Monday, July 27, 2009


I have received many beautiful packages in the last few weeks.
A surprise package from Sabiha. Just look at all these treasures! A teensy little brush and sponge, a gorgeous wooden box, a beautifully painted canister, a wonderful plant, a jar of lollies, a handle for my fridge, a sign, teensy seashells, alphabetti and my favourites - two tiny bags one of tea and one of coffee! Thank you Sabiha! And from Rosanna, another surprise this beautiful chair and cushion, it looks so comfortable I'd like to curl up in it now with a good book. And two postcards showing the sights of the city where she lives. Look Susan, it is GENOVA!!! LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! And for Liberty and Noah Rosanna sent some special gooey stuff that blows up into a balloon. Little did she know that blowing things up is one of Liberty's favourite things to do! A strange pastime I know! Thank you Rosanna, that was fun!!
And Katie's sweet daughter, Cora, was at the Virginia Zoo and saw this prairie dog magnet and thought I should have it! Thank you Cora, I have never seen a prairie dog before!


  1. What a beautiful gifts,
    again it was christmas in New Zealand!
    Love Sylvia

  2. How wonderful - you've been quiet for so long and then three posts in one weekend - hooray! Are you back at home then?! The little gifts looks wonderful - I just wish I could click on the pics to enlarge and see them closer ;-)

  3. Fabulous Gifts Mercedes.
    Oh bless little Liberty, her first day at school, hope it all goes well. x

  4. LOL, Genova indeed, I have knocked my head a million times and never again will be I commit the booboo. The gifts are wonderful!!

  5. Oooh Mercedes,the plant you have to organise with your fingers,because it is a little bit out off shape,haha! I sent you a pic with email to show you the real one!

    Enjoy your goodies..!!

  6. Love all of your gifts!! Your house is going to be filled with love from around the world when you get done with it!!!

    WHAT! You've never seen a prairie dog before?? Oh My...I'm going to have to hunt down a picture for you.....We love prarie dogs, They're SOOO cute!!


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