Monday, June 1, 2009

Pretty Mail!

On Friday I recieved some beautiful mail from Sabiha. It arrived just in time for me to be able to put her beautiful things in the dollhouse before I took it to the show. There were just soooo many things, Liberty had great fun carefully opening each little package - under close supervision, lol!
Take a look at these incredibly tiny knives and whisks, they are just unbelievably small.
And this little wooden basket of knitting is really, really tiny too. Sabiha hand painted that beautiful bowl. The gorgeous little sweetheart cake is on the dollhouse front porch for afternoon tea. And those super cute pumpkins (which happens to be Liberty's favourite vegetable) are now outside my dollhouse, my Victorian toy shop, in my garden and my Christmas porch LOl! There was even a little bag of miniature pot pourri! That gorgeous Persian rug is on a card that Sabiha has written to me in Dutch in. And I could actually understand a little bit of it, I think I am slowly becoming Dutch! The dollhouse nursery needed a rug, so now they have a Persian one! I think the dollhouse family must be very rich to be able to have a Persian rug in the nursery!

Thank you Sabiha! There are two very happy people here at the bottom of the world!

And last week I recieved a last minute addition to my little garden. A hose! I had been wanting a hose but had run out of time to make one but dear Sans bought me this on her trip to Taiwan. I rustied it up (just with a bit of paint) and made it a bit dirty before installing it in the garden.

Thank you Sans, that was just what I needed!



  1. Mercedes, they are indeed so pretty and so many things!!! You should be very happy with them for your dollshouse!!!!

  2. All wonderful gifts, beautiful!!!

    Love Sylvia

  3. Such pretty little lovelies!

  4. lovely minis!!!!they´re wonderful!!!!!!! have fun!!


  5. LOL, you posted my hose!! Hooray! :). That makes me happy too that you put my hose to such a wonderful and beautiful use. Who would have thought a rusty hose can look so good eh? Sabiha is an absolute sweetie. Her things are amazing :). You seriously using the rug for your kid's room? Is mum and dad's room going to look a little shabby after that?

  6. What fun gifts! Love the little knitting container!! Too cute! And hooray to getting your hose! :)

  7. The hose is the perfect touch! I just love your new treasures! -ara

  8. Hi,'s for a lovely lady,enjoy!



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