but I gave one away. They were filled with lollies.

And these are the real thing...I'm slowly mastering the perfect cupcake.I've discovered it has a lot to do with how long you mix everything for, it takes a fair bit of patience, especially when your cake mixer belonged to your mother and it makes such a racket the neighbours can probaby hear it. I took some to a party before Christmas and I heard someone say as they ate one 'mmmmm, the rumours ARE true'! I'm also mastering buttercream frosting. Frosting isn't something that's used much in NZ, we just use ordinary old icing (water, flavouring, tiny bit of butter and icing sugar). That buttercream has added a whole new dimension to my cupcake making...and my waistline!


  1. I LOVE Cupcakes!! I think they are so simple but yet sooo cute...


  2. Those ceramic cupcake things from Kmart are CUTE! Can you let me know what section they were in (candies, kitchenware, etc.), who makes them (Martha Stewart?) and how much they were? Also, when did you buy them? How big are they? I LOOOOOOOVE them and need to have them!


  3. Hi Cynthia,
    I hope you come back to read this because I don't see any other way of getting in touch with you!
    I live in New Zealand (don't know where you are!) and I bought the ceramic cupcakes in December 2008. They were in the section with the lollies and were only NZ$13 for the set of three and they came with a wrought iron holder too.
    They are about 12cm high (4 and a half inches). They're just made in China, they don't have a brand on them but it wasn't anything fancy.
    Haven't seen them at Kmart for a while now!
    All the best!


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