Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Liberty's Cake Decorating Party!

Can you believe another year has gone by and Liberty has just
turned seven!!
She had been planning her cake decorating party almost since her 6th birthday!
I made the invitations in a great rush, just before school finished for two weeks holiday, using things I had at home.
Welcome to the party!
The 'Liberty's Bake Shop' sign was made for  Liberty by Iris who (doesn't have a blog) is just the sweetest person.
I hung it on the front door with a wreath of silk roses.
(I found the roses at an Op shop for just $3!)

Last minute preparations - it seems no matter how much time you have, you will always be working right to the last minute!
The party was held on the last day of the school holidays so we had two whole weeks to get ready.
I had a lot of fun making the 'Cupcakery Bakery' sign one evening.
I just used whatever I could find in my scrapbooking pile.
Here's the back of the cupcakery sign. I had been keeping the piece of wrapping paper with those desserts on it for years just waiting for the right thing to use it for.
I made the bunting from 'Laura Ashley' fabric scraps given to me by a friend.

          There was a colouring activity for the kids to do when they arrived.
It's always good to keep them busy until the last guest arrives.

We printed carnival letters for the 'Happy Birthday' banner and coloured them in.
My seven year old!
I found a fabulous tutorial here for making the coffee filter balls.
I really wanted to make a coffee filter garland but didn't have enough filters.
The round fluted filters that they use for these balls aren't readily available here in New Zealand. I was so excited when I found a pack at an Op shop!  
These little goody bags were for a game we didn't have time for but they all got to take them home at the end of the party.
Here's what was inside the goody bags.
Party food!
The tea cups filled with jelly were very popular!

For the second year in a row we had a beautiful sunny winters day for the party.

Here's what we used Lamina's beautiful tea towel for.
'Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake'
We used stickers with the kids initials for the cherries.
We also had an egg and spoon race.

There were bowls of buttercream frosting. We filled snap lock bags with royal icing and taped one corner before cutting a little 'V' shape in it to pipe with - they worked really well for little hands!
Sophie, Holly and Pauline - my three wonderful helpers.
I made them all aprons from pretty furnishing fabric samples.
Pauline took ALL the photos!
The sewing machine was busy all week!
I made simple aprons for all the little guests.
The girls apron fabrics are ' Laura Ashley' scraps given to me by a friend!
I added some cupcakes to the front Liberty's apron.

Hard at work!
The children all really enjoyed themselves.

There were two boys at the party and they had a great time.
They were thrilled with their aprons too!

After frosting a couple of cakes each Sophie (my teenage helper) showed the kids how to make a simple fondant person.
Liberty added a scarf to her persons neck.

I collected glass candlesticks from the Op shops. I even found six matching little glass dishes (at different Op shops!) and turned them into cupcake stands. I just blu-tacked the dishes to the candlesticks.

Here's the birthday cake!
'Hmmm, that looks rather boring', you're thinking...
We let the kids do the decorating!
There was complete silence while they were decorating the cake, they were really concentrating.
The happy result!

Eight happy sugar filled kids!
One happy SEVEN year old!

The party was a great success! 
Having just eight children there and three extra helpers (plus hubby and myself) made it much easier.
I always find a lot of inspiration from seeing other people's parties, so if anyone's considering a cake decorating party I hope this post helps!
If you need any more information just ask!




    What an amazing party you had! I really love how the cake turned out! All of the decorations that you made really turned out darling! It looks like everyone really had a wonderful time. I LOVE the cupcakes that everyone decorated. What an incredible idea for a 7th Birthday!! It will be memorable to all who came!

  2. Hello Mercedes! I love Liberty's party!!!!!!! The theme and the activities were so unique. It's my first time to see a kiddie party where kids are tasked to play pretend in a bakery. The making of the cake in the actual birthday party is for the win! I love your ideas. I enjoyed looking at each picture.

    Please extend my birthday greetings to your dearest Liberty.

