Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Kitchen

And here we have the final stop on the tour, the kitchen. The kitchen before the renovation, the white sink top I removed and used when I made my new cabinets. (Unfortunately I threw out the birdcage, now I wish I had kept it!). The kitchen is on the ground floor with two doors through to it from the lounge. The loaf of bread came all the way from Hanna in Finland and the knife was made by Sabiha. The cake mixer was something I couldn't resist, I bought it at the show.
The sweetest little block of butter is such a perfect replica of the butter we have here in New Zealand it was given to me by a lovely lady at the show.
The coffee pot I bought at the show, it was terribly expensive but I have wanted one for such a long time.
Now, the fridge is still not quite finished, it needs a handle, I have an idea of what I want to use now I just have to find it. And here is what I used to make the fridge...once again from the Japan shop. I couldn't believe my luck when I found this box and it was exactly the right size. I sanded off the top to corners to make it more rounded.

That tiny whisk on the table was made by Sabiha and a lady at the club made the tiny box of cream. The book on the table is titled 'What's for dinner?' The cupcake was from Katie and the basket of bread from Hanna. The cute little board with the primitive house on it was given to me at the show by Carolyn (who gave me the butter) who found my house inspirational! She also gave me the sign by the notice board there, it says 'Just do your best'. Because she said so many lovely things about my house (Carolyn really liked all my primitive and country things) I made her some country canisters to give her on the Sunday morning. But she came to me first with some little gifts! So I even did a swap at the show! The chair came with the house. It was painted shiny brown. I repainted it cream and then sanded it a bit and now I think it really looks like distressed wood.

And here is another example of Anne's genius. This is the chimney breast where an old coal range would have been (the one in there is just temporary - it's all I've got!) As the house has been modernised by the current owners a new stove will one day go in there. Having the mantlepiece there was a great idea for display purposes. I still need tiles in the back of the recess. There's Sabiha's beautiful handpainted bowl on the mantlepiece and Hanna's preserves. The second hand dresser I painted and papered to match the cabinets I built. There's one of Rosanna's teensy teapots on top and a beautiful ceramic French bead from Sans that says 'bourjois'. Sylvia's gorgeous baby plate and bread container, the rooster is a wooden button.
And this cabinet I am most proud of because I made it all by myself, no pattern, no power tools! It was one of the first things I ever made and the door even opens!!! The kitchen handles are little jewellery making things with a pin stuck through them.

So that's how the house looked at the show. Sorry the photos aren't all great, it's winter here and it's very tricky finding the right light to photograph things in. I have made a few new things since the show which I will show you soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your kitchen is perfect! Love the fridge and the cabinet you made! I have a normal sized high chair like your little one. I love your blog and look forward to each and every post!

  2. You really didn't throw out that birdcage, did you?? :(
    Wish you had tossed it my way!

  3. What a beautiful kitchen Mercedes!!! I love the way you decorated!!! It looks real!!!
    Mini hugs.

  4. Me encanta su cocina, la encuentro perfecta, muy bonita, parece muy real. Felicidades.

  5. The kitchen is beautiful, Mercedes! I especially like the way you've done the cabinets. I am so enjoying the tour of your dollhouse. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Beautiful!! I love the fridge!! Your dollhouse has such a warm feeling to it- I have been looking at my minis with a different eye since I started reading your blog. I am sad to see the tour end- could you start a new dollhouse soon please?

  7. I just love your Kitchen Mercedes. I can just imagine sitting in that cosy room drinking a nice cup of tea..xx

  8. Mercedes, so many beautiful things but I think the best job you did is the fridge! Well done, my friend!! I love all the things you bought at the show..they are worth every expensive penny you paid!The coffee pot, OMG!

  9. Hello from sunny Spain!
    The changes in your kitchen astonish to me, is very cosy and family, I like very many your style decorating Mercedes. Warm hugs.

  10. What a lovely kitchen you have:)!

  11. I love your kitchen :) It´s very, very beautiful with all the "old" things. I just think it could be a real one!

  12. I do need that shrink-me-gadget...

    The Smeg fridge made me smile :)
    All the little country details are charming, your birdhouses are too cute.

    (heheheee... the word verification is downyli.. down.. and yli.. which means over in Finnish...)

  13. Hi Mercedes,
    The kitchen is wonderful!!
    So many details and the fridge is perfect!!!
    love Sylvia

  14. I love this kitchen! So many wonderful details. I have kept a back issue of Reminisce magazine that features a double page layout of a circa mid-40's kitchen. I am slowly collecting items to go in it and want my hubby to build a roombox based on the configuration in the magazine. I just love every detail of it. Your kitchen is divine. I am just hoping Joanna's kitchen set fits in her kitchen when we get her house built! And thank you for your sweet note and offer to swap! I'll look as forward to it as Christmas morning!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  15. I wish I could live in that tiny house. It's just lovely! You did a fantastic job on it, Mercedes. :-)

  16. Beautiful,beautiful...Mercedes!

    I'm sorry that I repeat myself,but I love your kitchen like every part of your pretty house!

    The coffee pot is great and I think i have the right handle for your fridge to.. I will wrightyou a mail tomorow,ok?

    Thanks for sharing en heel veel liefs,Sabiha

  17. Hi Mercedes, excse the delay in my comment but I was head over heels envolved in real things. What shall I say?I love everything, the best piece for me is the fridge. I love it as well as I love the real thing.You are so clever. Big hugs

  18. It is all wonderful but that fridge is the work of a genius...it looks amazing.

  19. Siento no poder decirle en ingles lo mucho que me gustan sus miniaturas.... me parecen adorables!!!
    Desde hoy figura su blog en mis favoritos.

  20. Oh please say it's not really the final tour of the house! How about the whole house view, and the garden again, and then I think we need another look at your nursery and bathroom and bedroom! I would also love to see your real home, I bet it's just as pretty as your doll's house!
    I see you've set the table in the kitchen for me ;-) I'm left handed!
    Beautiful kitchen Mercedes, thank you for sharing it with us.

  21. Your last comment made me laugh. It is summer where I live and I still can't find the right light for my photoghraphs lol!
    What a lovely warm and cozy kitchen Mercedes. So many wonderful details! Love how you did the fridge, what a lucky find.


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