Saturday, July 25, 2009


My beautiful baby girl Liberty is five years old today!! Here she is opening one of her favourite presents 'Beados' which she had been wanting since Christmas! We had a party with all her friends last Saturday when we were staying at the cousins house.Here's a peek at what the table looked like. I'll do another post about the party, I'm just waiting for some more photos. It was a Princess Cinderella party!
Me and my Cinderella!

Making trinket boxes.
While the children were playing the next game I had someone secretly put some chocolate coins in the trinket boxes they had made.
The kids were so surprised!

On Wednesday we took a cake to kindergarten for her last day. On Friday we took cupcakes to Mainly Music for her last day there.
And today we baked crown shaped cookies for an afternoon tea party at home with the grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.
There's baby cousin Lucy, she enjoyed the party! YES, IT"S GREAT TO BE FIVE!!!!!!
Mercedes (One exhausted mother!!)


    Little Liber

  2. " HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Liberty, it seems to me that you have a nice time, Your cake looks delicious and the room was soooo lovely, for a little princes! I love your crown. Have another nice day with your family! Gongratulations Mercedes with your douhgter and a hug for little Lucy!
    * marlies

  3. Congratulation!!!!
    The little girl is getting big.
    Everything looks beautiful and I think she had a wonderful day!!

    Love Sylvia

  4. Congratulations Mercedes,with your little princes! I love all the delicious cakes you made,yum if I only could be there to taste some off it,haha!
    Ilayda sent Liberty an email today,she likes all the pics and looks at them over and over again,haha!

    Have a nice,
    x Sabiha

  5. Happy Birthday Liberty! :o)

  6. Happy Birthday Liberty!

    Looks like Mommy worked very hard, be sure to give her a super big hug! ;)

  7. Congratulations Liberty. I love your Cinderella dress, its beautiful. I hope you had a great time.


  8. Wow ,,, Liberty is such a beautiful little girl and she looks so happy about turning 5 . You know , all of those extra special little touches and special things you do for her are creating the most wonderful childhood memories that I'm sure she'll just never forget. You're such a good mother. She'll probably be just like her mom when she grows up beacause she'll remember how happy her mother made her.
    :o) Sue

  9. Happy Birthday Liberty! Looks like you had a really fun time! Mommy made everything so perfect! Hope you have a very happy day!

  10. happy birthday Liberty!! and the mum has been so good. Once I made up the living room like a circus tent: I was exausted but Matteo was so happy with it.Good memories make our children happy and healthy Big hugs Rosanna

  11. "Wishing Liberty a very Happy 5th Birthday".
    Liberty you look wonderful as a Princess..xx
    Mercedes you did your Daughter proud, the table looked beautiful and all those Cakes and Cookies, wonderful. Just think of the Scrapbook Pages..LOL
    Have a wonderful day. xxx

  12. Awwww Happy 5th Birthday Liberty!!!! Looks like it was a big success. Awesome job Mom!!!!
    Your cake and cookies looked yummy.
    Mini hugs!

  13. Happy Birthday Liberty! You are a princess! Love the dress in the last photo!

  14. Congratulations and a big hug for both of you! I love the last picture of the beautiful birthday-girl. So full of life! I've been a lazy commenting lately, but I've watched your every post in detail and man, the house looks fine!

    The cakes are just amazing and this is the right spirit, when you have a birthday, celebrate it at least twice... or three times.. or maybe four... five would be good, when turning five.. No wonder mother's a bit tired....


  15. Happy Birthday Liberty!!! That crown is beautiful (almost as beautiful as you are). What a wonderful week you have had and a very "sweet" one too - my favorite kind. 5 years old is a magical age and I think the most enjoyable.

    The picture of Liberty came up on my blog next to the picture of you both in the side bar - and boy! Mercedes you look so much alike. She is the image of you!

  16. ~~~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!LIBERTY~~~~~
    Such a beautiful princess party for a beautiful princess!!

  17. CONGRATULATION! Have a nice birthday!!!

  18. Happy birthday sweet Liberty!

    The party looks fab, Mercedes. Good job Mom.

  19. Aww, Happy Birthday Liberty! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a fabulous year ahead! Mercedes, those cakes and cookies look so yummy, I wish we could taste some! Her tea party table looks perfect for a little princess, congratulations on your daughter's fifth birthday!

  20. I remembered when my niece was 3 and she had 5 birthday cakes because mummy just had to get her one for kindy, family, friends etc etc! LOL! She is a lucky lucky girl to have a mummy like you, Mercedes! Well done, everything look really really beautiful!

  21. That you spend a day wonderful in family!
    Mercedes your style when decorating in miniature is most wonderful than I have seen, returns to me crazy your work. An enormous kiss from Spain.

  22. Happy be-lated birthday Liberty!!!

  23. Thanks for sharing these with us!! Ic an;t wait for Cora to get home from camp so she can see them too!! I LOVE that first picture of Liberty!! She looks so grown!! And that last picture made me laugh!! Five is a fun age, huh!!! Looks like you found your cookie cutters:) They turned out really cute!!


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