Monday, February 14, 2011

From Christmas decorations to Valentine decorations

Here's a craft we did to 'pretty up' the house for Valentine's Day.

I was at my local craft store the other day and they were selling off the last of their Christmas decorations for $1 a bag. Each bag had ten decorations in it. These little hearts came in pairs - that was even better value!
So I got 40 little hearts for just $2.
At Christmas time they would have cost me $6 a pair - and they're only plastic.
So that's $120 worth of decorations for just $2 - BARGAIN!

We set to work painting them.
The crafting starts early in the morning (every day) at our house, this was before breakfast!

Rather than try and paint dots on them I painted some paper and puched out the dots with my little vintage hole punch - which I found at the Op shop for 50cents last week!

A coat of 'Mod Podge' made them all lovely and shiny.
I was going to hang them on a branch but I could find one I liked, so we just strung them up as a garland.

Liberty presented me with this sweet little roombox this morning.
It was her Valentine's Day present to me!
She worked on it with her daddy in the garage. She found a wooden box and painted it white then got her dad to add a piece of wood for the porch, which she had him score floorboards on.
Liberty asked me if she could borrow some of my dollhouse stuff, lol!
This morning she said she needed to go outside to get some fresh air ( I wondered why!) and she came back in with this precious little gift of love!



  1. Thats very sweet of Liberty.
    I love how the ornaments turned out.
    Have a nice Valentines day.

  2. Great decorations! Have a great Valentines Day!
    -KIM :)

  3. Priceless moment! Who can say no to an art that was made from the heart.

    The heart shapred Christmas decors are great too.

    Thanks for sharing this. It relaxes me within the tiring office hours. ;-)

  4. How cute is that little Liberty of yours! =)

    The ornaments are so cute. What great finds you come across.

  5. Such a wonderful gift from Liberty,
    the new generation of miniaturist.

    And I love the " christmas" decorations

  6. That's so cute and very lovely. Good job Liberty with your Dad! For the decorations nice how the way you transform them... pretty funny... Enjoy your day, Doei, Claude

  7. What a sweetheart! She knew exactly what you would like.

  8. You have such a beautiful mother/daughter relationship. You're quite blessed! That little gift is a real treasure.

  9. That is so sweet of Liberty and she made a very beautiful roombox! I am proud of her!! :)

    The ornaments are really stunning, what a good idea of you!

    Hugs, Jollie

  10. lovely transformation with the decorations ♥ I never spot such great bargains :o(

  11. SOOOOO precious! i love the project and i LOVE Liberty's gift to you!

    that is exactly what my Lou Lou would do for me!


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