Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Years Old Today!

Six years old and more gorgeous every day!

We had a Carnival Party at home with 10 of her friends.
The idea to have a Carnival came from Christine at 'This and That Creations'.

Liberty was very helpful when it came to decorating the cupcakes. The coloured marshmallows and candles were sent to us all the way from Holland by Sabiha!

I had my hubby help me make some vintage style carnival games.

The children all made paper bag puppets.
I didn't get a picture of them!
There's one of the party bags (in the background) that they were able to put all their prizes in.

I personalised little notepads for all the party guests.

We made these cookies for Liberty to take to school for her class.

The cake was very hastily iced this morning but Liberty loved it!
I can't believe she's six already!
(one extremely tired mother!)


  1. Happy Birthday to Liberty! Six year olds are just gorgeous aren't they (so is mine). I sympthasise with tired-birthday-party-Mum but it is lovely to give your girl a lovely day. It all looks just lovely, Mercedes! I bet she loved it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Liberty <3

  3. It looks wonderful, again a great job!
    Get a good night sleep!!

    Love Sylvia

  4. Happy Birthday Liberty!What a lovely party Mercedes,miniregards,Sonia.

  5. Liberty is so pretty and looks very happy too! Happy Birthday sweetie!

  6. Happy Birthday Liberty!!

    Your party was so beautifull!!


  7. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful party! I am sure Liberty and her friends had a wonderful time!

  8. Mercedes the party table looked lovely. I bet all the little Girls loved it.
    Wishing Liberty a very Happy 6th Birthday xxxx, looks like she's had a wonderful day. Time for Mum to have a glass of wine me thinks..LOL xxx

  9. Happy birthday Liberty!!
    Arnau turned out seven on July 14th and he also had a great party with his friends.
    Six years is a wonderufl age!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Liberty, dont you look gorgeous and your Mummy has made such wonderful pretty treats for you, all those cupcakes yum!! Hope you had a super day, Hugs, Kate xx

  11. Happy birthday Liberty! The party and cake look wonderful Mercedes. All these days in our children's lives are so special and to be treasured!

  12. Merce, I love the cake!!!! Was it really hastily done? No way, girl! Liberty looks a lot like you :). Just as gorgeous !Mummmy will have to worry about boys soon :)

    Rosanna will be here tomorrow :). Will tell her to say hi to you if she's not jet lagged :)

  13. Happy Birthday Liberty! The cakes and treats look wonderful. I know she must have loved it!

  14. Happy Birthday Liberty!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Liberty! What a FUN party you had and I love your birthday outfit!!

  16. Yay! Happy Birthday Liberty! You are a lovely young girl with a mother who loves you dearly! Your party is amazing! what a beautiful set up for a darling girl!

    Happy birthday to you!

    love shell and Lou Lou

  17. Yay! Happy Birthday Liberty! You are a lovely young girl with a mother who loves you dearly! Your party is amazing! what a beautiful set up for a darling girl!

    Happy birthday to you!

    love shell and Lou Lou :)

  18. Happy Birthday Liberty!!!! The table and the decoration for the birthday party is lovely!!!
    I hope you had a great day and wish you all the best!!!
    Also a lot of gitf for being such a lovely girl!!
    Warm regards,

  19. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Liberty!!!!

  20. Everything looks beautiful and yummy!!

  21. Happy Birthday to your sweet Liberty!

    What a beautiful party you prepared for your girl! I'm sure she and her friends had a ball!


  22. The party looks wonderful. Lucky Liberty!

  23. Happy birthday Liberty. You are so much cuter than a cupcake. Hugs from Norway:)

  24. Happy Birthday Liberty. Your cakes look wonderful. Hope you had a good day

  25. Happy Birthday to Liberty and to you too Mercedes - I always think the mom is overlooked at birthdays and without you......well......Carol :)

  26. Happy Birthday Liberty! Your party looks gorgeous.

  27. Joyeux anniversaire Liberty ! les couleurs des gâteaux sont très belles .

  28. Congratulations (Liberty and proud mum)!


  29. Happyay sweet little angel!!!!!!!!!! Just popped in to tell Liberty that my last dolly absolutly adores the candy floss that Liberty had made for her and what do I see? ABirthday Party!!!! Wheepee!!!!!!!
    Lots of love from ALL the dolls of the house!

