Friday, July 9, 2010

Monsieur Nylon à la Petite Maison

Mr Nylon arrived at the Petite Maison a little weary after his long journey but he thought a spot of tennis might be just the thing to invigorate him. He was happily greeted by 'Buttons' the Maison dog.

Mr Nylon wasn't too sure of how welcome he would be at the Petite Maison so he thought he'd bring their mail to the front door.

Upon finding the door unlocked he went in and found himself in the most beautiful entrance hall. He noticed the quality of the craftsmanship of the perfectly handpainted floor tiles immediately.
He was feeling rather hungry after his long journey and not knowing much about what goes on in a kitchen he suddenly realised he should have perhaps brought the wife with him.

However, upon entering the kitchen he was more than pleasantly surprised to find a feast all laid out on the table waiting for him.
He admired the exquisite Spode dinnerset in the dresser in the stunning kitchen...'perhaps it's just as well I didn't bring Silky with me after all...she would have had great kitchen envy after seeing this room' he thought.

He then took a cup of tea to the 'salon', the grandest room he has ever seen!
Every carefully placed object seems to have been chosen by someone with the most exquisite taste.

Feeling a little tired he took his copy of 'Le Monde' and retired to the bedroom.
'Ooh, la, la! I really should have brought the wife', he thought as he sank into the luxurious brass and iron bed - Mrs Nylon has long wanted a bed just like that.

Mr Nylon found a perfect dressing room next to the master bedroom with a floor rug that looked vaguely familiar to him. 'Hmmm, if I got rid of a couple of kids I could have a room like this in my own house', he thought.

Upon exploring further into the upper reaches of the house he found the cosiest little attic room where he was offered a glass of the finest port.
'Ahhhh, yes', he thought, 'this is the life, those French people really know how to live! Even the attic oozes charm and style!'

It was with a heavy heart that Mr Nylon left the Petite Maison.
He truly appreciated being made so welcome, it was a holiday he will never forget and he promises he will take his wife next time!

Back home again with his wonderful memories Mr Nylon regales his children with tales of his adventures in the Petite Maison.
Mrs Nylon just can't seem to find the time to sit down and listen to him.

'Hmmm, that rug on the floor looks vaguely familiar'...

A HUGE THANK YOU to dear Linda, I think we both had just as much fun as Mr Nylon did at the
Petite Maison.


  1. Mercedes!!! LMAO....Mr. Nylon looks so smug with that tennis racket on his lap in front of the house! What a delightful story and visit he had!! Great pictures of his trip! That house of Linda's is a stunner!!!

    p.s. Don't miss out on my giveaway!!

  2. Wonderful to see the adventures of Mr. Nylon.
    He had a great time and also the two silly girls who played with the dollshouse/mr. Nylon.

    X Sylvia

  3. I just love Mr Nylon :) and how his pants run way up above his waist :). He is a little like the Mr. Bean of blogland, less goofy and better looking, lol. I love the story, Mercedes :).

  4. Your pictures are wonderful as of course is the Petite Maison, but your story is just so clever and funny. It has made me smile on a wet miserable very early morning in Scotland! Jackie

  5. Oh my gosh, that was so fun!! I've actually wondered what it would be like for my Meg to visit another blogger's house-- I'm so glad that Mr.Nylon had the opportunity to share his visit with us! I loved it!!

  6. I bet you both had lots of giggles as you photographed this one over a glass of bubbly! Fancy Mr Nylon not taking his wife, wonder where she is by the way?

  7. Mercedes, how funny. I truly enjoied Mr Nylon's report. I'm sure that the three of you had lots of fun together!Hugs Rosanna

  8. What an amazing journey Mr Nylon has had, thanks for being his travel reporter. Clearly out of his comfort zone in the kitchen ;)

  9. That is hilarious! But naughty Mr Nylon didn't take his shoes off when he lay on the bed!!! I bet Silky would have reminded him if she had been there! Thanks for the lovely tour, Mercedes - what a house!!!!!!! Never mind kitchen envy - I have dollhouse envy at the moment.

  10. So lovely to read abouth Mr Nylon. ( I also think his name is perfect!)
    What a adventure for him!
    I beleive that you and Linda had a great time and a lot of fun.

  11. LOL.. I've enjoyed reading about Mr Nylon's adventures, Mercedes. So will you be building your own Petite Mansion? xxxx

  12. Oh..what a wonderful experience for mr Nylon!!!
    But what a pitty he did not bring his wife....she would have loved to visit a house like that!
    Chanel is a little bit envious, she loves Paris but dream of visiting other countries. She likes mr. Nylon, he is not as handsome as Philippe, but kind of cut she thinks... she wouldn't mind at all, to travel with him on his next adventure!!!

  13. I like the story of Mr. Nylon. He was very lucky to visit such a beautiful house. I´m sure he is still impressed ;-)

  14. What a great blog, I enjoyed reading it as always. regards marlene x

  15. Very nice pictures! You had a lovely time there!

    By the way, congrats for your article at "Miniaturas" magazine. Its so so nice!!!

    Many hugs from Madrid.


