Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Adding to the Farmhouse Bathroom

It's been a while since I made any progress on the bathroom
Sometimes it can take a long time for inspiration to hit!
I knew I wanted to create a shower over the bathtub but I had no idea what it was going to look like until I saw a picture in an old magazine...

It was a challenge to make but I like a challenge!

My next trick was to make a shabby toilet.
There' a fine line between 'shabby' and 'gross' when it comes to toilets!

I bought the cupboard years ago on my trip to The Netherlands. I just gave it the shabby treatment.

The toilet roll holder was fun to make!

There are still plenty more details to be added.

Well, since I started this post I've added other things...seems like I never get time to finish anything these days.
I made a vintage style laundry was a real pain in the neck to make!
It's wonky...won't stand up straight...I filled it with laundry to hide some of it's faults.

Couldn't resist making a tiny onesie to throw in the laundry hamper. 
I might have a go at making a tinier onesie when I find the right fabric...and I'm in the right mood!


  1. Hi Mercedes! Your work is inspired And Inspiring!!! I need to make one of those shower heads for my Lovely Old Dollhouse.... and have been putting it off for hmmm.... too many years to count! LOL! I LOVE the old hamper... and the onsie is adorable and too perfect! You think of the best details... so I look forward to every new post... no matter how long between!

  2. Love your shower curtain rod and your laundry hamper is so sweet!

  3. Yo también estaría de muy buen humor viendo como ese baño toma forma. Para mi es muy especial e increíblemente encantador a pesar de su "mal estado" :) ♥

  4. Your shower looks well used and I love your cupboard with the printed glass inserts. And I also think that your filled laundry hamper really fits in with your entire decor.

  5. Me encanta el diseño del baño.Muy original.

  6. Wow! Love the shower hoop! Your amazing! I just love your aging technic.
    Anytime you wanna give a tutorial,I am waiting!
    that cabinet is adorable,love the words even on the side. Lovely

  7. Que aspecto tan real y maravilloso!! Un gran trabajo!!!

  8. It's looking very good! Love the shower, and the laundry hamper. The toilet roll holder is genius. So much fun adding all the little details.

  9. Great bathroom!!! I love the shower.

  10. Fabulous shower! What have you used to make the shower rose? It's really wonderful. I think you have successfully walked the line between shabby and gross for the toilet also. Your cabinet is truly lovely and its always wonderful to have something in your house as a great memory of a fantastic trip.

  11. A delightfully shabby bathroom with the prettiest colours...the shower is a great copy of the one found in the magazine and looks like a lovely vintage addition. The toilet paper roll is perfectly quaint and adds much to the scene despite its small size. Enjoyed looking at all the details that you have incorporated into the space! Cheers, Alayne

  12. Wow, your rust patina effect is very realistic. I love the graphics on the cabinet door

  13. Te ha quedado un baño precioso



  14. Beautiful!!!! I like your bathroom :o)
    I like the floor very much ... and the shower.....great work!!!

    VERY NICE!!!

  15. Beautiful vintage bathroom!Enjoyed looking lots of details...Shower, toilett roll,laundry hamper... Love, love!!!

  16. I LOVE your shabby bathroom! Everything works together so well, and all the details are just right, especially the rust stains down the side of the tub. You did a wonderful job on the shower and the vintage laundry hamper - and the glass-front cabinet is gorgeous!

  17. What a great room! I love your shower and so many great little details. Cheers! Carriex

  18. It's definitely YOU !!! cute and lovely and full of sweet details !

  19. Do you do any tuturials on the things you make ? It would be nice sense I just started making minatures (sorry about my spelling) and could use a little help making things . Thank-you for showing the nice things you do .


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