Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Liberty's tea party in Miniature!!!

Today Liberty recieved the most fabulous gift in the mail from the super talented Kim Saulter.
Kim was so inspired by Liberty's summer tea party that she recreated it in 1:12 scale!!

So, so, so beautiful!
You may have heard our squeals of delight on the other side of the world.

Butterfly cakes on a cake stand that looks just like our real one!


Cream filled pastries!

Kim even made the Eiffel Tower cookies!!!


Jelly and cream in tea cups!

This is something Liberty wants at her next tea party!

Just so you can see how tiny everything is!

Kim knows that little girls like to play with their minis so she's left it up to Liberty to arrange everything.
I can assure you those tables will be rearranged every day!
(Liberty had her first ballet lesson today which is why she is wearing a leotard - she won't take it off!)

Absolute perfection from one of the sweetest miniaturists!

And we haven't showed you what Kim sent us for Christmas yet...let's just say we're working on a very sweet,  special little project!

Thank you Kim!
Mercedes and Liberty


  1. Kims miniatures are simply mind blowing. Lucky Liberty!

  2. wow!!very very beautiful, I love it!

  3. Oh, that is just lovely - isn't she kind! It is all very, very beautiful!!

  4. Such a delight to see! I love the tea party miniature replica :)
    Kim has done a wonderful job, as usual!
    Mini hugs, Lucia

  5. So wonderful, she is amazing!!!!
    I love her work.

    Love Sylvia

  6. It is truly amazing, Liberty is the luckiest girl in the world!

  7. It is great and so perfect LIberty you are really lucky.... There is another project in progress hahahaha I like this mystery.. nice pictures thanks to share them with us. enjoy your day!Doei, Claude

  8. That is fantastic,i am a big fan of Kim's mini's too.
    That is so nice of her too send it to Liberty.
    Liberty...have fun with your ballet lessons.

  9. Such a fantastic gift! Liberty's face expresses just how happy she is with it, those gleaming eyes! Wonderful!

  10. Das ist ja ein wundervolles Geschenke für die kleine Lady und darauf ist Sie bestimmt auch sehr stolz.

    Das ist eine so hübsche Miniatur-Szene von Ihrer Teeparty... einfach nur Klasse.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  11. Lovely!This proves that dollshouse friends are the best!

  12. Liberty will be on the moon. And you too ;o) I love everything, may be the jelly cups are the award winning, lke the original ones. Have fun, Rosanna

  13. Wow...lucky you Libery ! I'm jealouse. You had an awsome party and
    now such perfect little miniatures.
    Have fun with them. :o) Sue

  14. Liberty is super lucky! She is lucky because she have you and there are always people around her who know how to make her happy.

    I think more mothers and daughters should see your blog and posts. Most children today are addicted with technology related games and devices. In effect, they miss the opportunity of playing with these simple yet fabulous pieces of artworks.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It's relaxing to see your pictures after a tiring work day.


  15. Wow, what a nice gift.
    I also liked the pictures from the real tea-party.
    So girly.

  16. Oh, what a wonderful gift for Liberty from Kim!


  17. So beautiful ! I love it !

    Mini hugs,


  18. menuda fiesta¡¡¡¡hermosa, es todo una delicia ,como tu niña¡¡¡felicidades

  19. The miniature tea party came out so wonderful and looks exactly like the sweets that Liberty served her guests!! What a wonderful gift! She will always have a reminder of her first tea party! Kim is extremely sweet and generous!!! A perfect person to have 5 children!!! I am looking forward to seeing what exciting project you are working on!

  20. I can't get over how tiny everything is! Kim has done a beautiful job. =)

  21. Can immagine how excited Liberty and you are!!! It is just incredible WOW!!!!! Can't wait to see the little project you are working on...????


  22. what a wonderful gift! It is as lovely as the real teaparty was!!!

  23. You have made my day. Thank you so much for this post. The pictures of Liberty;s sweet little face are priceless. I still can't believe you got it so quickly. But I'm so happy you did. Big hugs ~ Kim

  24. It's great!!! Its so beautiful!!!

    Liberty is a lucky girl!!

    Mini hugs!!

  25. A beautiful gift for a beautiful girl!!

  26. What a perfect and special gift!
    I love how each and every thing looks just like Liberty's REAL tea party! The look on her face is just precious!

  27. what a lovely gift..delightful..

  28. It's all so lovely I don't know where to begin!

  29. wow! I found your blog by chance. I love your work, your photos, your miniature works ... It's all so sweet. And your daughter is beautiful, very nice. Congratulations!!! I became a follower. Kisses and hugs from Spain

  30. It is amazing and I can see it will be really appreciated!

  31. So lovely furniture!so tiny and cute!!

  32. Como debe estar de feliz Libertad, es un hermoso regalo¡¡

  33. es todo perfecto, ya decía yo que el otro día escuche mucha algarabía que venia de lejos, lol.
    La cara de felicidad de Libertad seguro que seria digna de ver.
    un abrazo

    is perfect, and I said the other day I heard a lot of uproar that came from afar, lol.
    The happy face of Freedom sure would be worth seeing.
    a hug

  34. How kind. Work is beautiful and Liberty looks very happy. What a treasure for her. Kathy C in Illinois

  35. aw! what is sweeter than this entire post? and yes, i did hear you and liberty squeal! :)


  36. tu as une chance inouïe Liberty.
    Un souvenir en miniature des gâteaux savoureux que tu as partagés avec tes amies. Magnifiques ces minis gâteaux !

  37. ummmm...THAT IS NUTS! I can't believe how accurate and precious the tiny tea party is compared to the actual!

    Lovely just simply lovely!


  38. This is sooo cute!!
    I can see in her twinkling eyes that Liberty loves it! :)

    Hugs, Jollie


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