Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miniature Goodies!

The poor postie must wonder what's going on around here these days. I'm sure he thought he might get a little rest in January! But he's still working hard bringing packages to our door!
This little wooden ballerina doll was a made by Sabiha, her little arms and legs even move!!!

This spectacular 1:12 cardigan and little doll were knitted by Frederica.

Slightly bigger than 1:12 but VERY cute is this T-shirt from Katie.

Liberty was thrilled to hear we had won a giveaway from Hanna.

This fantastic fox toy was our wonderful prize.

Hanna also sent us these other gorgeous goodies. Everything is of course stunning! I was so happy to see that crocheted blanket. I used to crochet when I was a kid and I tried some mini crochet when I was on holiday but it didn't quite work, I'll have to have another go soon.
How cute is that Russian doll cushion for Liberty?!
Thank you all for making this a very exciting month!



  1. Wonderful gifts, specially the little dolls!!
    Love Sylvia

  2. What lovely gifts Mercedes, it looks as though it is christmas all year round at your house...they are all beautiful!!


    Linda x

  3. what wonderful gifts ! They are beautiful, I love the dolls and the fox toy.

  4. How adorable! This blog is amazing inspiration for my 18" dolls :)

  5. What wonderful gifts!!!!!!!They are beautiful!!!.besitos ascension

  6. O wow, the crochet blanket is really not easy to make cos my mum tried to make me one 1:12 one. Very tough . That's why Frederica's knit is very impressive! All are mega cute , Merce! You must be dancing happy dances all the time :).

  7. My goodness - how lovely are all these goodies. I love that tiny cardi and I also love Liberty's little fox. So cute. Lucky you!!

  8. Oh, that fox is adorable! It is such fun to receive parcels in the mail, even if you know what they are!

  9. So glad you got the t-shirt....As soon as I saw it, I knew you had to have it! It is a little big, but thought it be cute for a mini Man, hehehe.....Love all your other gifts! That fox is just amazing! Tell everyone I said Hello!!!


  10. And there is more to come!!!!!
    Lucky girls!
    Nice to see Liberty's sweet smile.

  11. That little wooden ballerina is a treasure - I have a weakness for wooden jointed dolls and have made some myself.
    all the other goodies are lovely too. I don't think your postie will break his back bringing your mail when everything is so small!

  12. Wonderful goodies! I still hope we can swap one day! I've been so away from my blog, I'm just now getting back into it! Life intervenes.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  13. That gifts mas nice, they made to her friends, I like all.

    que regalos mas bonitos, le hicieron sus amigos, me gustan todos.


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