  3. Happy Birthday Liberty!!
    I too, here in Israel, had a great time watching these beautiful birthday party through the lovely pictures. Liberty has grown up and is so pretty!!!
    Hugs to Liberty and you

  4. My dar you are a genis ! will you organize a party for me to ?
    Happy birthday to LIBERTY and hugs to you all Rosanna

  5. "Happy Birthday Liberty!"

    What a great party, with your friends.
    And all the beautiful decorations!
    Mercedes, what is she grown, she seems more and more like you!
    Love to see these beautiful pictures,
    * marlies

  6. Preciosas fotos, preciosa fiesta y sobre todo preciosa hija.
    Felicidades Liberty!

  7. Happy birthday Liberty from Finland. Thanks for fabulous photoes.

  8. Happy birthday Liberty! What a fantastic party. And what an awesome mum you have too! I wish i could have a cake decorating party like yours and I am 27!

  9. Happy Birthday Liberty.
    What a nice party you had.
    Love from Rietje in Holland

  10. What a wonderful party! I would have loved to attend the party too, so great things to do and beautiful decorations.
    Your girl is so nice.
    Happy Birthday Liberty!

  11. que fiesta mas divertida y preciosa. se les ve que los niños lo pasaron genial.
    felicita a tu hija!!!!

  12. The party was a big success! Liberty is beautiful! Congratulations!

  13. Wow Mercedes what a wonderful and very memorable party for Liberty!!
    It's like every little girl's dream party. I never had such a thing when I was little. What a imaginative a patient Mom you are. I can tell how much you love your Liberty and I know she knows how much too. What a beautiful girl she is :o)

  14. Beautiful party for a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday Liberty!

  15. Cumpleaños felíz, cumpleños felíz,
    te deseamos desde España, Liberty,
    Muchos besitos de las Malu´s, estaís todos guapísimos,habeís hecho una fiesta estupenda y muy divertida y a tí Mercedes gracías por compartír este día tan bonito.

  16. Oh my! What a delight! Happy Birthday Liberty.
    A darling idea for a party and I love the aprons.
    Looks like everyone had fun :)

  17. Happy Birthday Liberty !

    une très jolie décoration et des gâteaux qui semblent délicieux et très bien décorés eux aussi.

    What a wonderful party you had!
    Birthday hug♥

  19. how very awesome. you are the coolest mom ever!!! Happy belated Bday to Miss L :)

  20. A very cute birthday! Such an inspiration, it gave me ideas for my birthday party =)
    Hope you have passed a great time with your daughter xx♥

  21. It looks like they all had lots of fun. Happy belated birthday wishes Liberty your such a pretty little girl too.

  22. Me encantó!!!! muchas felicidades a Libertad, se ve que lo pasaron muy bien.Besos

  23. Happy Birthday Liberty! Mercedes, you have another calling - Party Planner!

  24. Quelle merveilleuse fête!!!!!
    remplie de couleurs magnifiques!!
    Joyeux Anniversaire de France!!!

  25. Happy birthday to Liberty!! Is a great, wonderful and sweet party, so original and funny! I would like to be 7 years old again to stay there! Thank you very much for sharing us photos about party... Hugs

  26. Happy birthday Liberty!!!
    What a lovely party you had.
    Hugs, Monique

  27. Happy Birthday! Alwasy such fun seeing what you and mom do. I love the party. What a great idea. I'd love to do one here - for me!

  28. OMG...I wish I turned 7 and you were my mom!!!


  29. What a beautiful, colourful birthday party. It is so unique. Liberty's birthday cake is just amazing. The children did such a great job of it. They must have had such fun. Your aprons are so beautiful and so is the decor and just everything. I could go on and on. You certainly know how to organize a great party, Mercedes! Liberty is one blessed little girl to have such a devoted mother!

  30. Happy birthday Liberty!!! and so nice cakes and so beautiful decorating on the big cake... I love it!!!! thanks to have shared with us those pictures! Doei, claude

  31. Hi Mercedes .... I loved looking at these pictures, everything from the invitations, aprons, treat bags is fantastic, your daughter is beautiful and it is lovely to see children enjoying themselves in a fun peaceful way ... very well done x

  32. Wow! Where to start! It's all just so beautiful! Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time. Mercedes, you come up with such fantastic ideas. How are you not like on Martha Stewart status. You could give her some good competition....lol. Your ideas are so original, creative, pretty and fun! And......you know how to do it all on a budget, which of course, is what we all need. =D I just have to say that you look so pretty in that pic w/ Liberty.

