Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flowers in the Farmhouse!

One of my followers on Instagram (where I post more often) asked me for another blog here I am!

I've been making a lot of roses lately. 
Not a favourite thing to do (time consuming and very fiddly) but well worth the effort!

And I made a little iron table to go in the Farmhouse lounge. 
The trim on the edge of the table is a metal piece that came off a trinket box I bought years ago. 
I had to turn my craft studio upside down to find it...which led to me having a huge clean out...I can now say there is no need for the crew from 'Hoarders' to visit me any more!

I've been using the rose making tutorial from Lea Frisoni's book. 

Love these colours together!

Paeonies for the dining room.

Roses for the master bedroom.

Woodland themed bouquet! 


  1. Stunning! Love your dining room.

  2. Ohhhhh! ♥ Tus flores son maravillosas! Has conseguido una textura espectacular en los pétalos, felicidades! :)

  3. All flowers are beautiful and the dining room is wonderful

  4. Beautiful photos! Your roses are really adorable!

  5. Your flowers are so sweet and beautiful.I tried too with Lea's instructions but either my fingers are too clumsy or my patience too short the result was very far from yours.Keep having fun !! Hugs, Rosanna

  6. I LOVE your roses and your peonies Mercedes and your little hall table is adorable ♡


  7. I'm loving your roses Mercedes.....particularly the brighter coloured ones (in the photo with the plates etc) they remind me so much of David Austin elegant!! Yes, hard work and time consuming BUT well worth all the effort.
    Linda x

  8. What a pleasure to get a new post in my box! Thank you!
    Love the flowers! The dinning room is so inspiring!
    Your pictures are so well done. Really would love a step by step of some of your work. :)
    How wonderfully small the world becomes via social media and Internet. Your talent reached me all the way in
    Looking forward to your next post!

    Gail :)

  9. Your collection of roses and peonies is wonderful! I love all the color combinations, from the soft pastels to the bold Woodland bouquet. I'm so glad that you shared such beauty!

  10. Hi Mercedes! Your roses are very successful! They add that perfect touch... Lea's book is such an inspiration! The bouquets fill your farmhouse with beauty and sunshine!

  11. Beautiful flowers, I'm inspired to try making some now. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hacía siglos que no pasaba por aquí, veo que sigues haciendo cosas muy hermosas.
    Un abrazo.

  13. I love the table so much!! Wow, so much in you scene to appreciate, wonderful minis. Hugs, Jean

  14. Hi, Mercedes! The flowers are adorable! You very subtly select shades, everything looks so natural. Hugs, Julia

  15. So beautiful...and the little nest is equally lovely.


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