Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Gifts

I have been the lucky recipient of some beautiful gifts in the past week or so. Sans made me this beautiful mini cutlery wind chime. She didn't know that I have a similar 1:1 version of this given to me by my sister as an engagement present many years ago, because she knew I wanted one so badly. The real one chimes very loudly so it's hanging inside the garage out of consideration to the neighbours, lol!I have also been fortunate enough to have received these limited edition hookah pipes from the Emperor's Emporium.
Look at that beautiful coloured hookah and those tiny elephant candle holders. Those candle holders are really tiny and just the cutest things! Thank you Sans, I believe a bohemian storm is slowly brewing...
And from Sylvia - a beautiful Dutch book to write all my ideas in, I needed that! And the 'gevelsteen' on top of the book is to go on the front of a house...I believe I will one day be building a Dutch house, lol!
Also from Sylvia - dollhouse mail, how cute is that!?
And a gorgeous Hummel plate which I just love!
And a little wire bath rack and teensy, weensy duck. I had never seen a mini bath rack before, it is just perfect!
Thankyou Sylvia!


  1. I feel so special to be in the 'hookah club' with ya!! LOL! Aren't they awesome!!! Love that little parcel from Sylvia, too!! It's perfect!!


  2. Wow, you took really nice pictures, Mercedes! :) My goodness, the parcel is fantastic!

  3. Wonderful little things! Wonderful gifts. You are a lucky woman, little things, little details are important and life.

  4. You have received lovely mail, beautiful small things! That wind chime is just perfect. Lucky you :)

  5. Todo precioso, Es agradable recibir regalos. Felicidades

  6. How many teenie tiny goodies , all of them lovely. The cutlery wind chimer makes me luagh with merriment. It's so nice an funny.

  7. Your friends are keeping the postman busy! You've received wonderful presents. Love the wind chimes. Thank you for being so considerate to your neighbours, my neighbours had wind chimes too and the sound almost drove me crazy.
    The 'gevelsteen' is just perfect, even though it says 'never perfect' on it, lol!

  8. Mercedes, you are really lucky!!! How many beautiful gift!! I love them all!!!

  9. Wonderful Gifts Mercedes. I love the little elephant candle holders..x

  10. Your little gifts are so precious!
    I love the windchime! The Hummel plate looks so "real." That little package by the door is just too cute! I like the tiles at the entry too. Very pretty!

  11. Wow Mercedes,I see Christmas came urley this year,haha!

    Beautiful gifts Mercedes,heel veel plezier er mee!


  12. Nice gifts! There all so nice and I like the way you use a book for background in your photo's too!

  13. what lovely presents to put into your wonderful dollhouse. Thank you for letting me watch.

  14. I just love our house and all details!
    I´ve also have an award to you to pic up in my blog.


  15. Wonderful...the wind chime is amazing...never see one like that before big or mini.

    I adore the elephants too.


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