Monday, February 7, 2011

Some new things in the Country House...

Just look at this tiny 1:12 scale exquisitely embroidered cushion!
It is the work of Sandi Quance (from Canada).
Sandi asked Liberty and I what we would like to see on a cushion and we suggested a few animals.
Sandi outdid herself with not one but three perfect tiny cushions!

The beautiful wicker chair came from Wendy Brown (of England).
Wendy asked if we could do a swap and she made the most beautiful wicker items.

This beautiful wicker chest is another of Wendy's creations. It fits so perfectly in the corner of the girls' bedroom it looks like it was made to go there!
The baskets all come out and are fully lined with gingham fabric.

Wendy made the blue chair and cot in half scale especially for Liberty and the tiny pink chair in quarter scale for me. 

That little pink chair is only an inch high and just perfect!
Here's another one of Sandi's spectacular cushions in the country lounge.

This little bambi cushion is my favourite.

I've long wanted this bunny cushion for my real house.

It looks just perfect in the country kitchen.

The cushions are petit point embroidery - Sandi tells me she used 61 count silk gauze and silk threads - and the pictures really don't do them justice, each one is a masterpiece!

Thank you Wendy and Sandi (neither of whom have a blog!).



  1. These new additions are absolutely gorgeous, and made SO perfectly! How exciting to receive such special pieces.

  2. You have had so lovely swaps. Lucky you! Cushions are just amazing. Love both of chairs too.

  3. Mercedes, it's al so wonderful, they are all amazing!!!
    The tiny chair is so cute and the pillows:BEAUTIFUL!!
    Lucky girl!

  4. Without reading at your text, I thought they were life size pieces ;-) Every piece is no doubt exquisite and so girly.I love everything.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It's relaxing to look at especially after a tiring work day :-)

  5. The Country House is really filling up nicely with so many handmade gifts. It's a lovely piece of work.

  6. son unos cojines preciosos. y la casa ya ni hablo...

  7. You lucky girl!
    Stunnig gorgious cushions and other mini's.

  8. Such lovely new miniatures,makes the house look so cozy!Jeannette

  9. It´s a wonderful work!. It´s very real. Congratulation´s!.

  10. OMG; the cushions ARE incredible !!!
    The wicker things are beautiful but the cushions..... I am at loss of words ! Lucky girls!

  11. The cushions are stunning and I love the mini wicker furniture.

  12. Buenisismas las nuevas incorporaciones a la casa de campo!! El mimbre está precioso, y muy bien trabajado y los cojines una verdadera obra de Arte!! Buenisimo intercambio!!! Besos.

  13. Los cojines son una autentica obra de arte y preciosos, el mimbre espectacular¡¡¡ y tu casita es una autentica maravilla¡¡¡¡¡Los colores son muy dulces y hacen los ambientes muy acogedores.Enhorabuena¡¡¡¡

  14. Las piezas de mimbre son increibles, tan perfectas ! y han encontrado su lugar en tu casa. Los cojines estan muy bien imprimidos y quedan muy bonitos. Enhorabuena. Mariajo

  15. wow! Such lovely gifts! They all are perfect in your house! Those little chairs are just so cute!

  16. The wicker is stunning, especially the little chest of drawers. Those pillows, just WOW!

  17. For Both posts...I can only say WOW SO MANY WONDERFUL N|MINI ITEMS!


  18. Spectacular work by both ladies. Those cushions are simply lovely. How does she do it?

    And the wicker - my goodness! Perfect.


  19. una gran suerte¡¡ unas grandes amigas¡¡

  20. Incredible gifts and so small and fine in details my God!!! I need another pair of glasses to ee all these... and you found the perfect place for all them that's great! Enjoy them and bravo to the designer!!! Claude

  21. Mercedes, they are all amazing!
    The little chairs are so cute and the cushions.. I'm speechless! Beautiful♥

  22. It is all wonderful, but I love the wicher chest, it is so sweet and perfect!!!
    love from Lisbon

  23. Los muebles te quedan de maravilla en tu casa de campo y los cojines ¡Dios mio! son auténticas joyas en miniatura. Un saludo, Eva

  24. Everyone of your gift, a master masterpiece! WOW!!!

  25. AMAZING!!!!!!!! Love it all. Hugs~ Kim

  26. WOW! Lucky you! I love your cushions.

    Sandi is a incredibly talented stitcher. I have seen several pieces of her beautiful, beautiful work. I am so hoping that she will share them with us all by starting a blog.

    Wendy's wicker is gorgeous.

  27. Mercedes, I LOVE that little bedroom! You have it so packed with sweet details!! The wicker pieces are incredible! Love the cushions too!

  28. Que afortunada eres de poseerlas, son unas piezas preciosas y los cojines increibles.
    Enhorabuena y felicidades.

  29. Hi Mercedes. What lovely gifts!! It's a perfect room in your cottage, and the little cushions are just amazing.

  30. O......M......G.....!!!!!!!! These are amazing! Love, love, love all the wicker pieces. The pillows are stunning! Mrs. Nylon is very lucky to have a landlord with such talented and generous friends. =)

  31. que de jolies choses! Se promener sur votre blog est un délice.

  32. It's always a joy to discover what you've been up to!!
    This house looks so great!

  33. es todo maravilloso y queda tan bien en su casa, como hecho a la medida todo.
    un abrazo

    is all wonderful and looks great on your home, such as custom made everything.
    a hug

  34. Conozco ese trabajo, cuesta hacerlo pero merece la pena y en mi lugar me ocurre lo mismo con las fotos , al natural son infinitamente más bonitos.
    El resto de trabajos tambien me gustan mucho, tienes un gusto y arte especial, tanto con mimbre, madera etc.. lo que se tercie.
    Un abrazo

  35. I am praying that you and your family are doing fine after yet another earthquake!
    Living in So Cal makes me relate to you so well. I pray everyday that we don't get another big one here.

    God bless you...



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