Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcakey goodness in the mail!

I had a wonderful surprise when I opened our mailbox the other day. A little 'package of goodness' from Saucy.
Saucy has a blog full of fun called 'Saucy's Sprinkles', she showed some of these pretty cards on her blog and said they were available at 'Michaels'. The artwork on the cards is by Jenny and Aaron (I LOVE their work). As there is no Michaels here in NZ Saucy sent this package full of GORGEOUS surprises to me!!
We'd both given up all hope of them arriving as the package took almost 3 months to get here from Canada! (Sound familiar Debra?)
I have big plans for using some of these little pretties in the 'cupcake corner' of my kitchen.

Thank you Saucy, you made our day!
Liberty has been drawing cupcakes ever since your package arrived, this is my favourite one. There is a little beret on the left and that's a bicycle going up the side of the frosting because she saw the 'tour de France' on the news last week and of course the Eiffel tower.

Now I have to make a few dozen real cupcakes...there's a Carnival party happening here in the weekend!

Ah, yes, the world needs more cupcakes!



  1. Beautiful goodies but the best one is Liberty's! Have fun, Rosanna

  2. They are beautiful! cupcakes are magical :)

  3. I agree with Rosanna!! I love Liberty's Eiffel tower cupcake!! Great find on the stationary! Can't wait to see what you do with them:)

  4. I love them. Everything is so pretty. What a wonderful thing to receive in the mail. I bet it brightened up your day!

    Liberty's drawing is WONDERFUL just fantastic! I LOVE IT! What a great imagination she has!!!

    We have several Michael's stores here in town. Let me know if I can ever send you something from there. I would be very happy to do that.

  5. what sweet treats! love the tray, too. and liberty's paris cupcake is adorable.


  6. Mercedes, I have a bunch of those fun cupcake prints. They sold out at our Michael's right away. I got some and I haven't seen any there since. What a wonderful surprise for you. Liberty's cupcake is awesome. I still hope my missing package will show up. Will be sending this new one in a couple days. Hugs~ Kim

  7. They are all so beautiful!
    I love the tray and Liberty's cupcake is really cute♥

  8. Sooooooo pretty! Happy birthday Liberty :):). Have a great carnival, sweetie! Muah! Kiss from Auntie Sans!

  9. How sweet of Saucy-- I love her blog so much. It's one of the first blogs I ever discovered, and I've been reading faithfully ever since! She's amazing!
    Love the cupcake fun-- I'm hoarding my stash that I found at Michaels. Kim's right, they sold out pretty fast. I bought a "Stay Calm and Have a Cupcake" print direct from Jenny & Aaron, and because they were so busy and running late, they sent me a free signed cupcake print to frame-- so sweet! I'm still looking for just the right frame, and then I'm hanging it on the wall in my kitchen.
    Oh! I loooove Liberty's fabulous drawing-- you have quite the artist there!

  10. Beautiful cards! But I think that Liberty's cupcake is by far the best! I love it!

  11. I have those same cupcake cards! I can't wait to see what you do with yours. Mine are waiting in a drawer!
    Love your blog and all your gorgeous minis! ;)

  12. You have a real artist at home!!!! Liberty drawings keep amazing me. What a lucky pair you too who finally received these beautiful goodies. I've been obsessed lately with cupcakes LOL I dream with them and as soon as I finish my summer diet I will experiment on cooking my first batch!!! LOL
    C xxx

  13. Beautiful cupcakes Mercedes... but the one done by Liberty is my choice!!!
    You have an artist at home!!
    Warm regards,


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