Friday, October 4, 2013

Working on the shed and travel plans!

I wallpapered the little shed weeks ago...
but I didn't want to show you until I'd made the windows.
Now...I was hoping to get to my friend Anne's house so she could help me (she's a master builder!) but real life has been getting in the way!
 I finally realised it was unlikely I'll ever have a child free day to spend with Anne so I told myself to
'just do it NOW'!
and yesterday at home with a few sticks of wood left over from other projects and my trusty craft knife I made the windows.
 I have big plans for this little shed!

 I've started making furniture.
And here's a pic from the outside...more coming soon...
in two weeks time I'm crossing the world to visit another friend I've made through this blog.
I'm so excited to be flying to California (that's 13 child free hours away from New Zealand on a plane!) to meet the incredibly talented Kim Saulter!!!
We're going to have 9 fun filled 'shabbylicious' days together, I can't wait!


  1. Your shed and furniture look wonderful Mercedes. I hope you have a fabulous time with Kim. Look forward to hearing what creative things you get up to over there. Enjoy.

  2. Me encantan las ventanas. Espero que tengas muy buen viaje y que disfrutes. Besos


  3. Te esta quedando hermoso!!, que tengas un lindo viaje.Besos

  4. I love what you showed us it makes me want to see more.
    Enjoy your stay in California, you're very lucky to meet Kim.

  5. Your shed and furniture is very beautiful.
    Enjoy with Kim.

  6. Fantástico me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  7. Oh wow! I Love the wallpaper!!
    Have fun at your trip! Its amazing to meet new friends trough the blog =)

  8. Your shed is looking fantastic! Have fun with Kim! :-) xo Jennifer

  9. Anne has obviously been a great teacher because the windows are just right for the little shed. This is going to be such fun to watch take shape.

    How exciting to be going off to meet Kim!!! You two are going to have a blast together!

  10. Exciting news I wonder what will ensue? Have a great time as I am sure you will. BTW your 'shed' is looking wonderful already.

  11. como siempre usted esta consiguiendo un trabajo maravilloso, espero que lo pase bien en esa visita.
    un abrazo

  12. Hi Mercedes! I can't think that this pretty room is going to be a shed! It is so charming and the wall paper is so feminine and pretty to be so designated. Your windows are wonderful and you have aged them so well! The patina on the table and chairs is in perfect harmony with the ambience of the room and so I am sure that this is going to be a KNOCK OUT once it is outfitted with everything else that you have in mind.
    Your trip sounds like it will be Loads of fun and I wish you a safe and Mind-blowing time with Kim! :D


  13. hello mercedes!

    gosh, it's been a while but everything is as lovely here as ever!!!

    happiest autumn wishes ~


  14. Piękny domek, śliczna tapeta ;-)

  15. Love. Love. Love your blog. You are one talented woman! I'm excited for your travel plans. Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time!!!! I was wondering if you have any ideas on removing siding from a dollhouse that was put on with rubber cement? It has really been slow and some of it is really stuck!!! :)

  16. Oh Mercedes! I am so excited for your trip! You've been waiting a long time to do this!!!! You two are gonna have the best of time:) can't wait to see pictures of ur visit!

    And I love the windows! You always add the best character to your miniatures:)

  17. Mercedes
    I love your windows, Have fun at kims house!


  18. WOW thats going to be a fab trip!
    Have fun!!!!

  19. Your she'd is so amazing!!!!!! Just a couple more days!!! Somebody pinch me :) hugs!!!!!!


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