Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day at School!

A few tears when we said goodbye this morning but she seems happy enough to be going back to school tomorrow! And she looks way too grown up in that uniform which is about three sizes too big for her!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!



  1. I arrive late but Happy Birthday Liberty!
    My son Arnau, 15 days ago turned 6 years old! What a big man!! ;-)
    Good luck at school! enjoy it!
    Mini hugs

  2. She is so cute and looks so proud. Happy first day little Liberty

  3. Aaaaw, she looks so grown up and efficient and CUTE! Have a great day, Liberty.

    Aava sends her love and is soooo jealous, her pre-school starts in mid-August and she's waiting for it really excited already.

    (When they play aeroplane with her dad, she always goes to New Zealand to meet Liberty and then one night she wished to have a dream where she goes to meet you all and in the dream they can both, Liberty and her, speak finnish and english...)

  4. The little girl is a big girl sudenly!
    Happy second day, Liberty
    Love Sylvia

  5. How cute! I love seeing the new little kids in their over-sized uniforms! She looks ready for school - hope she has a lovely time! How does your school year run? Ours starts in Sep, and goes to end July, so for me it sounds weird that she's starting now!

  6. OMG ...she is so darn cute with that big smile. It brings back my own childhood memories when I see that uniform on her. I wore one like that for 8 years! :o) Sue

  7. Oh my goodness, sooooooo cute. Like Jo, I just love to see them in their uniforms when they 1st try them on. Especially when they are slightly too! Muaaaaaah, Liberty, that's a flying kiss from Auntie Susan!

  8. Liberty looks so cute in the photo! I love her smile, her darling glasses, pigtails and that very big dress! Hope she has a great first day at school!

    What's mommy going to do all day? :)

  9. She looks so happy... How cute!!!

    It is a bit odd for me to see Liberty wearing her uniform because here in Spain is summer now, and my children are on vacances. They won't beggin their classes until september...

    I hope both of you have a great school year!!!

    Best regards,

  10. She is such a beautiful girl..and she looks so cute with her school uniform!

    In Holland the kids have no school uniforms,I think it is a good would be nice I didn't have to struggle every morning with choosing an outfit to wear for her she don't like!

    X Sabiha

  11. Liberty looks so adorable! I hope her first day at school was great!

  12. Aweee....Look at her!! All grown up!! Her uniform is toooo cute on hre:)

  13. She looks grown up.


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