  16. Oh you make me laugh!
    Yes, I too noticed that Mr Nylon didn't remove his shoes on my beautiful quilt....that's men for you!!!
    We did have a lovely day and I'm thrilled you came to was such much fun!
    I have been working very hard on the real house at the moment and finding no time for miniatures, but I always make time for!

  17. "such much fun".....???
    Now I make me laugh, too much painting and way to tired to write properly!!!

  18. Mercedes, lovely story and pictures of the Petite Maison!!!
    Mr. Nylon seems to had a great time in this lovely house!!!
    I also like when he arrives back home with the photos to show to his family!!!
    Warm regards,

  19. Lol Mercedes I love your sense of humor. Looks like he had a terrific time. I wouldn't mind a stay there myself;)

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Nylon's visit to the Petite Maison. Both because I love your funny writing and for the chance of seeing all the wonderful rooms in the house one more time! Looks like the two of you had great fun, thank you both very much for sharing the fun with us!

  21. Mercedes you are a great story teller! I wouldn't mind being with Mr Nylon on that trip. Linda has a gorgeous mini house. Thanks for the personal tour. Hmm... those rugs look similar!

  22. How wonderful to take Mr. Nylon along to visit la Petite Maison! I'm glad you took some photos for him to have as a memory of his visit!


  23. Das ist eine wirklich netter Reisebericht. Hat Spaß gemacht es zu lesen und die Bilder anzuschauen.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  24. What a lucky little man, this Mr. Nylon! It was lying in bed one of the most desirable of the blog!
    Thanks, Mercedes, for the splendid reportage: However, the latest photos are those that prefer :-)
    Mini reguards, Flora

  25. Oh Mercedes you have no idea how jealous I feel of Mr. Nylon right now Lol......I have always wanted to make myself small so I could walk thru and truly enjoy Linda's wonderful miniature Petite Maison.
    Glad you and Mr. Nylon got to have such a lovely visit. Hugs my friend~ Kim

  26. Too funny...he looked right at home there :-)

  27. What a wonderful post. Your pictures are great! I have been following the building and decoration of la Petite Maison on Linda's blog for a long time now and I would love to be in Mr. Nylon's shoes (the ones he didn't remove) and tour that beautiful house. What fun you and Linda must have had. I can't wait to see what happens on the next visit.

  28. Thoroughly enjoyed your story - Mr N fits into the Petite Maison perfectly!

  29. So funny! My he looked just a tad out of place there, no? lol ;)

  30. Excellent! I am so envious of those who have such creative writing schemes in addition to such creative mini skills!! Well done!

  31. He clearly owns the place!!very fun moment, and always a pleasure to see Linda's house:)

  32. la casa es genial, tengo que ver las fotografías mas despacio, porque aun estoy con la boca abierta, me gusta tanto....
    un abrazo

    the house is great, I have to see the pictures more slowly, because I'm still with my mouth open, I like both ....
    a hug

  33. Smiling here .... I love your story ,the adventures of Mr. Nylon.
    I say next time that silky should go exploring and Mr. Nylon can stay home and try to handle the children and the house.LOL

  34. Mr Nylon sounds like he had a wonderful time :)

  35. Congratulations for your work, I love everything you do and I especially love your little shabby house. I also want to congratulate you for your new publication in the magazine "Miniaturas" that is published in Spain. I saw it yesterday and I bought it, because
    your shabby little house was there.

  36. You are a fantastic storry teller, Mercedes...I did enjoy it very much!


  37. Mercedes,

    That is soooo funny!!!

    I am so glad you and Mr. Nylon enjoyed your visit. It looks like Buttons was happy to meet you both.

  38. What a fun trip!!! But I have to say, my favorite pic is the last 2 of Mr. Nylon with his kids, sharing his pictures!! Now that's cool when you can create a 'feeling' from your minis:)

  39. What a wonderful tour of La Petite Maison! Mr Nylon is a great guide :) I really enjoyed this photo essay -- I think Mr Nylon could visit many, many houses in miniature land!

  40. Mercedes, you are just too creative! I loved seeing Mr. Nylon exploring Linda's Petite Maison.

    What made me LOL though, was his saying perhaps if he could get rid of a few kids he could live in a house like the Petite Maison--who among us has not secretly thought we could have an apartment in Paris were it not for our beloved children(and in my case, college tuition).

  41. that is sooooo fun! lou lou and i are ooing and awwwing over all the tiny things! yum yum delightful.


  42. Hi Mercedes,
    i just found your blog, and i read your posts about monsieur Nylon story. I love it!! Sooo creative and you have good sense of humor! ;D
    wish i was there and have a great time with Mr. Nylon at Linda's petite maison!! :):)


  43. Mr. Nylon is so funny! Looks like he (and you) had a lovely visit.

  44. Muchas gracias. Todavia le queda mucho trabajo. Tengo que hacer todos los muebles. Solo de pensarlo tiemblo.
    Menuda visita a hecho Mr. Nylon.

  45. Wonderful travel for Mr Nylon, liked Le Petit Maisson. Best wishes

  46. What a wonderful story! What a very good idea to have taken Mr Nylon with you. The photos of Mr Nylon in Linda's house are just too good and perfect.


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