  33. What a wonderful party you had!! Best Birthday wishes for you little girl! I want to be 7 years old too!!! :D

    Everything looks gorgeous! From the garlands to the cupcakes it self! I am drooling here :)

    Love it! You are a fantastic mom Mercedes!

  34. Wow! Happy Birthday, Liberty!!!
    I also have so much enjoyed reading this blog and I could not stop grinning! Fantastic decorations and it is obvious, how much fun you all had! So, my little girl is going to be 3 in two weeks, she insists on celebrating with only two 6-year-old girls and until today I was wondering what I could do with them. Thank you so much, Mercedes, for this inspiration! Hugs, Sandra

  35. Mercedes.... Just when I think you can't outdo yourself... You do. WOW! Liberty is one lucky little girl! I love everything from the aprons to the cake they decorated! How fun! Tell Miss Liberty I said Happy Belated Birthday! I can't believe she's already 7! And so beautiful! Your one lucky Momma!!

    Big hugs for everyone:)

  36. Liberty is a lucky girl, it all looks so wonderful and it makes me hungry (LOL)

    xx Sylvia

  37. **Happy birthday Liberty**
    Looks like you had the BEST birthday ever!! Such great photos and I LOVE all the decorations... they are just beautiful!

    So glad you love the cup cake tea towel and I absolutely love that you used it for a game of "pin the cherry on the cupcake" very cool!

    Lamina xxx

  38. Happy birthday, sweet Liberty!!

    Darling party, Mercede -- I'm sure that all your hard work made lots of sweet memories for everyone!


  39. Happy birthday!! What fun! I need a cupcake, are they gone??

    Fantastic party and a great idea! Amazing!!!!

  41. Will you be my mother?

    Seriously though, lovely party. Lots of great ideas. I was glad to see the boys enjoying themselves. I have two and I think they would love it!

    Happy Birthday Liberty!

  42. OMG Happy Happy Birthday Miss Liberty. I have been so out of touch lately and I'm so sorry for that. I will send something special soon. You are a beautiful 7 year old. Your Mommy sure knows how to throw a party. I so enjoyed every picture :) Those boys were so adorable decorating too. Big hugs! I miss you. ~ Kim

  43. Happy late birthday to Liberty :) What an amazing party - thank you for sharing the photos :)


  45. Felicidades ¡vaya fiestuki!!!!. Un saludo, Eva

  46. Happy birthday Liberty! :) :)

    Looks like you had the most wonderful party. I really have to remember the idea of a cake decorating party, I've never even heard of it! Guess we just don't have them here in Finland. You made such beautiful things, and the seven-year-old looks so beautiful, too! Love the missing teeth... :D :)

  47. WOW! What a GORGEOUS party! I am going to show my daughter because she will love it too... you have inspired me to do something like it! Your decorations are just stunning! Beautiful photos too, I be you made your birthday girl very very happy! X

  48. Just a very wonderful birthday party for Liberty.
    Both of you have done a great job!!1
    The pictures are lovely and LIberty is agirl already, so pretty :)

  49. I'm rather late popping by to leave a comment - obviously the birthday bash was a great success. Lots of clever planning on your part, what a fabulous theme and surely looks like they all had a wonderful time. Happy to see the cupcake tea towel commissioned in the name of party fun! :)

  50. Happy (very belated) birthday to Liberty!!
    I enjoyed the photos of her 7th birthday cupcake party sooo much! :-)

    Big hugs for the both of you!

  51. Another year already??? This must be my third birthday with Liberty!

    I love all your party posts, Merce. Being your kid must be like living in fairy land :). You make dreams come true for your child, Merce. A big pat on your back for yourself, please, Mummy Mercedes!


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