Monday, September 14, 2009

Shabby Chic Bedding

Spent the weekend making some shabby chic bedclothes.

I think I was inspired by Linda's all white bedding but of course I couldn't have everything just white!

Took the shabby bedroom outside to take these pics as it's a beautiful spring day here!

I could happily move into this little room!
Now it's time to collect the kids from school, back to the real world I guess!


  1. Such beautiful bedding! I love the washstand also-- wonderful! So many wonderful details in that lovely roombox-- very inspiring!

  2. OOOOOO Mercedes, it is beautiful!!!!
    I love the bedding and all the details, wonderful!!!!

    love Sylvia

  3. Mercedes, I love how your little house is coming together so nicely. The wallpaper you pick goes very well with the whole scheme of things. Nothing is out of place and is that a little white bead you used for the blue candle? Your bedspread, pillow and blanket is gorgeous. Well done!

  4. This is very nice !!!
    I like all the details
    All is so fresh, and the soft light in the bedroom is perfect to take a nap!!!

  5. Mercedes, absolutely cute, as always!! You work very well and very FAST too!!
    I especially love the white bedspread, it is GREAT!! Do you embroide by hand it?


  6. Tha bedding is verry beautiful Mercedes, love that quilt! The whole room is like a picture out of a magazine!
    * marlies

  7. As usual....chapeau! you are so good and fast. Lovely details and colours, I love it

  8. I love everything about this house, the shape of the actual house, the wallpaper, that wonderful quilt, it all goes together perfectly. Cant wait to see the other room, Kate

  9. The room is absolutely perfect and
    I can understand that it´s hard
    to go back to the real world after
    working with all those lovely details.

    /Eva J

  10. Mercedes you´v captured summer in that room!

  11. It is absolutely devine, a beautiful, beautiful room!!...there is nothing better than fresh crisp white sheets, miniature size or real.

    Linda x

  12. Very beautiful Mercedes !!! Me gusta mucho y es muy chic

  13. It´s pretty. I agree with synnove, summer is in that bedroom. The view through the door is confirmed. I love all the details

  14. Wow, your little room is beautiful right down to the teeniest detail!
    I love it.

  15. Mercedes, this is precious! You've done so much and everything is just beautiful! I love the bedding! Taking the photos outdoors was a great idea too. Your room is perfect!
    Just perfect!

  16. Love your "shabby" house! Have you ever used insect pins for pinning and draping? They are very thin and leave no holes to deal with after!

  17. Wow,I love it,Love it, and love it!
    Did I tell you that I love it?

    I blow up the pics so I could see the details,the white bedding is so beautiful,did you make it yourself? If only I was mini,I came over to sleep in this room!


  18. I just love how bright it is in here!! So pretty! And I love the white bed cover, and the quilt!!

    :) Finally got those magazines glued together last night! and it took me all of five minutes, hehehe. Now to get them in the mail, lol! :)

  19. So beautiful bedroom, like a candy!! I really like this room a lot!

  20. Absolutely beautiful rooms, great details. Lovely bed with bedspread.
    Have used google translate so I hope it is ok translated!

  21. Oh now that is adorable!
    Oh I luv it!!!
    How lovely that little bedroom has turned out, and all the details! it's facinating!!
    Clever lady!!!

  22. It´s just lovely! It´s so cute!


  23. I love this room, Mercedes! The bedding is so pretty and you have a wonderful eye for detail.

  24. love it! so beautiful & inspiring! love all the details! wonderful!

  25. So so lovely as always. Really a beautiful place to get away for awhile. Mini hugs~ Kim

  26. Oh how pretty Mercedes! I do love the all white bedlinen, now you're giving me more ideas for my house! Your talents never cease to amaze me ;-)

  27. I want more pics...It is so cute and sweet!!!!!

  28. Mercedes, !Que preciosidad!.
    como siempre, nos enseña, una escena con mucho gusto, elegante romantica, en fin se me acaban los elogios.
    Felicidades. Su estilo es uno de los que más me gusta.

  29. Mercedes,i likeso much ,it's so beautifull.

  30. I love everything !!! this room is wonderful,like all your work !
    Mª Jose

  31. Mercedes they only word I can say to that room is "WOW" is so lovely and the details are so beautiful!!!
    Love the room!!! You are so talented!!!
    Mini hugs

  32. I would so love to sleep in this bedroom! I wish i was a doll sometimes when i see everyones beautiful rooms.

    I have got myself in a pickle again and also lost the paper i was keeping notes on. I cannot figure out or remmember which is your email address so have to message you here.
    Just to say your gift for Debbie arrived a few days ago.
    Thank you for sending and joining in.
    I know when Debbie is able to she will also thank you herself.
    I had a little peep at your gift and it made me cry a little (in a good way). It is extra special and is going to be a mini she treasures.
    I will keep you updated on my blog when all the gifts have arrived and i send to Debbie.
    My best wishes, Nikki xxx

  33. habitación tan dulce, es muy bonita,me gusta el estilo, he visto la casa en la revista miniaturas y está genial auqnue hablas de un cuadro con los zapatitos copia de los de tu niña pero no los encuentro, seguro que están preciosos.
    Un abrazo

  34. Hello Mercedes; My first time here,, I just am amazed at the fine detail you put into your minis. You are just so great,, I have been working on my Victorian Doll House for quit some time.... but had to put it on hold for now, we moved out of state and I don't have it yet... looking at all of yours now I am ready to get to work on it must go back and get it...
    Have a great week..
    ps I booked marked you so I can come back......

  35. So precious! I have created miniature rooms off and on (now it's been off for a while) but you have inspired me to return to this hobby. Thanks for sharing.

  36. My first visit to your beautiful blog. Love it! Lizzie x


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