Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What am I up to now?

Now that Liberty's off to school I've had a few people asking me what I am doing with my time, even my mum rang me this morning to ask me! First let me tell you that school is going amazingly well for Liberty, she hasn't cried since the first day, I can't believe it!! And the teacher says Liberty talks to everyone and has no trouble sitting down and getting on with her work. So it's day 3 and so far - excellent!
I'm still trying to sort out the real house (once I locate the 'before' pics I'll do a post on the renovations), it's no fun having to put crappy old furniture back in our newly painted rooms but that's the way it is in real life. If only I could make a real size couch as easily as a mini one!
And I have a couple of new mini projects on the go. This is called a 'letterbox' house as it is a similar size and shape to a letterbox. It's just two rooms with a balcony, it's 1:12 scale and quite small - so the hubby can't complain too much! A couple at the club came up with the idea and a few of us are making them. I was able to get it this far on our last club day. Look at that wallpaper, how gorgeous is that?! This little house is going to be my 'shabby chic' house, all lovely pastel colours. I am VERY excited about this little house!! Some time ago Sylvia sent me a kitset/workshop to make this absolutely beautiful vintage washstand - in Dutch a 'wastafel'. Freddy translated the instructions for me because they were all in Dutch. The instructions said to use superglue to stick everything together - that was an interesting experience! The kitset also came with the vine and hydrangeas to make. And how perfect does it look in the shabby house!! Eeeek!!! Did I say I was excited!!! Making some more furniture today...
Does anyone know why some pictures can be clicked to enlarge and others can't??


  1. The letter box is too cute! Glad to hear Liberty is settling into school :)

    As for the pictures..I know mine are usually fairly large resolution & image size (150pix and 6 to 8 inches). Blogger auto sizes them down within a post. Then when clicked you get the real size. I take shots at 5mega pix size for detail.

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Gorgeous house, Mercedes! I think I've caught the shabby chic bug from you!

  3. Your shabby chic house is going to look great. I think if you put pictures in "large" then you can't enlarge them but if you put them in medium or small then they can be enlarged. At least that is what I have found with my blog.

  4. This is going to be lovely, I'm sure of it! Good luck and all the best to Liberty!!

  5. Oooohhh... it's going to be lovely!
    That wallpaper is dreamy. A shabby chic house is one I still want to do. Maybe in 10 years if I get that extra wing to the house I need, so I can have my own studio and more dollhouses, ha!

  6. Mercedes,your wastafel looks beautiful...good job!
    I love your new project...I'm looking forward to see it progressing...I know for sure you are a master to give mini's a shabby chic look!!!!!

    Good to hear,Liberty is doing so well at school!

    Liefs, sabiha

  7. Hello Mercedes, your Shabby project with your personal touch will be wonderful. Three days of school and go happy.... Liberty is a champion. Kisses from sunny Spain.

  8. So pleased to hear that Liberty has settled at school.
    The new little Letterbox house is going to be wonderful. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.xx

  9. Good to know Liberty loves school:) and your new project look great.

    About the pictures, Mercedes, none of yours can click through where I am concerned. I have found when I was having problem with using the "upload image" function that this happens when you use html codes to upload pictures from a external site. To make it click through,link your picture to the file where your picture is or the web address . For it to enlarge, some say your picture has to be at least 100KB.

    This blog explains how you can use html code to enlarge pic :

  10. So so cute! I have a half finished cottage the same shape as this! Mine's a Little Red Riding Hood cottage... well, will be if I ever finish it!

  11. Congrats to Liberty. She is a brave girl!!
    I'm sure that your new proyect is going to be as great as all your others works ;-)


  12. How wonderful that Liberty likes school and is doing well! The letterbox house is adorable and the kit is incredible! I can't wait to see how this little house turns out :)

  13. Oh I adore you little house,it is so cute, that shape reminds me of a tudor house.
    OO I have to make one of those!
    Do you have any measurements that is so perfect and not too big
    I cant wait to see your little house complete with all the lovely shabby chic furniture

  14. Hi Mercedes!
    I just discovered your blog via a German design blog ( which featured your work and I immediately fell in love with the shabby chic house - it's simply amazing! Is there a page you can recommend that offers measurements for building dollhouses? I'm really new to all things mini-related but I would love building my own house and the shabby shape looks perfect (and actually manageable, lol) to me. So, any help would be greatly appreciated. :-) Best wishes from Germany!


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