Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A hutch dresser for the country lounge

You may have noticed that the dining table has been moved from the kitchen to the lounge, there was always too much unused space in the lounge. And now the hutch dresser that was in the kitchen is also in the lounge, although it has been given a facelift!
Here's how it looked in the kitchen. I had painted and papered it to match everything but was never happy with those drawer fronts, they just seemed too chunky.

So I've given it some new drawer fronts and covered them with wallpaper. And there's a basket of toys where the cupboard was. I figure that as the children's rooms are all in the attic Mrs Nylon won't want to be trekking up and downstairs with toys all day...'cos let's face it, it's not like the kids will ever put them away!

The stripy wallpaper is the exact same colour as the gingham wallpaper in the lounge.

And some of you may have noticed the new curtains have gone already! The dresser has to sit by the window there and the curtains were in the way so I've made a roman blind. (Sorry Linda, it doesn't actually work, lol!)



  1. It all looks great Mercedes, I love your remake with the dresser, so much nicer...so happy to see the toy box down stairs, this will save Mr Nylons poor head!!! ...sorry every one, private joke!
    The roman blinds are a lovely touch...did I say they had to work??

  2. I love how the dresser turned out! Those drawers look so much more to scale, now that you've worked your magic on them! Your lounge looks so cozy and inviting.

  3. So wonderful as always. Love everything. You are so talented. I sent your package last week by the way. I hope you receive it soon. hugs~ Kim

  4. It is wonderful and much nicer.
    I love the roman blinds, they look so beautiful!
    love Sylvia

  5. It look wonderfull,Mercedes.
    I like so much your work .


  6. The dresser has certainly taken on a brighter look and I love the toys in the basket
    I guess it doesn't matter if the roman blind doesn't work, only if Mr Nylons complains about it I guess!
    Lovely work Mecedes... just lovely!

  7. The dresser looks much nicer after the facelift. And the toy box was a great idea! I think I will use it for my real home as well:-)

  8. You are such a busy bee....I like the remake with the dresser,it fits
    beautiful in the cozy room!


  9. What a change Mercedes!!! I love how it is now!!!
    Excellent as always,
    Warm regards

  10. Love the hutch re-do! I am still aspiring to be as good at mini making as you are....still taking notes when you post :)

  11. I love your roman blind! My real life ones do not work as well..haha! So I guess yours are very realistic!

  12. Everything is just great... what a wonderfuj work..!!!!!! all my compliments..!!!


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