Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gifts from Spain!

I received these beautiful gifts in the mail from Eva. Eva had suggested we do a birthday swap because our birthdays are on the same day.
Eva told me she re-did the chair and mirror because they were shiny gold, now they look perfect! The pram is for me to change and that teddy bear was made from Fimo by Eva.

Look at that tiny package (I love miniature mail!) and that fabulous teeny weeny heart!

But I think this teensy giraffe might just be might favourite thing. Eva has painted it so spectacularly. Look at it's happy little face! It's going in another of my projects which I'll have to show you soon...
Also in the parcel there were some very sweet Spanish treats called 'Polvores' which Liberty devoured before I had a chance to photograph them, that girl truly loves sweet things!
Thank you Eva!



  1. What lovely gifts!!

  2. Wow!! More wonderful gifts in the mail, they are all great but if I am allowed a favorite....I love the 'miniature mail parcle'.
    Enjoy, Linda x

  3. Such fabulous gifts, Merce! That teensy mail is wonderful! Eva is a real talent with painting small stuff. I agree that the pull toy is amazing. I also liked how she had "shabbied" the other items. Very very nice, Eva :).

  4. Felicidades a ambas por tan hermosos regalos. Eva es encantadora y me alegra saber que a Liberty le gusten los polvores, son muy tipicos en Navidad en España. Besos.

  5. I am so glado that you like it and that Liberty have enjoyed the polvorones.
    It has been a pleasure to do this stuff thinking about you. The tiny girafee is not difficult to do, just balsa wood, paint and patience ;)
    Un beso

  6. Wonderful gifts, specially the giraffe and the miniature mail!
    Love Sylvia

  7. Oh how wonderful! I love all of it, but that giraffe is very cute! I can't wait to see what you'll do with the pram, it's going to be gorgeous!

  8. Great gift you have got Mercedes. I love the giraffe. Very nice colors:)

  9. I agree with you the giraffe is very lovely, I also love the heart and parcel. Beautiful gift.

  10. Lovely Gifts from EVA. The little Giraffe is lovely as is the dinky little heart and parcel. Liberty looks like she's enjoying her Polvore.
    How's the trip to the dark side going?

  11. I think that darling little giraffe is MY favorite too! So cute!

  12. Is a faboulous gifts, congratulations and enjoy, Eva is a big artist. Best wishes

  13. Wonderful Mercedes! Everything is beautiful and I think that little giraffe is adorable,Eva is so clever!


  14. What lovely things to get! I love them all - that mirror is really cute. Carol x

  15. What wonderful treasures from Eva! The giraffe is so sweet.


  16. What a lovely idea, a birthday swap - all the items are lovely but I think I like the little pram best.

  17. oh, too cute! I love the mini mail, too. :)

  18. Congratulations for your gifts Mercedes!!
    They are so cute.

    And Liberty enjoy with polvorones!!


  19. Eva is a very nice girl and you are very lucky, how many people loves you all over the world!
    Liberty is the delightful, I prefer to see her cheeks chew that the photo of the cake that Eva sent to you ... ah ah!
    the giraffe is lovely!!
    kisses, Caterina


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