Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr Nylon gets a gift!

Bri Nylon is a very happy chappy!
Look at the fabulous gift he received in the mail last week - a lawn mower!
Sent to him especially, all the way from America by Kim Saulter.

Bri thought he'd try out the new mower in the garden.
"Sacre Bleu!", he exclaims (he still thinks he's at the Petite Maison) as he almost runs over a skipping rope.
"Those %&$# kids, can't they put anything away...do I have to do EVERYTHING myself around here!"

Meanwhile Silky Nylon is admiring the latest renovations to her kitchen.

Newly painted rustic style kitchen cupboards, tiled splashback and butlers sink.
All specially handcrafted by the Nylon's personal decorater.
I know, there's still no oven!

While Mr Nylon is out of the house Mrs Nylon seizes the opportunity to enjoy a little late afternoon treat (beautifully made by Kim).

'Oh, yes, this is the life', she thinks as she enjoys a little peace and solitude, 'if it keeps him out of the house that mower might just be the best thing Bri has ever been given!'

Thank you Kim!



  1. Another wonderul post and story about the Nylons! LOL
    Kim's gifts are really special. That mower is fabulous! The latte looks delicious in that pretty cup.

  2. Your lucky girl, the gifts are wonderful!!
    XX Sylvia

  3. Great gifts, both the lawnmover and the latte look fabulous. And so does your garden, I love that brick wall!
    And of course the story! Mr Nylons "Sacre Bleu! was so funny, but don't tell Mr Nylon that I thought so, perhaps it will hurt his pride :-)

  4. I love the story. :D Can't wait to see the finished new and improved kitchen. =)

  5. Love the story, and the settings are fab! :)

  6. Enjoyed the story and the little garden setting. The moss on the walls looks so good too!

  7. Beautiful Gifts from a very lovely Lady.
    Bri looks right at home mowing the lawn and Silky's Kitchen looks wonderful..xxx

  8. I love the Nylons...wonderful story and wonderful gifts too!


  9. ¡Perfecto regalo para la mujer! Ahora tendra al marido fuera y el cesped impecable.
    Que maravilla la reforma de la cocina.
    Besos Clara

  10. Love what you are doing with the kitchen! Your garden is perfect too. Love the gifts from Kim!
    Did you make the sofa?! It is beautiful!

  11. Those Nylons are a lucky couple!

  12. I love the Nylons. They are perfect for your dollhouse. I think the top photo is one of my all time favorite dollhouse photos! Well done. I smile every time I look at it.

  13. How fun! That latte is gorgeous! Lucky Nylons to have such a good friend and also a great decorator!

  14. I really enjoyed your post. :) That little garden of the Nylon's is quite wonderful!
    And the kitchen is looking very nice.

  15. Oh...... I love when we get to visit the Nylon's. I was so hoping he would enjoy his new mower. I just love your pictures.
    Mercedes the kitchen is looking wonderful. Lovely work as always. Thanks so much for the fun. You make me smile. Hugs~ Kim

  16. Fabulous scene! I love Mr. Nylon's pants all pulled up above his waist while he mows the lawn. And lucky Mrs. Nylon with her perfect latte.

    Great gifts, perfectly integrated into your shabby house.


  17. Lovely story :)
    I'm sure Mr Nylon loves his new toy!
    And that latte looks yummy!

  18. It is so nice to see that all is well at the Nylon's and everyone seems content! I love your stories! They are so entertaining!! The kitchen is coming out so great!

  19. Mr. Nylon cracks me up! That is one cool lawn mower.

    The kitchen looks wonderful... what are you going to do for a stove?

  20. I just love Mr Nylon!!!! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH kisses kisses, hugs . Mrs Nylon should watch out for where the lawn mower can lead Bri. Very astray! Mwahhhhh, Bri :).

    Love all the gifts and that cappucino is just awesome!

  21. Wonderful gift and the new kitchen is perfect. Congratulations. Best wishes

  22. wooww the gifts are wonderful! you're so lucky mercedes! :)


  23. hahahahaha i love Mr Nylon i had no idea he was called Bri ...what a hoot!!! In fact i saw his twin on ebay a while back and exclaimed outloud "It's Mr nylon!!!!!" got that rolling eye look from my kids :P
    Fabulous blog i look often its a constant source of inspiration...thank you :)Linda

  24. wow - the story was so fascinating that i didnt think for a moment that it was my first visit to your blog, i just loved the miniatures and their stories

  25. Desde luego, que apañao es el señor Nylon!! Lo mismo sirve para un roto que para un descosido!! Todavia me acuerdo cuando arregló los muebles de la cocina, que lindos que le quedaron!! Un saludete!!

  26. I LOVE the Nylon Family Stories !!!
    They are so funny...
    All your works are so pretty and nicely done.


  27. Que ideal todo!! el jardin, el corta cesped, la renovacion de la cocina... todo me gusta mucho!!
    Tambien los regalos de Liberty, muchas felicidades a ella por su cumpleaños.

  28. Wonderful pictures and story. "sacre bleu" made me laugh ..;

  29. so fun to visit the miniature world!


  30. Hello!

    I love your blog! :<)

    I am now posting an inventory of my dollhouse studio and all of the miniatures if you would like to visit my blog.

    Wishing you a sunshine day.

    Barbara Diane


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