Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just having some fun!

I made these little dolls while I was away on holiday. They're smaller than the last lot, about 2.5 - 3cm tall.

I was inspired to pose them on the stage (which is in an old book I have) for the new blog header by Patricia at Papillon Bleu UK. Patricia has been making the sweetest little theatres. She also makes the most beautiful dolls and tells wonderful stories. Her world is an absolute delight to visit!


  1. Love the new header Mercedes, it looks fabulous...I'm sure it's alot of work, but well worth the effort!!
    The little dolls are great,they are beautiful, so cute!

    Linda x

  2. How funny I was writing about you and came here to get your blog address! same day!I haven't finished to write my post so far because Mister needs the computer...
    I love the new header Mercedes!
    Thank you for writing about me!what a surprise!

  3. I love your little dolly's,the picture with them all together looks wonderfull.
    I also love your platerack.
    The wallpaper behind it with the roses is also lovey.
    Nice combination of colors.

  4. I love the little dols, the´re so cute all of them. They lookes so nice standig together.
    I would love if you could show some tutorial, how to do them...

  5. Your dolls are so cute! So many too!
    I love their dresses. Did you say they are only 3cm tall? I had to get my ruler and check that out! WOW!
    So tiny and SO perfect! You amaze me!

  6. The dolls are so so pretty. They seems very difficult to made. Anyway they are so cute. I smiled the first time that I saw them. And picture is also very beautiful holding hands in the little theater.

  7. Brilliant new header Mercedes and all those little Dolls you've made. Has anything from the dark side emerged yet? LOL..

  8. a gorgeous header Mercedes and I just adore the dolls, they are so original and dainty! Kate xx

  9. Your dolls are so sweet and wonderful Mercedes and they look fabulous in the new header by the super talented Papillon Bleu!!

  10. I love the new header and you are right, Papillon Blue makes the most amazing dolls.I love her blog. Your dolls are as sweet as candies and they are a great sight all together like happy little sisters.Seemingly the girls had fun Hugs Rosanna

  11. Very cute girls ! They are perfect on the stage of your theater. It makes a very nice photo. I too love the blog of papillon bleu.

  12. Oh!! how fun! they seem so small dancers .... Applause! ah ah!!
    I would love to have one! you can put a tutor?
    thanks, Caterina

  13. Hi Mercedes, what a lovely and cute dolls!!!
    They are all so nice!! Good work.

  14. Lovely and fun header Mercedes. It reflects your style very much:)

  15. The are so cute - I didn´t realize
    that they were so small - and
    the new header is perfect for your
    Eva J

  16. It's adorable!like a mini doll' chorus line coming alive at night and having fun together! Love it!

  17. Lovely Dolls!!!
    Congratulations Mercedes,they are so cute!!


  18. they look so cute!!

    Hugs from Madrid.


  19. Those tiny dolls are so delightful - they must have been fiddly to make at that tiny size. I love the new header and agree that Patricia is great inspiration.
    Best wishes

  20. Your header is so gorgeous,,so perfect for your blog.. Love your sweet dolls, they are adorable.. and the stage is really pretty...


  21. His(its) personages they are a marvel,
    And the perfect scene(stage)
    I like much the scene

    su personages son una maravilla,
    y el escenario perfecto
    me gusta mucho la escena

  22. Ooh, I love the new header Mercedes! Very very cute! I'm glad you're back form your holiday because I've missed you :-D Please blow some of your warm weather our way on that wind of yours!

  23. Thise little dolls are so charming Mecedes!

  24. I just want to tell you how much I LOVE your blog. I have gone through your archives and been amazed. You inspired me to try to weave a miniature hanging basket for my dolls-house-in-construction. It turned out beautifully (and is featured in my own blog today!). Thank you so much.

    May I ask, where do you get your twine/string for your own baskets?

    It is such a coincidence, I was in touch with Jo Cavanagh (UK) who suggested I out check your blog...BUT I had already found and was following you (and Linda, Une Petite Folie).

    Your artistic eye is amazing Mercedes and your willingness to share your secrets so much appreciated.

    Best wishes from Ireland, Carol :)

  25. Deine Miniaturen sind wirklich wunderschön. Sie gefallen mir sehr gut.

    Liebe Grüße an Dich von der anderen Seite der Weltkugel

    PuNo / Monika

  26. Very beautiful Mercedes your dolls. Bye

  27. So many little dolls, I love them! The header is beautiful!


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