Friday, October 3, 2014

A little more of the kitchen renovation...

Things have been moving along with the little kitchen reno...
  That pantry still needs filling...but that's going to take some time and patience.

There's a new sink - made from a little china trinket box.
I'm going for the industrial concrete benchtop look. There will be a tap there soon!
The curtain under the sink was made from an old handkerchief with a pretty edging.
I re-used or 'upcycled' some of the old kitchen cupboards (which were one of the first things I ever built myself).  It would have probably been easier to make new cupboards altogether as the china box I used to make the sink from didn't quite fit so the cupboards required a total rebuild.
The fridge and oven are the ones I made for the old kitchen.
The fridge could do with a bit of a facelift.
There was originally a door where the window above the sink is. I boarded up the door a couple of renovations ago. This time I thought it would add a bit of interest to have an old window I made an interesting old window!

I built the door from scratch - a laborious task...but cheaper than buying one!
I thought about putting cupboards and a bench beside the oven but this house is very deep and having cupboards there makes it hard to see things at the back of the room.
So instead I built an industrial style table - just another style I love!
Hope you like the direction the kitchen is taking...there's plenty more to be done!


  1. wow! I love, Mercedes !, is being beautiful. ALSO I am doing a kitchen and always inspire me in so many details ... I love, I love your kitchen!
    A big hugs.

  2. Como siempre , es un placer ver tus maravillosos trabajos!!! Todo me gusta muchisimo, el suelo me encanta y cuando esté llena de todos los detalles será maravillosa!!! Un trabajo estupendo. Besos

  3. Its coming along beautifully!
    You have me stuck on Shabby now Mercedes!your work is exceptional!
    Love it!

  4. Hola Mercedes, esta cocina es maravillosa, me gusta mucho esos tonos gris claro con la oscuridad del suelo, y los muebles y el frigo son preciosos. Un abrazo

  5. Keep having fun and let us know about it :o))

  6. You are making such changes! You are very brave to redo the entire room! I Love "interior" windows in houses.... and yours looks completely "at home" in the room! I can't wait to see all the details you will add.... they always make your rooms so special!

  7. Esta cocina va a se maravillosa,me encanta el contraste del suelo con esos tonos grises claros del mobiliario,resaltan mucho y le dan calidez!!! No puedo esperar a verla llena de detalles!!!

  8. Even in its un-accessorized state, this is shaping up to be a pretty kitchen with a nice mix of materials, colors, textures, and eras.

    I have to say that I LOVE the parquet floor (even if it's not from this renovation). It looks exactly like the living room floor from my childhood home!

  9. Siempre marcas tendecias, gracias por inspirar a tanta gente .

    Un beso

    Susi :-)

  10. I love how your new kitchen looks so far I like very much your old window

  11. Great progress and lots of scope there for interesting accessories.

  12. It will be interesting to watch as the transformation takes place. I loved the house as it was before. It was so very special, one of the loveliest I had ever seen. I would never have chosen to take it apart but then I can understand that your creativity needed an outlet and it's true that houses take up so much space. I look forward to seeing what colour schemes you pick and seeing all the accessories you select and create. I am tremendously happy to see you back, Mercedes!

  13. It must be a beautifull kitchen, I like everything mini you done...

  14. Hi Mercedes, It's looking great! I especially adore the cupboard and the door. The sink unit is lovely too! You have inspired me to make some kitchen things.

  15. Hola Mercedes,
    Su cocina está quedando deliciosamente bonita, el estilo me encanta.

  16. I love the cool grey shades of your eclectic style country kitchen. The industrial table with the vintage fridge, farmhouse sink and the widow in the interior wall is such a creative mix. Keep up the great work!


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