Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little bits 'n' pieces

I have been having a lot of fun in the last couple of days making these little enamel jugs. This is the 'Blue and White Collection' LOL!I remember when I first saw these on other mini blogs and I wondered where I could buy them. Then Marlies said she had made them from paper!! And Marlies was kind enough to do a tutorial on them, you can find it here (you'll have to scroll down her page a little past the printies).
I resisted the temptation to make them all vintage, although I think the 'La France' one there is my favourite!
I just used scrapbooking paper, because I have enough of it to last more than one person's lifetime! I would encourage you all to have a go at making these (I've made 26 in the last two days!!) Marlies has very detailed instructions and they are surprisingly easy and they look so real! I made them in a range of sizes from 3cm to 1.7cm, most of them are about 2cm tall.
See those teeny, tiny egg cups there on the table, they were a gift from Sylvia last week.
This was the card Sylvia sent me with the egg cups, how gorgeous is that?!!! I love this picture!
Thank you Sylvia!
On the home front - we have moved out of our house for a couple of weeks because finally, after 8 years, our renovations are finished! Hubby and his dad have been working very hard to get everything ready so we could get plasterers and painters in during the school holidays. My brother and his family have gone away so we have their (beautiful, new, warm) house to live in. I can hardly believe our house will be finished in a couple of weeks!! Although I'm not looking forward to cleaning up all the dust from the sanding.
You may not hear much from me while I'm away from home...I have a party to plan...more about that soon!


  1. love...Love...LOVE...your blue jugs, especially the blue and white check and of course the la France ones they look wonderful...as always!!!

    All the best with the renovations, hope you will not stay away from blogland for too long!!

  2. Those jugs are just gorgeous! Thank you for the info on the tutorial - I'll have to have a try at making one!

  3. How can you do 26 of them! I have the span attention of a kindergarten kid and I got bored after 3 of them. I do not like working in multiples, I always want to do new things. But I understand that yours is the right method. Big hugs and good wishes for your new/old house

  4. Your jugs are so sweet! I really love the table that you egg cups are sitting on! Did you make that?
    I wish there was a club around here where I could learn to make things!
    I like your end table in your master bedroom too!

  5. You setting up a jug store? It will be wonderful when you move back to a nicely renovated house. I remembered when mine got painted after 10 years..hmmmm!

  6. I just LOVE those pitchers. One day I'm going to have to try making some for my shabby chic shop!

    We'll be starting on our bathroom remodel soon . . . I hear you about the DUST!


  7. Well you have been busy!
    Nice choice of papers :)

    I remember that card from 20 years back! It was one of our best sellers at the gift store I worked at.

    Good luck on the renovations, yay!

  8. Lovely jugs! I agree with you, doing those jugs is a wonderful job. So nice and relaxing.

  9. Good Luck with all the House renovations Mercedes, don't stay away to long.
    Love all the little Jugs. xxx

  10. Mercedes! These are perfect and made from paper???!!!! Thank you for the link to the how-to! I can't wait to try them. Also, I am so excited about our upcoming little swap, I've started putting a few things together for you. Again, these are as exquisite as your little cannisters/faux tins.


  11. Where in the world did you find timet o make 26 jugs, lol!!! They're so pretty!!

    YEA!! You have Heat....at least for a little while, huh!!! Will you heat work in your house when you guys return??? I hope so:)

    Stay warm and snuggly!!:)

  12. Wow- the pitchers are fantastic! I have to also say thank you for the link to the tutorial! My hubby and I have been "remodeling" our house for the last 10 years- so I can relate to the dust. We are finally getting close to being finished,so the projects create less mess now, but there were times I had to tell myself to ignore the mess. I hope when you return your home is lovely and just what you imagined. How exciting!! Heat helps too :)

  13. The little pitchers are beautiful, Mercedes. Also, I got your package in the mail today - the adoption will be official soon, :-).

  14. Lovely jugs!!! Really wonderful design

  15. Loooove the jugs! All 26 of them. Great idea to use scrapbooking paper for them.

  16. They are all so pretty :-)

    I keep meaning to make some for my flowers.

    Good luck with the house renovations...bet you can't wait for it to be over.

  17. Que bonitas quedaron!! me encanta todo lo que haces siempre.
    Un saludo.

  18. My Gosh Mercedes....26!!!!!
    And I love them all,hahaha!!

    Love the present from Sylvia!

    Have a nice stay at your brothers home,and I hope you can soon relax in your beautiful finished home!


  19. Oh how fabulous! My first thought when I saw the picture was 'I want one of those!" Now, thanks to your lovely inspiration and the fantastic tutorial, I can!! They are perfect, I can't wait to make a few! Enjoy the party preparations!

  20. Wonderful the jugs, specially the blue and white!!!!!!!

    Love Sylvia

  21. Mercedes the jugs are so wonderful and pretty!!!! I couln't be able to select one!!! My congratulations for your works is a pleasure to see this mini arts!!

  22. Hi Mercedes
    I love the style on your jugs. I really have to try these. Wonderful designs:) Have to check my paper stacks. Thanks:)

  23. Mercedes, you have an award you can pick up on my blog, Mini Leaps and Bounds. I am sooooo excited about our planned swap and already have started you a little container of goodies!


  24. Hello Mercedes

    Your jugs are absolutely perfect
    and I love them all -but especially the blue collection!
    And thank you for your kind comments on my blog!

    Eva J

  25. I luv those pitchers they look wonderful!
    I thought they were life size lol

  26. They are so pretty!

    And you are right, the "La France" one is really special.

    Where did you get that printie (the La France one) it is so cute!



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