Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A bath for Liberty's house

I've been working on the bathroom in Liberty's dollhouse.
 It was the last room that really needed attention.
I don't really like doing bathrooms I have to say!
I had to really push myself to get this room of her house started.

Kim Saulter sent Liberty the gorgeous bath. It had brass legs and fittings but I painted them brushed chrome.
I had to find a quick way to make tiles (I like things to happen fast!). 
I found some scraps of pretty scrapbooking paper and used a Cuttlebug embosser to get a tile effect.
It annoys me that the tiles don't match up in the corner but that was all the paper I had.
It's by no means perfect but Liberty is happy with the result!

Well, she was happy until she went to rearrange everything in her dollhouse and discovered the shower is now fixed in place.
Ahhh, 9 year olds!
I have to tie my hands behind my back and bite my tongue and remind myself it is HER dollhouse NOT mine when she moves all the furniture around!
Kim sent her the little cupboard too.
And Sylvia has mailed her a toilet and hand basin but I think the customs officers must be playing with it!


  1. It is lovely! Liberty is very lucky to have this bathroom in her dollhouse:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  2. What a smart idea for the tiles! I love how it looks so far. I hope the customs officers are done playing soon.(funny mental image! :-) )

  3. That is just darling. I love it and I hope Liberty "gets" why the "plumbing" can't be moved- xo Diana

  4. What beautiful colors, I love this green shades. Beautiful bath, well done.

  5. Tee hee, custom officers playing...
    Must be the same who made my last parcel to US disappear into thin air !!!!
    Love how the bathroom turned out and clever idea for the tiles!!
    Have fun, Ro
    PS my first dollhouse is in my niece and nephews' room and they costantly play with it.
    Needless to say that the furniture is NO WAY in the same place of the beginning but this was the aim: let children have fun :o))))

  6. Gran trabajo, la grifería es fabuloso.
    Un abrazo.

  7. Gorgeous work so far! It looks so wonderfully shabby and realistic! I need this inspiration, because Cupcake Cottage is almost finished, except for a hallway and bathroom. I'll look forward to seeing more of your mini work. xo Jennifer

  8. For not enjoying decorating bathrooms you have done a splendid job. Love the wallpaper ;)
    What a wonderful dollhouse for Liberty. Have we seen other photos of it? I need to search your site.

  9. I really like the bathroom it has an olde worlde character, hope the missing items turn up then Liberty can have fun moving them around.

  10. I love the way your tiles have turned out. Amazing that they started life just as a piece of scrapbooking paper.

  11. I love the style of the bathroom, I would like to do sth similar :)

  12. libertys shower is so cute, I was shocked when I saw all the tubing. no wonder you glued it down. I hope liberty has tons of fun playing with her house.


  13. I absolutely love it, tile alignment 'problem' and all (gives it the Kiwi DIY look!). The swag on the bath is pretty. I hope the basin and loo turn up soon. Will we get a whole house tour shortly?

  14. Your little bathroom is totally charming Mercedes and how lovely of Kim to send the tub and fittings! You have made a beautiful job of the faux tiles! I love the effect and the way it ties in with the wall paper. The pickled wood floor is very pretty too! Have fun playing,Liberty!


  15. This is so gorgeous! Liberty is very lucky! I love it just the way it is,but if the misaligned tile bugs you too much,distract from it with a tiny multi-shelf unit glued into the corner-some quarter circles of thin wood or card,for example-and add shampoo,bubble bath,etc. Or you might be able to hang a vine-y potted plant that would block some of the wall join.Not to offend you,I hope,as it's perfect to me!! Kat

  16. lovely! gorgeous! and beautiful!


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