Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another beautiful parcel!

We have been so lucky to have some more beautiful mail from Sylvia to brighten our winter days! This box of beautifully wrapped goodies, each with a little message on it, arrived just as I was leaving to collect Liberty from kindergarten so I took it with me. Liberty desperately wanted to open the box in the car so I gave it to her, it kept her quiet all the way home. There was so much tape around the box there was no chance she could open it! When we did open the box however she found a parcel inside with her name on it which she ripped into straight away, inside was that gorgeously soft pink cat which she absolutely loves, she has been taking it everywhere with her. Along with the tin 'Sunlight' sign for the 1:1 house there was a beautiful rose scented cake of French soap - a real treat for me! Then there was the delicate little chocolate cake for the dollhouse and a little Christmas tin, a beautiful carved angel picture and that cabinet which was made by Sylvia herself. Sylvia is a true artisan, that cabinet is so beautifully made and painted, and of course the drawer opens.

Thank you Sylvia!


  1. Wonderful gifts Mercedes. Liberty looks so happy with her little pink Pussy Cat...x

  2. Isn't she a darling....beautiful gifts Mercedes enjoy them!



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