Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Princess and the Pea!

One of my favourite books that Father Christmas gave my daughter when she was little is 
The Princess and the Pea - the Lauren Child version.

I had always known that one day I would make a Princess and the Pea bed. 
Last December I thought I would make it in miniature for a wonderful friend of mine.

The bed was fun to make. 
Hardest part was deciding what fabrics to use for the usual I just used what I could find at home - that's a challenge I like to set myself when making things!

There are twelve mattresses just like in the book.

I'm no doll maker...this little Princess was a huge challenge to make. 
I wanted to give up several times but you know I'm not a quitter!!
I made her dress from a vintage handkerchief (Oh how I love vintage hankies!)
I searched the shops for a couple of weeks trying to find something suitable and affordable to make her hair from and then found the 'hairy wool' in a cupboard at home.

Liberty needle felted the perfect pea.

I found a tiny Lauren Child version of the book to give to my friend with her!!!
Too cute!!

The Princess went to her new home on Christmas day... 
(she was definitely hard to part with in the end)

My friend was thrilled!

If you haven't read the Lauren Child version you should go look for it. 
It's a mesmerising re-telling of the story that makes it a pleasure to read for
 adults and children alike. 
And as for the's all dollhouse miniatures and cardboard cut out perfection!
You're never too old for a good children's book!


  1. This is one of my future dream projects... oh one day!! Your´s is soooooo gorgeous. The bed is just perfect and the princess is awesome. Congratulations!

  2. Ahh, this is so cute! The different mattresses are so fun.

  3. Una preciosa interpretación de tan bonito cuento!!!!

  4. I've also got this book and I love it. Your Princess is great the bed fantastic.

  5. Absolutely lovely ! I am currently working at the same theme, great minds think alike ;) hugs to you all, Rosanna

  6. Adorable! The doll is just darling. The bed is a masterpiece,metal frame to die for! Did you use wire and then paint?
    Would love a bit of a how to on a metal bed. The felted pea ,well I love anything felted :)

  7. So cute and lovely, Mercedes! The bed is fantastic! Love the metal frame and mattresses! Charming little princess too!

  8. This is So Adorable!!! You have such a great sense for gentle colors! The Princess Doll is more Perfect than "Perfect"! I am not surprised she was hard to part with! :)

  9. Hello, Mercedes - I absolutely adore your "Princess and the Pea" bed! The doll, too, is lovely. (I think you are, after all, a doll maker!) Thanks for the recommendation of Lauren Child's version of the book. It seems a perfect addition to my collection of "what to read to the grandchildren."

  10. One of our favorites. We made a homemade version as well...still a treasure after all these years. You creation is oh so charming!


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