  30. Happy birthday little ( but not too much...) Liberty!!!!!!
    I'm sure it was a great party and you are really lacky to have a mum like this!!!!

  31. She sure looks happy with her birthday cake and all of her little treats and things at her party. What a pretty girl she is. What a great job you did with her party Mommy....I'm sure she'll always remember it.

  32. Happy Birthday Liberty. What a awesome job Mercedes. Everything looked so perfect. You are a great mom. Hugs~ Kim

  33. Happy birthday young lady! I bet you had a wonderful time and everyone ate too much of the party food. Your cupcakes look scrumptious.

  34. I love the age of 6! They are still sweet & innocent and the party turned out ADORABLE! Thanks for the mention girl! Happy Bday Ms. Liberty! Stay sweet!

  35. Happy Birthday Liberty! What a great birthday party! I love the cupcakes and the birthday cake, lovely colours.

  36. Dear Mercedes, I have only one daughter (for now) who has just turned 19 months ... Seeing your photos, I understand how a mother can do to make memorable the easier moments. Thank you for this: sometimes, lost behind the mundane commitments, I am afraid of forgetting what really matters: love and commitment for my family!
    Liberty is the mirror of happiness (I see that she was no longer separated from the skirt that you brought from Paris!) and the party that you have organized is wonderful :-)
    Greetings from Italy, from me and Elisa

  37. Happy 6th Birthday from Spain, Liberty!!
    Your party looks very fun with all those delicious cupcakes, cake and treats...
    You are a pretty girl with a great mum!!!

  38. Happy Birthday Liberty, very nice party congratulations. Huggs

  39. Bueno no soy buen poeta pero encontré esto y me acorde te Libertad

    Para tu cumpleaños...
    Deseo que recibas
    estos regalos especiales.
    Felicidad, en lo profundo de tu ser.
    Serenidad, con cada amanecer.
    Exito, en cada respecto.
    Sinceridad, de amigos que te quieran.
    Amor, que sea eterno.
    Recuerdos entrañables, de momentos del ayer.
    Un presente esplendoroso repleto de bendiciones.
    Un sendero, que conduzca a un hermoso mañana.
    Anhelos, que se conviertan en realidad.
    Y reconocimientos, de todas las cosas maravillosas
    que hay en ti.
    ¡Que tengas un cumpleaños muy feliz!

    Good I am not a good poet but I found this and identical me Liberate you

    For your birthday...
    I wish that you receive
    These special gifts.
    Happiness, in the deep of your being.
    Serenity, with every dawn.
    Success, in every respect.
    Sincerity, of friends who want you.
    Love, which is eternal.
    Intimate recollections, of moments of the yesterday.
    A resplendent replete present of benedictions.
    A path, which leads the beautiful one tomorrow.
    Longings, which are converted actually.
    And recognitions, of all the wonderful things
    That exists in you.
    That you have a very happy birthday!

  40. Happy Birthday to Liberty!

  41. Happy birthday , Liberty!.Your party was sweety. Congratulation´s for your ten. Unicornio.

  42. Happy birthday to Liberty!!! A very very sweet and lovely girl!

  43. Oh, Mercedes you are so fortunate to have such a lovely, lively six-year old daughter!!!!

    The party looked like a blast.

    Give Liberty my best birthday wishes and an invitation to visit Chicago when she is ready to see the world.


  44. Every little girl's dream buffet and party....and mine too!!!
    Happy birthday Liberty:)

  45. Happy Birthday Liberty. How wonderful to be six years old. I love the party food. :-)

  46. Oh dear, I missed this :(

    Belated happy birthday and hugs and kisses to Liberty, the cutest pink princess on the planet!! xx

  47. Happy 6th Birthday Liberty!

    Looks like an incredible party!
    I hope you enjoyed it. :)

  48. Muchas felicidades Liberty!!!!
    Mercedes, se ve todo precioso, un gran trabajo. Besos a las dos.

  49. happiest belated birthday to sweet liberty! it looks like a wonderful and festive day!



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