Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A teeny dollhouse for the Farmhouse

This has been a crazy year for me with little time for mini making.
However, I was so inspired by a picture of an antique dollhouse I saw on the internet I just had to make time to do some serious mini making.
The Farmhouse girls bedroom needed a dollhouse.

It was fiddly folks! 
But then most mini making projects are fiddly to say the least!

Fiddly but satisfying.
Built mostly from cardboard.
That roof took three attempts to get right.

A peek inside!

I've painted some tiny metal furniture I had. 
It's a little over sized for the house but I remember my first dollhouse when I was a little girl had over sized furniture.

And I made a teeny tiny version of the dollhouse to go in there.
So the dollhouse dollhouse has a dollhouse! 

So you can see how small it is! And there's the teeny, tiny dollhouse dollhouse dollhouse too.

This is the actual 19th century Swedish antique dollhouse that inspired me so much. 
You can see it here.

I could sit here playing with my little house all day.
but there are more things waiting to be made...

Thank you all for the comments you leave. They really make my day!!


  1. It's beautiful! You are going down the rabbit's hole with this one, though!

  2. Such a pretty reproduction of the antique Swedish dollhouse...looks lovely in the farmhouse girls' bedroom. Love the fact that you gave the dollhouse dollhouse a dollhouse! Cheers, Alayne

  3. Mercedes this is amazing! You just sit and cut out cardboard and create this amazing dollhouse for your dollhouse! Wow I dream of being creative like this!
    I love a blog post waiting for me and my coffee ,makes going to work and not creating a little less painful! Haha
    But an Instagram message and a blog post! Your spoiling me!!

  4. that is seriously adorable! And the color is perfect in the room. No garish fuchsia for you! It just fits right in. And that doll! So sweet.

  5. Great project and great photos too! Very creative - thank you for the inspiration.

  6. That is so adorable Mercedes! I think the oversized furniture really makes it. And that teeny dolly’s crocheted dress and bonnet are amazing too.

  7. Una reproducción preciosa! que diversión para las pequeñas habitantes de la casa!

  8. Really cute!!! I love the dress too. Gorgeous bedrom.

  9. I wish u sold some of the things you make. I sure would buy them? Your a very talented lady.

  10. The doll's dollhouse is PERFECT for your little girls room!
    It not only opens! but the over-sized furniture in each room, reminds me of the furniture one sees in Vintage Baby Houses, which imbues a sense of history but also hours of real playtime.
    Beautiful Work Mercedes!

  11. Que preciosidad!! Buenos ratos pasarán los pequeños habitantes de esa casa !!

  12. I love the teeny tiny dollhouse and furniture!

  13. Oh Heavens!!! You have made the Most Adorable Teeny tiny house Ever!!! (Both of them!!!) I think the inspiration house is simply gorgeous, and you have rendered it so well! I so admire you for making it all from scratch! It could not be more beautiful! Even though you have not much time.... you have made wonderful use of what you have! :):)

  14. I have wondered where you were. I always enjoy your work. Any little girl would love the room that you have created for her. Love the little dollhouse and all of the various little items that you have added.

  15. Romántica y preciosa! Me encanta! ♥

  16. Adorable tiny house, Mercedes! gorgeous work from scratch! And so cute furniture... Love it!!!

  17. Oh I love the dollouse dollhouse, and the dollhouse dollhouse, dollhouse too! The miniature painted metal furniture is sweet.

  18. Wonderful these bedroom and all of it

  19. That is just the cutest little house! perfect!

  20. It's utterly delightful, I do love it !

  21. It's beautiful! I would never have known it's made out of cardboard. Amazing! The whole room is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


  22. Just saw your beautiful tiny dollhouse Mercedes, so pretty and the bedroom is totally adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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