Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More cupcakes!

Oh my Goodness!! Just take a look at what I got in the mail today. These gorgeous cards and ornaments are made by Jenny and Aaron at Every day is a Holiday . I ordered them on Christmas Eve when I had been in the kitchen doing my ‘last minute panic all day bake-athon’. I finally decided ‘to hell with the exchange rate, I’m gonna get myself something I’d really like’.

Jenny and Aaron are the most wonderfully kind, generous and creative people. They even sent me gifts because of the delay in posting!! And took the time to include a little hand written note. It’s actually quite surreal having these little pretties here because I’ve been following their blog for some time and I can’t quite believe I have their work in my own home now. And it's oh so much more beautiful in real life!

Liberty claimed the chocolate cupcake decoration for her room ‘because it has a cherry on top and that’s how cupcakes should look mum’! I'm thinkin' a whole row of them would look soooo darned cute.

The cards look so perfect here in my house. However, I think my little sister may be calling me when she sees I have the raven card.

If you haven’t been to the Every Day Is A Holiday blog I suggest you take a little trip to cupcakey gorgeousness there now!

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