Thursday, August 1, 2013

Liberty's 9th Birthday - Alice in Wonderland Party

A couple of weeks ago Liberty turned 9!
This year she requested an 'Alice in Wonderland' party.
She asked me to make her an 'Alice' dress...I finished it at midnight the night before the party.

My helpful hubby built me a trestle table especially for the party!

I've done many parties for other people in the past year but Liberty had a lot of her own ideas for her party!
We made all the cookies and cupcakes.

The birthday cake with a candle in a little tea cup! 

She's a girl with refined taste - she asked for macarons! So I made mini macarons.
The party guests all got a china teacup to take home.

The take home cookies.

It was Liberty's idea to have the girls make a collage at the party.
Everyone had fun!

The results!
The teacup printies are from the Graphics Fairy.

We used Liberty's playhouse as a photo booth.
My wonderful friend Pauline was once again my star photographer.

The girls all had fun making themselves look extra tall!

'Throw the Sugar Cubes into Teacups' was a fun game!

They also played croquet.

There was lots of laughter!
Liberty had very definite ideas about how the invitation should look.
She asked me to make a pop-up card.
When I said I wasn't sure I could do that she replied, "But mum, you can do anything!"

As it turned out I discovered I could make a pop-up!
It was another great party and all the little ladies really enjoyed themsleves!
Liberty said it was better than she had even imagined!
As for me - I'm all partied out!


  1. THE MOST AMAZING BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!!!!! Mercedes will you come do a birthday party for me? You are SO talented my friend. Just amazing every bit.
    Liberty is 9 ? when did that happen? She made the perfect Alice. There aren't words to tell you how much I enjoy our friendship. I would give anything if you lived close to me. Oh the fun we would have. Big hugs and love always. Hug Liberty for me k. <3 <3 <3 ~ Kim

  2. Wow! What a great party! Congratulations and a big hug to Liberty - my youngest turned 18 July 31st

  3. Hi Mercedes

    Belated happy birthday to your beautiful Liberty! I was just browsing your previous post a while ago. In my mind, I was wishing that you will soon upload a new post. I guess my voice was heard and here it is! Your posts never fail to mesmerize me. I love the food, decorations and everything I see.

    Liberty is so blessed to have you.

    Have a great day and looking forward for your next post:)

  4. Awesome party!!!youre a genius of a mother , lucky girl , Liberty, beautiful photos , I love the photo of you and Liberty together. such nice photo's to look at,It was great seeing you this afternoon , lots of love from Frederica

  5. Happy birthday Liberty!
    This is a wonderful and original party. Congratulations Mercedes for the perfect organization.
    Bye, Faby

  6. This party was really a dream. You're so good at organizing parties. I wish I could have attended it.

  7. What a huge satisfaction by reading this post! Liberty is increasingly beautiful, congratulations for this blessing in your life.
    The party was wonderful, great delicacy and fun!
    The ideas of Liberty were incredible and as you already know you have a talented young artist at home.
    Again, congratulations on your beautiful family.

  8. That is just an adorable party. I LOVE all the special touches you did...from the cookies to the rolled fondant "table" cake. Amazing! Happy birthday to Liberty! xo Diana

  9. Hola Mercedes, hace mucho tiempo que no sabia de ti!!, que hermosa fiesta le has echo a tu hija, un saludo para ella.
    y ella tiene toda la razon, tu puedes hacer cualquier cosa, te felicito, hermosa fiesta con todos los detalles, un sueño para una niña.Un abrazo

  10. Happy Birthday to Liberty, You really know how to create a wonderful party setting Mercedes, who wouldn't have fun there.

  11. Happy Birthday Liberty! You are really amazing good team mother-daughter to build and organize parties!!! I wish I could join it! Where did you find the cutter for the tea pot cookies? enjoy your day (night sorry and best wish for this new candle on the cake Liberty! Doei,claude
    ps what is the idea for next year???? I am pretty sure for turning 10 it will be special...

  12. WOW ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>> What a perfect and special party...the lucky girl & friends too ! I loved the photos and each and every little detail. She will have these amazing memories for the rest of her life ! One very lucky girl .

  13. Happy birthday Liberty! Wow Mercedes.....BEST PARTY EVER!

  14. Happy Birthday Liberty, I cant belive you made that dress in one night and then all the party stuff on top of it..I'd be tramatize by all that work


  15. Mercedes,
    Parabéns pela linda família e a festa muito bonita. Muito grande ideia a sua.
    Abraço, Fernanda

  16. Happy Birthday to Liberty! I think your daughter will take after you, Mercedes. She already is very creative. Her dress is beautiful! That little playhouse has got to be every little girl's dream! I love all the lovely desserts you made and the cake is a piece of art! The children seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously. I think this is one birthday party they will always remember!

  17. I was so happy to see a new post. Thank you for sharing a peek into lovely Liberty's 9th birthday. I know you are probably exhausted from all that labor of love but I still hope we will be seeing some miniature creativity blogs soon. Cherish these young years as the time truly flies by. Happy birthday wishes to Miss Liberty.

  18. Miss Liberty is soooo right! You can do anything! I've missed you! It is so good to see you both. I can't believe she's nine already!! My how time flies!! And what an amazing birthday party.. You always amaze me with what you do!! Tell her we said hello!!
    Big hugs!!

  19. What a lovely wonderful party. I have never seen anything quite like it and I am 60. You really outdid yourself. Thank you for sharing Liberty's birthday with us. God Bless. Kathy C in Illinois, USA

  20. WOW! What a Party! Liberty gets more beautiful every year! She makes a Wonderful "Alice"! And she Obviously takes after her Mom with the Creative Party Ideas!!! You have made an incredible setting as well as all the goodies! You sure do go the Extra Mile!!! The photos are Stunning... and surely you will have memories to last a Lifetime!
    Happy Birthday Liberty!!!

  21. Liberty is one lucky little girl, growing up in Wonderland with a mum who makes it all possible. Happy Birthday Liberty! Thank you for sharing this lovely party, it looks like so much fun.

  22. Mercedes, I am beyond words!!!
    Liberty, happy happy birthday and yes, you are a lucky girl with a GREAT mum!
    Love, rosanna

  23. It looks so great!!!!!
    What about next year, it can't be better...

    Big hug, Sylvia

  24. Liberty has grown up so quickly. Lovely to see her wonderful "Wonderland" Party. She looks like she had a great time with her friends. You truly are a miracle worker Mercedes. Love the pictures in the play house. Love to all xxxx

  25. A late happy birthday to Liberty! xx

    Every aspect of this incredible party is truly magical, you have really excelled yourself - AGAIN!!

  26. Que fiesta de cumpleaños más hermosa. Se ve que lo pasasteis en grande.
    Enhorabuena por el montaje y felicidades a tu hija.


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