Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Scrapbook of Surprises!

 Two years ago, before I went on my trip to Europe, I made a little scrapbook to leave as a surprise for Liberty.
Making little scrapbooks is something else I love to do!
I started with a kraft paper pre-made book in a box by Bella designs.

 Each page had a pocket with a tag (or two) in it.

 Each tag had a date on it.
Every morning I was away she would read the appropriate tag and it would tell her where to look in our house to find a little surprise present.

 Or some days there was an idea of somewhere she could go with her daddy.

 She loved the book and we still look at all the pages and she tells me what she did when I wasn't here.

 Two years later she still likes to remind me how sad she was when I was away!
When I told her I was going away this year she straight away asked if I would make her another book.
So I've spent the last few nights making a new book and I've had a great deal of fun finding little gifts to leave for her.
I'll show you this years book when I get back.
My mum used to leave little gifts for me whenever she went away and I loved that!
Just two more days and I'm off on my next exciting adventure to visit Kim!!


  1. That is an absolutely beautiful book! What a treasure- xo Diana

  2. What a fabulous idea that will provide many special memories. I love what you have done on the pages. Enjoy your time away.

  3. Mercedes, That is such a beautiful gift for Liberty. A piece of you to make the missing you a little better. Wow, really a wonderful thing! You are an amazing Mom. See you soon! Hugs! Kim

  4. Eres una buena madre¡¡
    Y una buena amiga, suerte para Kim y Liberty.
    Un beso

  5. Eres una madre maravillosa!!!, me imagino lo que debe haber significado para Libertad tenerlo cuando no estabas!! Besos

  6. What a sweet idea .... your book is beautiful. I'm sure your daughter will never forget that .

  7. es una idea muy tierna así los niños siempre están ilusionados y echan menos en falta a sus padres, aparte de ser un gran recuerdo para conservar
    un abrazo

  8. This is a very lovely scrapbook and it is wonderful that Liberty want another before your next trip abroad. Your imagination is incredible and it is no wonder that these books are Liberty's treasures!


  9. Great idea. This book is so beautiful! :)

  10. Very nice idea to copy for my's a pity that now they are..... 17 and 18!!!! have good time with Kim!
    Bye Franca

  11. What a beautiful and sweet idea!

  12. Me encanta es muy dulce y tierno.


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