Monday, January 18, 2010

French Week!

Patricia at Pappillon Bleu UK is hosting a French Week! We are supposed to write about what France means to us.
For me France is a beautiful dream!

A few French minis in the garden.

The rest of the pictures are French themed things from around the 1:1 house.

The 'Paris in a Week' book is from 1925.

An early oil painting done by me of a French scene. (I haven't painted for years, too lazy...I leave it up to my mother, she is a fabulous artist!)
Moulin Roty cat given to Liberty by my sister.

Patricia -Miss Clavel and Madeleine are waiting eagerly to greet Ruby!

My beautiful dinnerset!
ONE day I'll get to France and buy some REAL French things...for now I'll continue to enjoy my dream!


  1. I think like you (my english not good, sorry) your things of france are very lovely, my congratulations for your mother, beautiful paintre.
    And sweet Madeleine !!!!
    cariños desde Argentina.

  2. My dear , I have the same dinner set! It is made in Provence and it's pink but it's exactly like yours.Do not stop dreaming, I shall ma my way to NZ sooner or later and you'll hop in Old Europe. I'm waiting you :o)))

  3. Mercedes, your post is EXACTLY what I was expecting! You have been so creative and I can tell youn had fun taking all these pictures!
    I was happy to see Liberty's bedrrom too.
    You have a real taste for decoration.
    I am pleased to see some of Ruby's friends ( by the way, I've just sent you an e-mail).Miss Clavel and Madeleine seem to be the kind of ladies with whom she'd be pleased to have a tea party.
    This is just the sort of post I love.

  4. Tres tres belle! Inspirational as always.

  5. Das Thema Frankreich hast Du wunderschön umgesetzt. Die Sachen sind wirklich bezaubernd geworden.....und die 1:1 Bilder gefallen mir auch sehr gut. Diese Sachen sehen immer so frisch aus!

    Liebe Grüße

    PuNo / Monika

  6. Your dream will come true , Merce but in the meantime, these pictures are such a treat. It's like taking a cruise down at River Seine and looking at all the sights!

    I love that box with the Effel Tower (what isn't? lol) It's the one next to your painting (which I love too).

  7. I love your Miss Clavel and Madeleine. I love what you photograph to speak about France.

  8. Wow, that first photo is a miniature?! I totally thought it was a real garden! Love all your pictures, they are very evocative of France.

    - Grace

  9. Lovely pictures with french things, seems that you live very close to us ;) Dreams sometimes come true..Hope to meet you in Europe (although for me it would be a dream to travel to new Zealand too...LOL)

  10. Hi Mercedes, hold onto that dream of visiting France - it came true for me eventually, after a childhood of only ever travelling to the UK to see family, and never anywhere else.

    all your French themed things are lovely - you will get there one day.

  11. Oh, how I love french things... Love your little garden-- and I love your 1:1 house too!

  12. Me again...I just wanted to say i love the damask you've chosen for your background!

  13. I am soooo late with my comment this time....the days just seem to slide by so fast!
    I love ALL your French things, big & certainly have a bit of France already in your home, it all looks sooooo lovely!

    Regards, Linda xxx

  14. Both of the pictures are so beautiful: the 1:1 size and 1:12 size too. :)

  15. Beautiful pictures and real and mini items from France Mercedes.

  16. J'espère que ton rêve se réalisera ! Mais moi qui suis Française , c'est ton pays que j'aimerai visiter !!!
    J'aime beaucoup tes objets "rétro" . Toujours un plaisir de visiter ton blog .

  17. Oh, I love seeing snippets of your 1:1 house, it always looks exactly as I'd imagined - beautiful and refined and perfect! I have some old postcard-ads like your maizena one, they're so fun! And as always, I love seeing your dollhouse garden!

  18. What a beautiful blog! I'm following from now on. ;)


  19. you have such wonderful photos and French items, both miniature and real-life! :)

    by the way, I have sent you an email a while back. Do get back to me about it alright! :)

  20. Hi Mercedes, thank you for visiting my blog and encouraging me regarding dolls houses. Seeing your own dolls houses (and Linda's Une Petite Folie) is what made me realise I had to get myself one. I love your blog and all your beautiful details. I also appreciate the way you share many of your ideas - like the darling little quilt and those to-die-for little pitcher jugs. Best wishes, Carol :)

  21. I love the little painting!
    You should make miniature paintings if you don't want to do them big!
    Your miniatures are getting better every day!!
    And you have such good taste :)))

  22. What a nice post !
    big hug from France (Versailles area) !

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