Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gorgeous Gifts!

Liberty wanted to show you some of the prettiest and sweetest things she got for her birthday.
This super sized cookie arrived in the mail all the way from the USA from Kim Saulter.

The very long dog and the world's cutest towel came from Sylvia in Holland.

The prettiest stationery came from Liberty's Dutch friend Ilayda.

And this adorable little vintage look puzzle came from Sabiha in Holland.

But imagine my surprise (and great joy!) to find gifts for me with Liberty's birthday presents!

Sabiha sent me these pretty things for my studio.
I LOVE those little cups!

And here are some gorgeous gifts from Sylvia. That beautiful notebook has a picture of her miniature atelier on the cover.

Sylvia made the sweet little birdhouse and the cushion (is there anything that woman can't do?! LOL!)
And she sent me that spectacular little trumpet made by 'Art of Mini'.

Thank you all for brightening our rainy days!


  1. You and Liberty have been blessed by the generosity of blogging friends. Happy Birthday to Liberty and I hope the both of you enjoy your treasures.


  2. Such pretty gifts! I love that first photo of Liberty peering over her glasses. She is just so precious!

  3. beautiful gifts received by you and Liberty!
    but I believe that most beautiful gift for a daughter is to have a mother who loves her so much!
    and the most beautiful gift for you, you have Liberty, with its tenderness, daily light up your sky!

  4. that photo of Liberty is so pretty , and I love her gorgeous gifts, and what a lucky girl you are to get such nice gifts from Sylvia and Sabiha , i am stunned , will come over very soon to see it in real life , love from Frederica

  5. Ooooooh! What wonderful gifts you have both received from friends around the world.

    Liberty is so very pretty!!!! I have never seen a picture of her that wasn't great. It has been fun watching her grow in your blog. I think she is going to be a real heart breaker one day. LOL

  6. What great gifts you have both received! I think that is the Biggest cookie I have ever seen!! I love the cupps too and they are so your style!!

  7. So glad it made it there so quick. Glad Liberty liked the cookie. It came from the organic grocery store where Hannah works. I saw it and had to get one to send. I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Big hugs~ Kim

  8. I love the cupcake from Kim!
    Enjoy the gifts

    Love Sylvia

  9. Tt's nice when friends show to know us deeply and do with sensitive thoughts towards us and our loved ones ...
    You are a lovely person who attracts affection and sympathy and Liberty is a child who shows an appreciation of the beautiful things :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  10. creo que esos regalos llegados de todo el mundo no los podrá olvidar nunca su hija.
    Me gusta la cara de felicidad que muestra.
    un gran abrazo para las dos.

    I believe that these gifts come from the whole world his(its) daughter will never be able to forget.
    I like the face of happiness that shows.
    A great embrace for the two.

  11. Wonderful gifts!

    Your blog is very beautiful! :)


  12. The gifts are beautiful and so special! Liberty is such a sweet and happy girl, I love the pictures of her.

  13. Enjoy the gifts and give Liberty a big hug from Ilayda!


  14. What wonderful gifts! You both must be so tickled. :)

    Is she in her school uniform? My girls wore much the same thing. Memories. :)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Liberty! I love her little kids wear those here in the US too! Glad you got a little something too!


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